Program Review/Testimonial: Terry Holland’s 12 Week PowerBuilder

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## The goal behind this program / why you chose it

Backing up my base after injury, illness, and life took me out of previous training.

I'm not trying to make any excuses, just add some context. I tested 1RM on all the main lifts and I set the PRs earlier this year. After that, I got the flu and was discharged from the hospital for two weeks; when I came back I became very greedy and hurt me with a shock to my back; So, for two to three months, I was sick and wounded, and I just stopped working to focus on life and everything that was happening (a new home, moving, etc.).

I was trying to figure out what to do; I knew I couldn't pick up where I left off. I saw that Terry Holland was selling his PowerBuilder for about $ 5, so I read a little about it and decided to try it.

I didn't put any new PRs, but I matched old stories or got too close – which was ultimately my goal.

## My Statistics:

* ** Sex **: Male

* ** Height **: 6 ''

* ** Age: ** 31

* ** Training experience **: Two years

* ** Weight **: 228 lbs

* ** BF%: ** 16.63% (under water weight / hydrostatic weight)

* ** Deadlift ** = 485 lbs

* ** Squat = = 455 lbs

* ** OHP ** = 185 lbs

* ** seat ** = 285 lbs

## nutrition:

I somewhat planned the meal / macro tracker. I eat a lot of chicken and beef once a day and fish on weekends when I feel like cooking. Rice or carbohydrates are easy to consume with every meal; spinach at every meal. Type of vegetables served at every meal; 2 bananas per day (before and after exercise).

Supplements: creatine, whey 1x / day, zinc, B12, magnesium, fish oil.

I ate ~ 3k / day. I lost about 5 lbs, but that wasn't really a goal. I just wanted to maintain / build the backup capacity on my work.

##the program

This is a 4-day, three-phase program. Each stage has a different concentration with different rep schemes, but the main lifts are generally increasing as the weight rises to 1RM eventually. The extensions change at each stage, either completely rotating or radically changing the rep / set schemes.

The four days are basically (my description, only invited by the 1-4 sessions): Legs Day, Press Day, Back Day, and Back Series Day.

Terry is a great believer in HITT / HITT, who performs his programs after each training session and provides some examples of what to do. You can hold on to it or add it if you need (depending on equipment / preferences).

Note: You do not need any Strongman equipment to do this routine

## What I liked

This program has already done a good job of bringing me back to the groove and digging into the workload … Too much, actually haha. But I will touch on that after that.

I really liked the Day of Return for the Custom Back Chain Day. He has a great variety of exercises and a generally good balance as I didn't feel I needed to complete anything. Overall, it was a fun running program that was difficult and kept me involved.

## What I did not like / changed

I wanted to re-create my base back up, which he does, but this is too much on the day of the legs and the press. Terry you programs to do the same squat equally followed by Deadlifts of equal density … for example:

** Legs Today: **

* Squats 3×12 @ 63% of 1RM

* Deadlifts 3×14 @ 63% of 1RM

** Press Day: **

* OHP 4×15 @ 63% of 1RM

* Incline accessory 3×15

* Seat 3×12 @ 63% of 1RM

Others might be able to, but I was not in a place where I could give the same level of intensity at the same level of 1RM% to those elevators in those days. I significantly reduced the maximum training per session. Admittedly, I knew I wouldn't be working on real results throughout the day, since there have been months since I was in that intensity, but so far in the end if I run this again, I don't think I can reasonably achieve it. So I used TMs and pushed forward.

So week is about week 4.

** ** the changes:

I added a bench from the press day to the return day (replacing the main back movement by bench press); the traditional deadlifts were given their day with a couple accessories. I also added the basic elements on each lift day, and replaced them with warm-up groups. Both the rear superset / bench and basic supersets are the ideas I got from Brian Alsruhe. I also did his conditioning templates on Therese.

As a result of these changes, I managed to use nearly 1RMs of old / increase my TM again and progress the routine as designed.

For a while I added supplementary exercises on the days when I took something away, but the overall volume that led to last month became too much, because the recovery was suboptimal, so I dropped additional crap and kept the routine specific exercises and did them on the days shown above. Felt better in the final weeks 3×3 and 3×1 heavy.

## Example routine with my changes

I won't give all the details because this is Terry's living, but this is a sample to give you a good idea. Also, before you ask, ** No **, I will not exchange the programs you paid for. I get these offers every time I talk about a paid routine. Save yourself time nor DM me, I will not.

** Legs Today **:

* Squat

* Vehicle assistance (variant changed at each stage)

* 2-3 extensions (target muscles remained, but exercises or reps were changed each stage)

* Conditioning / Heat

** Press Day: **

* Click pressure

* Vehicle assistance (variant changed at each stage)

* 2-3 extensions (target muscles remained, but exercises or reps were changed each stage)

* Conditioning / Heat

* Deadlift Day (add my)

* Traditional

* Couple Accessories

* Short walk

** LAST TIME: **

* Row / bench

* Vehicle assistance (variant changed at each stage)

* 2-3 extensions (target muscles remained, but exercises or reps were changed each stage)

* Conditioning / Heat

** Back Chain Day: **

* Roman Deadlift variant

* 2-3 extensions (target muscles remained, but exercises or reps were changed each stage)

* Vehicle assistance (variant changed in stage 3)

* Conditioning / Heat

————————————————– ————————————————-

Overall, the program was fun. I have achieved what I started with and I am happy about it. I liked its overall design and thought that its exercise choices were great, and I will only work on tweaking two small discs to better advance and restore (IMO).

I've now turned on Terry's PowerBuilder and Brian’s Power Builder; for me, Terry is the best at building your core capability, as Bryans was better to maximize one actor.

I'm going to get involved again, depending on my goals.

Custom Keto Diet


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