When to transition from bodyweight squats to weighted ones?

Hey! Because of the injuries and I no longer exercise anymore, I lost a lot of weight and strength. I will start exercising today and I would like some advice.

I don't want to do full body building or strength exercises. This time, I want to go into more complex exercises unlike my isolation from when I was training. This brings me to my question though. I want to get functional strength and be really fit **, not just strong. I plan to incorporate bodyweight exercises into my routine forever, but at what point should weight training exercises like squat also be included? Ultimately, my body will stop enlarging because my body weight is not enough to stimulate and damage my muscles. So in order to maintain strength, while maintaining functional strength and proper body, how often and when do I start weighted exercises?

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6 thoughts on “When to transition from bodyweight squats to weighted ones?”

  1. Start weighted squats as soon as you have access to weights. I can’t see why you would delay it? What hypertrophy are you going to get from bodyweight squats?

  2. If you can do lots of reps without weight, add weight. Or squat with one leg.

    A weighted squat is not a bodybuilder or powerlifter exercise, it’s an exercise, a very good one.

  3. *”The best time to barbell squat is today. The second best time to barbell squat is also today.”* Chinese Proverb


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