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Small comment from (Tropic Thunder) ( to start … Don't listen to Kirk Lazarus, because sometimes it's okay.

** TLDR **

I have written a program that combines a modified version of the Bulgarian method, with a modified version of the Smolov Base course, and have run it continuously for a little over a couple of months, and it worked nicely.

** statistics **

Male, 6'3 ''

Starting weight: 205

Current weight: 213

Squat: 455 -> (483) ( and (405×9) ( ** + 27 **

Seat 355 -> (401) ( ** + 46 ** ^ (And another we will not discuss … +55)

Deadlift 613-> (618×3) ( and (642×2 equipped) ( ** + 5 ** … x3

In general, the maximum reps of 1 increased by 89 lbs in two months, while the extremes estimated from the high repetition groups increased by a much greater amount.

* (I had sat 515 at 260 and sat 370 at 220ish in the past, but this was my current maximum value at my new weight and well below 200 pounds when I started "Simple Jack & # 39; d") *


More detailed background information can be found in my previous review of the program: (Smarathlov) (

**the program**

** simple jack **

The program's name, ** Simple Jack & # 39; d ** came from a discussion I was having with / u / The_Fatalist two months ago, about how we both made the best progress when we were less concerned about programming, and instead, (just went full – socket Simple -) (

I had just finished * Smarathlov * and was looking forward to moving the squat and seat up. What I have come up with is the abomination of the Bulgarian Base + Smolov cycle. Both have been modified slightly.

# Here is the spreadsheet for (** Simple Jack’d **) (

* Detailed descriptions of how to operate it are on the Information tab of the spreadsheet, but it does not provide a quick chart. *

*** Bulgarian modifications ***

In my version of the Bulgarian method, you work a minimum / maximum daily limit from the same elevator every day. The daily minimum is 85% of your training maximum (TM) and the daily maximum is high and yet you feel like going for the day. The main difference is that you are expected to hit 3-6 iterations at or above the daily minimum, with no reversal sets.

You will reach this daily minimum, or higher, for several days in a row before your translation memory is raised.

*** Smolov base cycle modifications ***

The Smolov Base Course consists of 4 training days with specific groups and reps of a certain intensity

4×9 at 70%
* 5 x 7 at 75%
* 7 x 5 at 80%
10×3 at 85%

I took that, and applied it to all the lifts, with the adjustment done to 40 reps in any number of sets you wanted, and at a certain intensity.

* 40 at 70%
* 40 by 75%
* 40 at 80%
* 40 at 85%

Each day would take more sets than before, usually I was targeting 3-5 sets on the first day, and the number increased to 9-12 sets on the last day.

After the fourth day, you will raise your translation memory, and do it again.

** Training days **

For the majority of the program, I set up my training schedule as follows:

* Bulgarian squat + Smolov bench
* Bulgarian squat + Smolov squat
* Bulgarian squat + Smolov bench
* Bulgarian squat + Smolov squat
* Bulgarian squat + Smolov bench
* Bulgarian Squat + Smolov Deadlift


what causes

* 2-3 times a week frequency squatting.
* 3-4 times a week bench frequency.
* 1x per week deadlift frequency


I do a lot of pull-up and wheel exercises. Sometimes I'll throw in some braids or something, I wonder

*** Heart / Conditioning ***

I ran 20 MW for the duration of this program. Almost all easy miles, with a hard few days spent.


For the first time in many years, I didn't track calories or macros during this program. I've never taken any supplement other than a rare protein drink. I don't care about creatine or anything else.

Based on my past experience tracking calories, I would estimate my daily protein intake at between 150g and 200g, carbs over 500g, and my caloric intake from 3500 to 5000 with most days approaching 4000.



* 9 weeks
48 individual squat sessions
* 800+ squat reps
* 1200+ bench reps
* Over 1,000,000 in total volume for all lifting ((all vehicles and attachments combined)) (
* ~ 200 miles of running
* Major PR including repping 600+ on the dead and massive improvements over the bench.


This started out as a lot of fun, the Bulgarian + 40 reps in whatever rep chart I wanted was a great way to combine less focused, automatically organized programming with hard work.

By the end of the nine weeks, it started to turn out to be grumpy that I no longer enjoyed. I can't specifically blame programming. It is much more about my personality. I am a chronic hopper program and rarely stick to anything long.

From now on, I take my focus off pursuing extreme strength goals, and I'm still training intensely, but a little less, focusing more on running and getting lean for the foreseeable future.

We are happy to discuss any questions / comments all of you may have.

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