Why it Can Sometimes Be a Struggle to Find the Motivation to Lose Weight

Most people are living a life of responsibility overload. Our days are filled with making sure the kids are everywhere they need to be on time(school, soccer practice, etc.), we put in long hours at work, run errands before making it home, then it’s time to make dinner and before you know it, we go over our kids homework and soon it’s time for bed.

Whether you have children or not, there’s always responsibilities or something pulling at us, gaining our attention over weight loss. Here are some of the factors that contribute to our lack of motivation at times, and what we can do to refocus on weight loss each day.

Too much going on

When we have a lot of responsibilities in our lives, we seem to focus on what’s most important, the two biggest being our family and making money. The trouble is, we usually make those two things our sole focus, and we give little attention to the things that matter when it comes to losing weight. Within our daily schedule, we need to consider what we can do to improve our health.

If we ever want to feel good, energetic, and lose weight, we need to make time for exercise and proper nutrition. It should be a given that focus on these areas will be included in your day. You’ll be much more motivated if you have a set workout time, and you’re able to set challenges, and work on improving your fitness levels. It’s also a motivating factor when we take the time to prepare healthier meals, because when we eat good, we feel good and that does wonders for our motivation.

Too many attention grabbers!

Here’s where you’ll need to resist temptation. Everywhere we turn today, there’s technology staring us in the face, and it has powers that call us saying, “come right on over and take a seat.” We live in the age where video games have taking control over many lives, we want to share everything on the social media networks online, watch videos, and chat. Those things can grab your attention, and you’ll get trapped into living a sedentary lifestyle if you’re not careful.

One of the things that has made me successful with weight loss, is that weight loss is high on the list of things that are most important in my life. Sure, technology is a part of my life because it’s a factor in my career. I need access to emails, and it’s important when I need to research and look something up, but other than for those reasons, I choose to limit technology in my life. Video games are not a part of my life, and I use the internet as the terrific forum of knowledge that it is. I want to learn and get going. I choose to live, rather than sit.

Maybe I’ll research a place I want to visit or a product that I need, but I’m out there staying fit and breathing fresh air. I don’t let anything grab my attention, to a point that it distracts me from my goals. If we want to stay motivated, we need to get out and build a positive life to feel good about.

We eat junk

A huge part in feeling motivated, is how we feel physically. If we’re not taking the time to prepare healthy meals and snacks, how can we possibly feel good? You’ve probably heard the term “dead foods” before. Those are the processed foods, heated and cooked, and as far from natural and raw. The more a food is processed or cooked, the harder it is to digest.

Those dead foods weight us down, they zap our energy, and they don’t leave us feeling good. When we feel terrible physically, we don’t have the motivation to get active.

If we’re not eating a diet that consists of more raw fruits, vegetables, we’re not giving our cells living energy. Our cells need chlorophyll, especially from green vegetables, for us to feel alive. Make a better effort to eat healthy, and the energy boost from those good food choices will up your motivation to lose weight.

Choose changes because they’re better for your health

Most people are only willing to make changes if there’s a promise of some instant result. If you’re given the promise to “do this” and you’ll loss X amount of weight this week, you’ll probably rush at the chance of it. Most look for the guarantee, even though they have the knowledge and the information available to help them achieve better heath and fitness, and get to a healthier weight.

Feeling good is about taking many steps to improve who we are on many levels. Weight loss is not the key to happiness as many people are lead to believe. Adapting lifestyle changes that deal with our emotional, mental, and physical issues, is how we succeed at weight lose for the long haul. Instead of focusing on the easy ways or quick fixes to achieve weight loss, you should be focusing on what changes are good for your overall health. Instant rewards won’t be of any use if you can’t adopt them as new habits in your life. As you make positive changes, stick with them, and continue adding new ones overtime, you’ll be excited about what you’re doing, and the rewards will keep adding up.

Positive imagery

If you think it, see it, and feel it, you’ll most likely be it and do it. To have accomplishments, you must figure out what you want to achieve. Make a list of the things you’d like to do, and then start imagining yourself doing them. Do you want to be an Olympic skier? To be in a rock band? Do you want to finish your next marathon stronger? How does it feel to be moving? Are you smiling? Are you joyful? Doesn’t it feel wonderful?

Using positive imagery is an important tool in achieving the things we want. It’s also a great way to prepare for any situations that may arise. The best thing about it is we can get a feel of what it’s like to be in the shoes of action, to generate excitement within us, and that motivates us to take the actions necessary to achieve what we’ve wanted. Visualize what you want everyday, and you’ll have a much greater chance of succeeding.

Find your motivating factor

It’s not easy to be constantly motivated to do the things necessary to lose weight. You’re bound to have times your heart’s just not in it and you’d rather take a nap instead of heading for your scheduled gym time. It’s important that you stay motivated though, because if you don’t you’ll end up having more of those days where you’ll start to talk yourself out of doing the things it takes to lose weight.

You should have your health as your number one motivating factor, but what other ways can motivate you to lose weight as well? Setting a better example for your kids? Doing what you can to assure you’ll be around to see your grandchildren? To accomplish various fitness challenges? To fit in a dream outfit? My motivation comes from feeling wonderful each day, but years ago, I needed more motivation than that. When weight loss wasn’t going good, and nothing was working, I needed a lot of motivation to get me past each discouraging moment.

If it wasn’t for each motivational factor I came up with, I wouldn’t have had the strength to keep the weight loss battle going. Find different ways to stay motivated, so when times get tough, you won’t stay discouraged for long.

You may struggle to find the motivation to lose weight from time to time, but doing what it takes to succeed does get easier. It takes time to learn what will work for you and what won’t. The worse thing for you to do is to give up. If you have the motivation behind you, you’re more than likely to put any failures quickly aside, and move forward even stronger. Keep finding ways to get and stay motivated and you’ll continue being determined to lose the weight, and keep it off for good.


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