Why does arm seems to be bigger than the other


I started working recently – and I've noticed some good improvements in just the past few days, especially since I'm a skinny guy and seeing my arms look normal "makes me feel good. Unfortunately, my left arm (non-dominant) looks bigger than my right (dominant) arm. When I I asked my dad if they noticed the difference, both my mom and dad said they couldn't notice it, but whenever I looked in the mirror I see them different and bothering me. I tried to work on the right arm a little bit more but I don't see any improvement.

I asked my father who had been lifting weights for a while if he had the same problem, and he said yes. He also said that after a while, both arms would look similar. I'm not sure if I'm going crazy or what, but does anyone know whether this is normal or bad?

thanks for the help!

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