This sub is a little perplexing

I've noticed that people are very obsessed with strength, seem to put people in a mindset in which they don't listen to their bodies, get lost in the method of mixing / increasing their gains, and in the end I think it leads to a very neurotic mindset that can be very destructive in the long run if you become obsessed.

I see a comment after the comment and posted another post with questions like:

"Is walking good for you / considered an exercise?"

Can I lift weights and do cardio exercises?

For a start, stop trying to find a methodology for everything by scrolling online. Go over there and do these things yourself and listen to your body, it will give you an awesome amount of your comments.

Secondly, if you can lift a decent weight but you cannot run for 20 minutes in a therapeutic BPM, then you are strong, but you are not "fit". They are a lot of people here who I think will be more at home in / r / bodybuilding. Do not give specific bodybuilding advice to people who are starting to get fit. Most people just want to feel healthy and the risk or injury increases when they first engage in astronomical activity if you start raising the dead and running the hill straight from the cuff without at least relieving yourself.

Is walking good for you? Yes. of course it is. Its very minimal therapeutic. Is it an exercise? Find a hill and see for yourself.

These are just a few examples that I have read that make me become extremely skeptical of people's mindset here.

Find what you enjoy, live and breathe. You will never be good at something compelling yourself to do more than something you actively enjoy.

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12 thoughts on “This sub is a little perplexing”

  1. Seconded. If someone Is so new to fitness that they need to ask the kind of questions that you’ve mentioned, then chances are they don’t need to be getting programming advice better suited for intermediate to advanced lifters.

  2. Seconded. No such thing as optimal training. There’s waaaaaay too many different niches and approaches, and as Rhino says – you can be great at anything, but not at everything.

  3. I agree heavily with the part about people searching the internet for any and all answers, lately there have been so many stupid posts with questions such as “can I do X and still gain muscle?” about every single little miniscule thing you can imagine. Just get out there and fucking work out, it won’t kill you to jog three days a week or to not follow the program of a bodybuilder straight out the gate.

    Also, I really don’t wanna be this guy, but it’s “get out there* and listen to your* body”.

  4. People try to make excuses to not workout. One of the easiest is making the excuse of “I can’t find the perfect program so therefore I cannot workout”. Right. Start doing, stop thinking.

  5. It’s the internet. Every sub/board/forum is extremely dogmatic about whatever thing they believe in and they rarely change.

    Also inb4 removed

  6. A few of my person recent favourites on this sub:

    * Should I walk about on tiptoes to build calf muscle?
    * Can I do a bicep curl by moving the dumbbell back and forward horizontally?
    * Will masturbation ruin my gains?
    * Will missing one workout ruin my gains?
    * Will bicep curls be enough to make me look like a UFC fighter?
    * I have no muscle and have never worked out, but how do I stop my muscles from getting too big?
    * Will adding water to my protein shake ruin my gains?

    These are all real, and within the last month. You can guarantee that every single person asking idiotic questions like that is skinny fat and has probably lifted a dumbbell once while spending hours and hours watching influencer fitness videos, yet is stressing over minutia that just does not matter.

  7. > Secondly, if you can lift a decent weight but you can’t run for 20 minutes at a therapeutic BPM, then you’re strong, but you’re not “fit”

    If I can squat 800 lbs, who cares? While you are out running with limp simp arms I am lumbering around the back of the gym like a dinosaur. You ever seen this really old movie called Jurassic Park? Where the dinosaur walks and the ground shakes? That’s me baby. People’s water bottles be having ripples in them when I’m walking around the gym. When new people join the gym they literally say “Welcome to Jurassic Park. We have T-Rex”. I literally bit somebody after hitting a PR.

  8. I think it’s a mixture of people looking for confirmation that they are correct mixed in with a little bit of the search for the most effective techniques to reach goal.

  9. Fitness is the #1 hobby to exploit people for their wallets because theres so much different information. So much fitness stuff is crazy overpriced and trying to get you to commit to using it every month or youll be “wasting” your gains.

  10. If you can lift heavy weights and are going hard it translates and you could definitely run for 20 minutes.


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