[Program Review] Tactical Barbell 2: Conditioning – Base Building

** Introduction and background **

I played a variety of organized sports during my childhood including gymnastics, swimming, ice hockey and ice skating. I majored in wrestling as soon as I got to high school and continued in college until I was sidelined with some nerve damage in my left arm. After a long rest period, she started at BJJ and Muay Thai, and did so until it was very difficult to balance with graduate training. I started playing squash at club level until life conditions made me move away from any nearby squash clubs.

** Training history **

After a period of discontinuation of squash, I started training, at first I created my own program which I saw up to 2.5 x fatal body weight. Then I conducted 3 courses of the free Bin Polak broker program and one course of megazord. It took about two years and 7 months, when I did large quantities from 125 to 160 and didn't perform any cardiovascular activity.

At this point I realized that I needed to incorporate conditioning in my life, partly because of my age and family health history, and partly because it had to be done. Perhaps because of my sports background, I had no idea how I actually programmed it because I only did it as part of the sport I played. My philosophy was "If you are out of shape, all you have to do is play the sport you are playing and you will be in good shape for this sport." Searching online resulted in sweaty cardio exercises or asked you to pick / push / pull the heavy shit. I needed and wanted a real framework. Enter the tactical iron 2.


1) Develop a framework for how to integrate and adapt the program.

2) Improve my conditioning while building the base. Reducing the resting heart rate.

**a program**

This is a $ 10 ebook by K. Black, so I'm not going to talk about the program itself. The book essentially divides the conditioning into multiple areas and talks about the error focusing only on HIIT. It was as if the book knew exactly who I was and what I needed. In addition, he explains how to program air conditioning in anything else that happens to you, whether it's a sport, a lift program, an operational job, etc.

The book recommends starting building the base, which is an 8-week program. The first five weeks are high rep, low-weight 2 x week groupings (bearing endurance), and stable condition for 3 x weeks (called endurance). This increase in the number of actors and time, respectively.

My notes during this period are full of insults. Some samples during the durability period include "solid AF", "very rough, approximately halfway through Round 3".

The next three weeks turn into a power of 2 x a week (i.e. a two-day program will do), a high-density cardio 2 x a week and a steady-state cardio for a time of 1 x a week. For this part, I chose a tactical iron fighter template (because it was free in the lift vault), internal power breaks and fobbit. I really enjoyed this part of the program, although the squat exercise, oh, the bench and the dead at each session twice a week took some time.

I didn't make any modifications to the program at all.


I was in maintenance condition during Megazord, and I haven't made any changes in this regard. I intuitively eat food, monitor protein approximately 1g / lbs, and adjust calories up and down based on scale / what I'm trying to do.


| Before distance
: – |: – |: –
Age 35 | 35
Height 5 & ​​# 39; 4 | 5 '4
Resting heart rate 66-68 beats per minute | 60-62 beats per minute
Weight | 160 lbs 156.5-158.5
Fixed heart condition 30 minutes at 3.8 mph 155 | 60 minutes at a speed of 4.6 mph 125
Squatting 345 |?
Seat 210 |?
Deadlift | 435 |?
OHP | 135 |?

No extreme limits could be tested because multiplying Covid-19. I also had to skip the last strength session for the same reason.


This was exactly what I was looking for. After going through the base building, I had a much better understanding of how the various adaptation areas work in a program, how to program them over time and how to replace them as necessary.

Coming from an adaptation 0 background because of how I have been training for the past few years, I have found that the first three weeks of building a base are very difficult, but doable. You may cry, you may press. Obviously, if you don't ignore the policeman just as if you might not be the case. Getting 50 reps will seem impossible when the Endurance first starts working, but once you get to the fifth week, you'll be able to magically do it due to the modifications.

I'm in much better shape, I've lost body fat and the conditioner no longer looks like this black box of constant confusion / HIIT. In fact, I am looking to do conditioning work now, in a perverted way, because I understand it better.

If your goals are similar to my goals, I cannot recommend this book enough.

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