[Program Review] Tactical Barbell: Operator (1 cycle)

Hey guys, I just finished my first Tactical Iron Course. In fact, this is my first real strength training program with actual heavy weights. Over the past two years, I've done nothing but push / pull / simple legs with adjustable dumbbells at home with a total weight of 190 lbs. So basically before that I carried nothing over 190 lbs.

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'6 inch

Weight: 136 lbs

Traction lever hoist: 345 lbs x 1 —-> 405 lbs x 1

**the program**

Tactical Barbell is a power and conditioning program by the cool dude called K Black. Power and conditioning are two separate books, and they fit together like puzzle pieces. It is primarily designed for people who need to strike a balance between strength and adaptation along with other bodily responsibility, such as military objects, firefighting, martial arts, sports, etc.

It's really flexible: the templates range from lifting 4 days a week to two days a week, and there is a wide range of conditioning exercises to accommodate your equipment, etc. Different templates are designed to achieve different goals: some people need more strength, and some people need more conditioning.

I did one cycle of operator template for 6 weeks, which is raise 3 days a week and 3 days a week. It should give you the best balance between the two. You can choose 3 main lifts for minimal assistance. By the time I started the program, I was feeling very tight to squat or seat, so I chose the deadly boat cranes as my only friend.

I used to take quick trips to adapt.


I don't really count my calories because I don't cook, but I try to gain weight, so I always eat 5 servings of peanut butter, two cans of sardines and 3 bananas per day along with regular meals.


Frankly, the only reason I made Tactical Barbell was because I was invited to train in the BJJ gym so I needed air conditioning. I tried it for a few weeks but by the time I decided that I no longer wanted to do BJJ anymore, I had already started the program.

I think my true passion is getting bigger and stronger, so now my plans are to play 3/3/1 BBB. I got some tapes to do (squatting the temporary safety bar with) (https://www.t-nation.com/training/a-new-trick-for-building-your-legs) and I started to press the reverse seat which I feel Fine on my shoulder, so I'm looking forward to putting it on now.

I am really disappointed that the deadly elevators in the trap bar have had no deportation to sumo elevators for me. Before tuberculosis, I was at 315 x 1 and after tuberculosis, I was still at 315 x 1.


Tactical Barbell is a great program for both athletes and informal lifters. He introduced me to the world of serious strength training and I am happy that I did this program!

thank you.

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