Why does my body look like this?

(This) (https://imgur.com/a/2DXfJYZ) is a fairly accurate representation of how my body appears from the side. It always looked like this. It's not APT, it's just fat, I can hold it in my hands. You can not bear a bad situation in your hands. I never enter dresses. Is it possible to reduce the size of my ass? I am 18 pm.

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  2. Bro! I have the same issue. Work out more! Get a big upper body to compliment the ass. This is a protip, chicks LOVE it!

    Edit: but yeah, buying pants and shorts and stuff is gonna suck…

  3. why not just post a pic?

    like, idk what i’m supposed to be looking at here.

    > It’s not APT, it’s just fat, I can hold it in my hands.

    so lose fat. or get more muscle. improve your posture. you have these as options.

  4. You cannot reduce body-fat in a particular area, and you’re only 62kg, so you’re stuck with it.

    Seems like a great problem to have though. A big / strong glute is important for many things, helps take effort off the back, helps squatting / compact lifts.

    and girls like butts.

    Edit: Everyone likes butts, really

  5. Look up hyperlordosis, it’s an exaggerated curve of the lumbar spine. Can make people look like they have a bigger bum and stomach.

    It’s usually caused by weakness, imbalances and tightness in muscles.

  6. How tall are you?

    You sound like a petulant child that just wants to cry and complain and have people agree that it just can’t be fixed.

    It doesn’t even sound like there is a huge issue. You are skinny regardless of height (unless you are like 4’8″) and because you have no muscle the areas that you store fat in are prominent. I’m not going to tell you girls like it. They probably don’t like a fat, floppy ass on a rail thin dude with no muscle. So if you don’t like it, you’ve received good advice in this thread about how to “fix” it.

    Do it or don’t.

  7. I suppose if you just do cardio and ignore glute exercises. But it really ain’t a bad thing dude, dudes can have an ass as well.

  8. What height are you? 18m and 138 pounds sounds like you shouldn’t be trying to lose too much weight. If you have fat in your ass, working out your upper body will help level out the proportions and working out will help burn the fat and give you a firmer more muscled ass.


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