This 60 year old man is ripped because he got off his ass, no excuses

This 60 year old man is ripped because he got off his ass, no excuses

A 60-year-old man is in better shape than most players in his twenties.

Many people are always looking for a shortcut to lose weight, build muscle and look great. They try many pills and dumb fads to try to reach their goals. What happens? They continue to fail, over and over again. Pumping money on stupid shit doesn't matter.

What people lack is motivation and dedication to reach fitness goals. Yes, it can be difficult to get in shape but the first thing you have to accept is that there is no shortcut or easy way to get the object you want. It will take hard work and dedication to get there. This means you must Get your ass And out of FUCKAROUNDITIS.

To prove it, I want you to watch this video of a 60-year-old man, Herbie Bowen, who worked five days a week for a long time.

This man breaks his butt by making 700 payments, 10 sets of dips and withdrawing money five times a week. This is dedication. This man wanted to be healthy and have a good-looking body, so he recently worked to get and keep it. This may be an old video but it shows that anyone can shape well no matter what your age.

The great thing about this 60-year-old man is that he goes to a training ground. No gym membership required. If you want to get the shape of such a man, all you will need are two chairs or diving seats and a pull bar. This can be done at home or in the stadium of such a man cheaply. All it takes is time and dedication. Diet is another area that must be treated to sculpt a great body. You've probably heard the term "made abs in the kitchen", that's right. You will need to cut calories and make sure that you are eating enough protein to build muscle from your workouts.

Can anyone do this, what is your excuse?

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