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** Welcome to Saturday self-promotion **

This theme will be a weekly AutoModerator publication, for anyone looking to be exposed to Instagram, Youtube, blogspot, ResistanceTraining.coMade, Kickstarter, TeeSpring, MySpace, AOL, standalone website or standalone physical product.

This post is the only time people can advertise without repercussions, and the only thread when anything goes. All other ads will continue to be removed according to (Rule No. 8) (

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8 thoughts on “Self-Promotion Saturday”

  1. Recently completed in a physique show. I was around 5-7% bodyfat in the link below.

    If you enjoy workout videos and single digit bodyfat pics, then you need to follow my instagram. I also have polls every week asking which bodypart to workout.

    If you have any questions, be sure to drop a dm on my Instagram.

  2. Hey guys offering two weeks free online coaching just send me a dm to get started. Everything’s included with a weekly workout plan , form checks, 24/7 access for questions and a weekly check in video. So if you need help making gains either in your home or the gym just send a pm as I’ve worked with a lot of successful clients, won a natural bodybuilding championship and am a fully qualified pt.

  3. Hey guys! I’m an aspiring competitive weight lifter (still a long way to go) and I just decided to make an Instagram page two days ago! Would be neat if anyone would like to follow my progress with me @thegudim

  4. Hey everyone,

    Started a fitness page recently on Instagram it would be great if yous could check it out. @kelvinrodgersfitness has great bits of info on training and nutrition for everyone.

    Also doing a giveaway!

  5. Hey everyone!

    I built EvoHIIT, an adaptable circuit timer for iOS, now including an Apple Watch companion app! Get it for free here on the [App Store](

    * Over 250 exercises included
    * No limit on number of circuits you can create
    * No account needed, uses iCloud only!
    * Lots more

    In app purchases are available, but the application is 100% functional without the in app purchase, showing a single advertisement for 10 seconds once every 12 hours in the ad-supported version. The only features locked behind pro are a number of alternative application icons and themes, as well as the ability to save default filters.

    Any questions, feature suggestions or feedback let me know! Happy training.

  6. Hey!

    How’s it going? 😎

    For all you fellow portuguese-speaking athletes that are interested in training & nutrition, [Breaking My Limits]( is the blog for you!

    You can find us on [Instagram]( and [Facebook]( for training & nutrition content very often, so make sure you don’t skip these!

    The main topics are hypertrophy and strength training, as well as nutrition for sports performance and body composition. Every topic is discussed with a scientific background, making sure to support claims with referenced evidence.

    It’s definitely worth a read for all fitness and sports enthusiasts!

    Take care and Happy Gains!

  7. What’s up guys!

    My name is Danny and I have been into fitness for a couple of years now, I am mostly into calisthenics, rings, and some weightlifting as well.
    I have had a fitness Instagram for a couple of months now, and I just started a YouTube channel to post longer, more informative content on.
    If you like what you see give them a follow! Thanks for your time


    Instagram: @marculofit


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