[program review] “Unfucked” Unfuck Your Program Free Intermediate Cycle by Ben Pollack

## I, intern

I won't repeat myself too much. But I've been making different iterations of a written period over the past two years and I liked this approach. The general trend from large size, low density to low volume, high density gives me enough contrast and knowing weight gain from week to week is my big motivation to appear. Considering it still works, I don't want to change the winning recipe. If you want an in-depth overview of my training history, you can take a look at the (program reviews you made in the past on my profile) (https://www.reddit.com/user/barbellrebel/submitted).

I chose to run the Bens Broker template because I have been following it for a while and find myself in agreement with most of the things he puts there and his general followers for training. I wanted to run some of its programs for a while and this template became so. I chose this mold because it suits many of my examinations: an 8-week cycle, a full body frequency, and a high chair, no more than 4 days a week. I also use it as a way to test pregnancy progression via RPEs as well. This was a natural follow-up to what I did in the past where I wanted to move from open sets to specific RPE with pre-programmed weights to a pre-programmed program and RPE was used to determine the load.

## the program

The program is a 12-week linear course from 12 actors to the 1RM test and download. The program is free, but not publicly available from www.phdeadlift.com, so I won't pour all the pills here. It's very easy to download from their website if you want to take an extra look at progress. It's a program 4 days a week with a full body split. Inside the microcycle, it's a lightweight setting that uses the elevator comp early in the week and changing later in the week. Every day has a kind of help spread to where it makes sense.

### Program Modifications

The background behind Ben's intermediary template is to partially introduce people to long-term programming compared to what they are used to as a beginner and provide a basic template that should be customized to suit you and Ben. Great details with his product "Unfuck Your Program" from their website. Having already programmed like this in the past, I've "emptied" my UYP template by adding things I already know it worked for me, partly inspired by the paid "Unfuck Your Program" series. You have completely replaced the percentages with RPE. Minor changes in exercise variations and addition were hard work.

The biggest change was the use of RPEs on percents. This sounds like a fairly significant breakthrough in terms of programming, but in practice the percentages and RPE are used as a measure of exercise intensity. Percentages are usually easier in the program and have less subjectivity. This also means that percentages are general and may not be suitable for everyone. The biggest point of the Ben & # 39; s UYP series is also that programming * should be individual and that the base template is tailored to your liking. RPEs were one of these changes for me and offered several advantages:

1. It allowed me to adjust for bad training days or stressful weeks. I spent two separate weeks at work where I could have kept the pressure drop down to not overdoing myself.
2. It has allowed me to achieve the desired intensity better for all elevators. My squat in particular would be wonderful to handle (10RM hovering around ~ 83% of 1RM) and programmed percents for the first 2 / 3rds of the program would be pretty easy otherwise.
3. I was allowed to program the shapes of light for each elevator without relying on guessing the correct percentage of lifting my company. Programming the deadlift of the alternate position based on my primary position or the high bar of a flat 1RM low bar is a guess.

I tried to make RPE targets match Ben's desired density based on RPE (according to Ben's past percentages) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKo0LHY289A&t=9m), but also follow his instructions Of the 6-week UYP series courses. To make it more realistic, if Ben calls for 3×10 @ 70%, I will partially look at his chart to see the RPE that should roughly correspond, which is the borderline RPE8-9, compare it with the early RPE target of UYP and write it down. I generally took this to mean that I had to shoot 1) RPE8 in the first 2 blocks and 9 in the third on the comp comp and RPE7-8 for the differences all the time. If I missed the RPE, I would drop the load in the first 2 blocks and drop reps in the third block. Advancing pregnancy based on RPE was not that difficult. I have observations about the maximum of the former actors and their RPE, in addition to looking at video material from the lifts week to week, the increase in load was fairly obvious.

After RPE I added a ton of back work ((Think of TSA Intermediate 2.0 levels) (https://thestrengthathlete.com/freebies), because I thought it was programmed as is. The focus on accessories changes each block and out of the rear action, I kept the muscle groups for each block, and I chose alternatives like chest pressure on DB Flyes that felt better performance.

## Results and discussion

Which section I thought you were waiting for! Nothing about my nutrition really changed. I've eaten more home meals than before, but I still don't track calories and eat what I basically want. This also means that I don't follow the nutritional advice I found from Ben elsewhere in Think Big.

I was a little tricked and tested over two days this weekend after my last day of training on Thursday. I did the squat and bench Saturday, deadlift and Sunday OHP.

| Lift Before Participation
| : – | : – | : – |
| Squat 1×195 | 1×205 |
| Bench 1×135 | 1×137.5 |
| Deadlift | 1×220 | 1×232.5 |
| "Total" 550 575 |
| Wilkes 366.63 | 381.11 |
| The Press 1×85 | 1×85 |
| BW | 83.2 | 84
| Height 175 cm 175 cm
All in 21st century units

### Bench and OHP stopped

I kept the programmers' frequency and size from Ben in this first round, but I honestly think the bench pressure and upper pressure are too low. My chair requires a lot of sound to move anything, and I shouldn't follow that up with additional accessories. This is not an indictment of the program inside and outside itself, but mostly a reminder to adjust the program to your needs. In this case, I would choose a larger number of vehicles and a larger volume of propulsion movements, replacing triceps extensions with clicks or clicking on a database. It may add volume or a seat every 4 days, natural changes he suggests in the UYP cycle.

### Squatting and deadlift have improved

In keeping with what I've done in the past, my lower body responded really well to this type of low volume (er), high intensity approach and was able to improve it somewhat compared to the different programs I manage. It may be a coincidence, but I tend to think that using RPE in this way is a great way to stay close enough to fail without overcoming and paying off.

### Changes for the future

Besides editing accessories and choosing more help, this is a very powerful template! I loved the progress from the first week to the 11 week test and the heavy / light structure of the program. I'll get a lesson from its UYP series and try to increase and restart the frequency.

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