3 thoughts on “What shoulder workouts dont work the traps?”

  1. You’re not gonna get “massive traps” accidentally. Your not gonna get “massive traps” if you don’t specifically target the muscle.

  2. It is almost impossible to get “massive traps” without putting in *serious* direct effort to get said massive traps. Even most people who do a fair degree of targeted trap work don’t get “massive traps” unless they do a lot of it and go beyond just doing standard dumbbell/barbell shrugs.

    ***No muscle grows accidentally.*** If it were the case, you’d find that people who are aiming to bodybuild would be spending *far* less time in the gym than they otherwise would and would be doing far fewer exercises. Shoulder work engages the traps, yes, but it’s almost solely by the virtue that your trapezius is the main thing keeping your shoulders attached to your body. Asking this question is like asking “Are there any pull exercises that don’t use the forearms? I don’t like the look of massive forearms on me” – it’s why people who can deadlift massive amounts of weight but want big forearms still do forearm isolation.


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