Workout before or after bouldering?

Hello everyone!

I started in the rocks just two months before the quarantine, and now my wall opened again, so I try to go several times a week. The wall I go to is part of a larger gym, which also has a gym. I have been out of my workout routine since I started climbing.

Now I want to start doing both things again so I want to ask, is it better to go climbing first and then go exercise or vice versa? Or does the type of training matter?

I haven't decided on a routine yet, but I might change it every week as my goal will be to build some muscle and climb strength.

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3 thoughts on “Workout before or after bouldering?”

  1. Do the thing you want to improve the most first. If you lift before you climb, your lifting will improve a lot but your climbing may suffer after. It might be an idea to keep the order varied (depending on your goals), to keep the focus on both.

  2. i mean realistically your tendons cant take climbing 7 days a week. just lift on your off days and do lighter climbs/avoid board work the day before back day

  3. The limiting factor in indoor bouldering is always skin on your hands not existing any longer (maybe not for your skill level right now, but trust me with this for later) … right now for your beginner climbing career I would go for hard climbing session (push your grade, work on hard projects), rest day, technique climbing session (lower grades climb it really well) and workout afterwards, rest day, repeat // climbing is very hard on the tendons but you don’t feel them until it’s too late, it’s not like muscles, so rest days are extra important when climbing // on rest days to other fun stuff like running, yoga, stretching, whatever floats your boat, but please let your shoulders and especially fingers rest, you will benefit in the long run


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