[Program Review] UHF 5 Week – 16 Weeks of Do Everything, Every Day


I uploaded since late 2014, moving from fuckarounditis and spl splits, to 5/3/1 in various shapes, I ran UHF summer 2018 and got some success, then recently I ran Brian Alsruhe (Dark Horse) programming on two different occasions and four horses) And just before that, I ran a batch rift as the main movement progressed on a 3/1 basis. In order to give or take last year, I was focusing on improving body composition, so I trained in a calorie deficit for most of it (but pizza and wings prevented really steady progress, and so it took a year). The goals of the program were to take a break from the pieces and see how much force I could pick up in the "strength block" as I only focused on eating and lifting heavy things.

The program and the differences:

UHF includes, in short, a full body training 5 days a week, with a programmed seat every day to cope with a squatting or deadly. I ran the cookie cutter from the program from the Zero app to Hero for the first session, but I replaced the extra paddling one day, even honestly I don't remember any of them. I modified T3s to different formats just to keep things fresh for the second and third sessions. In the third course, I also switched a pause to a stop with a sumo after I got angry and didn't want to load things too much. After the first cycle, I also started to use Slingshot Day as an excuse to practice singles in the bench, and I worked with whatever slingshot weight I had with Raw Singles, which usually ranged between 10 to 15 pounds of my competition seat for a particular week, just for this practice Technology.

Experimenting with the collapse was:

One day – squat competition / seat ramp light / rear chain

Day 2 – Competition seat / pause / shoulders

Day 3 – Disability deficits / Volume / Return

Day 4 – Slingshot Seat / Pause Pause / Triceps & Press

Fifth day – front squat / seat / seat closed seat

my experience:

The first two sessions were really fun as I made progress and identified new delegates day after day, all of the food I was suddenly eating was new and I enjoyed focused training. The third course was a little different. I had to spend a week vacation between c2 and c3 to travel home for a funeral, so I used my part-week to test and adjust my TM, all of which jumped 20 pounds. The new and much higher intensity, associated with a much more stressful period of graduate school, meant that I was constantly running and frustrated, eating became somewhat obligatory, and extracted from a sense of commitment more than anything else. I ended up getting the flu bug and lost 4/5 of week 4 exercises, then every week I did a 5 test on a Saturday since I had a mid-term and worked thesis throughout the week.


Body weight: 201 -> 222

Squat: 455 -> (525) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9cP8dvHBiJ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) (shelf life PR: 480)

Bench: 275 -> (325) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9cQnTVn1R9/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) (Shelf life: 280)

Deadlift: 495 -> (515) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9cSUMIH_ny/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link) (shelf life PR: 545)


The program has reinforced itself as one of the practical training programs. I've learned that my seat seems to be responding well to the high pace of training, even if only a small portion of that is high density. My squat seemed to respond well to my high training intensity. It has been indicated in the daily leads that I seem to be able to evolve through many actors, so training with increasing volume ends up being "I think that's enough today, and I really don't feel like doing another", instead of a technical failure Or the actual mechanic. Deadlift, I'm not sure what to respond to, but that doesn't seem to be the case. It may be within two weeks of pulling from the ground, and I find it improving by leaps and bounds, but all the deficit and a limited amount of heavy doses from the ground did not translate well until when I tested. He also found that when my TMs were an accurate reflection of 1RM true results, the program became a lot to handle, so running 90% or even 95% of Max training might make it more sustainable to keep going back. Or maybe when life outside the gym becomes really stressful and busy and food and sleep habits turn into trash, lifting becomes more difficult. Either way, I will definitely run this again the next time I hit the power block.

My other big meals are that the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčaccumulating and realizing blocks is common. During the past year, I did a lot of calorie deficit training, a lot of work building to work capacity and muscle mass, without seeing much movement in 1RMs. Once I started eating and training to show strength, neglecting work capacity, and cardiovascular training, the force exploded, which makes me less concerned about the levels of my strength that go in and out of the summer body composition, and to know that as long as the work is putting the gains that have been made, even if it does not happen on Short-term.

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