The Wrong Ways to Diet in 2019

For six to eight months out of the year, people are obsessed with losing weight. These people will do anything that it takes to lose weight, even if it means going on an extreme diet.

As time goes on, these people do see results and continue with the wrong eating habits, which may cause more harm than good. While there are several ways to diet, many people choose to stick with the wrong ways.

Wrong Ways to Diet #1: Cutting Too Many Calories

This is something that people often turn to when they are frustrated by their weight. People have been known to cut their calories down to 500 a day and sometimes less. There are several reasons why this is a wrong way to diet. First of all, you are starving your body.

Your body needs so many calories in order to function properly. Your weight will determine how many calories that you need. Another reason this is a wrong way diet is when you cut too many calories you slow down your metabolism. When your metabolism slows down, your body will hang onto any calories that you consume. When your metabolism is working properly, your body burns calories rather than storing them.

As you continue to diet this way, you will find that you are losing weight, but where is that weight coming from? Many people do not realize that their body is actually breaking down muscle for nourishment. Dieting in this way leads to several health risks including bone loss, and hypothermia.

Wrong Ways to Diet #2: Diet Pills

Diet pills are yet another one of the wrong ways to diet. Many people turn to these popular pills for quick results. Unfortunately, people don’t think about the health risks involved with many of these pills. Diet pills that curb your appetite have been known to completely take away a person’s appetite, so much so that the person doesn’t eat for days. Also some people, who have taken these pills, have died from heart attacks.

The FDA is constantly pulling diet pills off the shelves claiming they are unsafe. Are you willing to put your life on the line just to lose that extra weight?

Wrong Ways to Diet #3: Fad Diets

Fad diets are wrong for so many different reasons. First of all, many fad diets completely cut out food groups. For example, many people go on high protein diets and limit their intake of carbs. Some people even try to completely remove carbs from their diet altogether.

Your body needs a variety of different foods, which is why diets that only allow you to eat one food are also unhealthy. You may think it’s great to be able to eat all the ice cream you want, but what is that doing to your body?

Foods Not to Trash when You Are on a Diet

Diets do not have to be painful. You will have to change your eating habits but you still can enjoy certain foods that, unfortunately, have received bad publicity and characterized as no-no foods if you go on a diet. This article deals with foods not to trash when you are on a diet.


How many times have you heard that pasta is evil if you are on a diet? Well look at pasta differently. Cooked pasta is about 2/3 water so compared to a cookie it is best to eat pasta since you are getting more water for the same food weight. Pasta are rich is carbohydrates as you may know. And carbohydrates give you a boos of serotonin, a chemical compound that keeps you feeling full and satisfied. Half a cup of cooked pasta will do no harm to weight loss efforts and if pasta is made of whole wheat flour instead of white flout much better.


Another classic food to trash when you are on a diet? Wrong. Bread is, again, a very satisfying food. Moderation is the key. A lot of carbs here. Choose breads made of different grains. Forget white bread. As in pasta, carbohydrates will help you release chemicals that will help you curb overeating.

Peanut butter

Think of all fat it has. This food has to be trash if you are on a diet. You are wrong again. Actually, all the fat that contains is very helpful for your health and for your weight loss efforts. Research performed at Purdue University showed that a snack made of peanut butter helps people stay full for up to 2 ½ hours, compared to the 30 minutes that a carb-only snack (rice cake) does.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is a great snack that prevent going overboard and start binging. Research shows that people who deprives too long from their favorite foods generally break their diet and start eating like there is no tomorrow. Instead eating a small piece of dark chocolate will prevent this compulsive behavior. Another recommendation: eat your chocolate slowly, so you can get a more satisfying effect.


Another food that has received bad publicity. Mainstream think of cheese as a food full in fat. However, cheese is full of calcium which have shown that can help you in your weight loss efforts. And, for women, it can help prevent osteoporosis. Eating calcium-rich foods is more effective than calcium supplements in both preventing osteoporosis and for weight loss.

Here you have it. These food should not be trashed when you are on a diet. Actually, they can help you lose weight.

8 Weight Loss Tips For 2019 And Beyond

Get rid of the panic and, with it, the bad habits we usually fall into! Do you want to lose a few kilos? Follow the nutritionist’s advice.

1. Don’t skip meals

The fewer nutrients the body lacks, the more effective it will be. And that’s also true for weight loss. “Don’t eliminate bread or pasta, which provide energy. Take them moderately and without mixing them with fat,” says Maria Jesus Fariña, nutritionist. 

2. Hydrate well

You don’t drink the 8 glasses of water a day because you think they make you swell? You’re wrong. “It is essential to eliminate toxins and activate the diet. Also, do it during satiated meals. Help yourself with light refreshments, herbal teas, teas…

3. Food lights

Do you only have dietary nutrients in your fridge? No. “A good diet cannot be based exclusively on low-calorie products. Some of these foods contain a lot of fats and sugars. There is a false belief that since they are light, they do not gain weight and we may be tempted to eat more,” says the nutritionist.

4. Don’t just eat fruit

“It’s a recurring thing when you want to lose weight. But it’s not effective, because it satiates temporarily and after a while [about two hours] we’re hungry and we eat again,” he adds. Better, take low-fat protein (white fish) with vegetables and a skimmed yogurt.

5. Do it without haste

Have you signed up for a miracle diet, express? Watch out: “They have a rebound effect that translates into weight gain. Only changing dietary and lifestyle habits and maintaining them over time enhances weight loss. For example, exercise is vital to weight loss; don’t rely on diet alone.

6. Sleep well

Are you in the grip of insomnia? Sleeping well is determinant to lose weight. The reason? “It is related to the hormone leptin, a hormone that controls appetite. If we don’t rest well, it doesn’t complete its cycle and we’re hungrier. If this is your problem, ally yourself with the plants (passionflower, valerian, hawthorn…).

7. Sweeten your life

Don’t give up sugar completely. The brain feeds on glucose. And not only that: hydrates (sugars) are basic for energy. What you have to do is adjust the amount: “a teaspoon only provides about 10 calories”.

8. Don’t stress

Having a frenetic activity does not mean that you are: one of its repercussions is that we eat compulsively (more and worse). Yoga, taichi, meditation… incorporate them into your daily life.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a new diet, look at it closely. Is it healthy? Will you be getting a variety of different foods? Use common sense and avoid diets which may be the wrong solution. Instead, stick with sensible plans like Weight Watchers.


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