[Program Review] Smolov

# Background / training history

** This section is only the necessary information for the program if you think it is. Feel free to skip it. **

This is my first review of the program, so doing the background section and training log is not an easy copy and paste. My career started lifting in my nineteen years as a 6/6 lbs 6 who do not have a lift background but have played many sports throughout primary / middle / high school. I realized I was out of shape and not enjoying life the way I should be. I started running PPLx2 and skipped legs for most of the three years in which I ran this program from 18-21 years. I tried around 5/3/1 during that time period, but I always used to go back to payday and drawing day. I ended up losing 70 lbs and got my seat to 315 / squatting untested / deadlift 405. The first gymnasium had 8 boards with a capacity of only 45 lbs and I had no squat rack or a place for deadly crumbs, so I was basically just.

** Queue: joining a real gym **. I decided to join the gym in my city which has the largest and strongest elevators. I honestly thought I knew everything about lifting when I started there and didn't even know how to properly do any of the three big exercises. It was a huge cultural shock to see men training more difficult than me and making me look as though I had never been raised before. Someone recommended that I try their program and work with them.

** Enter: Conjugate **. This program, which my new friend was working on, ended up being the style associated with a different name that he slapped. it was hard. I have never been so heavy, and it seems like it was working. Everything that I did in bodybuilding in my early years helped me progress seriously over my squat, even though my bench never moved and almost never stepped in my career. I ended up with 415/315/435 Squat / Bench / Deadlift. It was in January 2018, but I got into an argument with the guy who was giving me the program and it didn't end up continuing the program. So I went back to the Legs / Pull / Jump scheme from January to mid summer. I ended up having a bad drinking water problem and left the gym from mid-summer to November 2018. Then I dropped a cup of water.

** Bye bye, finger: ** Well, not completely. I dropped a glass of water while working and broke the flexor tendon, either the anterior nerves or the bone in my pinky fingers on my right (dominant) hands. This put me in the count until July this year when I finally felt ready to go back to the gym and hit her hard. I started back weak. I had been locking in a bent wrist for a while so that the tendon could not break it again, so my right forearm slightly atrophied. I had 230/365/405 SBD. This needs improvement so I went back to conjugate to learn the movements. This brought me to 300/415/435 relatively quickly. Enter: Smolov.

# Why Smolov?

Honestly, it was a shoulder injury. I recently returned to the gym and got my seat around 310 again and ** boom ** cant lift my arms over my head. I had heard stories about the squatting program that resulted in brutal numbers and I said to myself, "Why don't you focus on the back squat while discovering what's happening on your shoulder?" So I go to a program that I knew would be incredibly challenging with a mentality "Every review says that you are either injured or left, you are not doing any of these things." I was told to start the program with the maximum that I knew you could reach any day, so I used 405 lbs.

# Recover:

I ran this program in conjunction with the Nsuns 3 days a week for a bench seat and OHP once my shoulder restored. I did full body workouts during Smolov and increased my seat from 310-335. At any time until the last two weeks of the intensive course, I felt upset or upset. I ate big, slept a lot, and raised. Even while eating heavily, I ended up losing 15 pounds from 275-260.

# Squat start: 415 lbs; body weight: 275 lbs

# Course introduction:

Honestly, this was somewhat boring. It was incredibly easy and I was already doing many times a week, so it wasn't getting used to me anything I wasn't already doing. Certainly, I skipped the second week of the application course in favor of jumping directly to the main stage of the program.

# Foundation course:

This was my favorite part of the program. 4 days a week squatting and in a very orderly fashion. Mondays are 4 x 9 days, Wednesday days 5 x 7 days, Fridays 7 x 5 days, and Saturday 10 x 3 days. In the first week, the 4×9 cars were the hardest because I was used to the low squat. Cardiac tolerance was not simple and fast. The first week was easy compared to week 2, but doing the same cast schemes as the first week, but adding 20 pounds to each group was impossible. I can remember every group feeling that they will be my last report. I forced myself to finish and I didn't miss any group at the basic stage, but it was very physical taxing. Week 3 was actually easier than the second week, as my body was partially acclimated to four days of squatting per week and because I became so much better in my squat position.

# Base stage retesting: squat: 465 lbs; body weight: 265 lbs

It turns out that squatting 4 times a week really pays off when it comes to mobilizing strength. I put 50 lbs on one hour in 4 weeks and one of those weeks was just a week off to a maximum test. So I put 3 weeks of work 50 pounds into my maximum test. I realized that the people who finished Smolov do not lie when they say that he will put strength on the terrible. I also lost 10 pounds during the basic stage, so I was in much better shape.

# Switch cycle:

Yes, I skipped this in favor of jumping straight into the crash course.

Intensive course:

This is where things get tough. The basic stage required physical exertion, and the persistent stage required physical exertion, but it was more demanding mentally. I set the Intensive Course Maximum at 465 and realized that this was not possible in the first week after I lost several combinations so it was reset to 455 and completed the program from there. These days it has been difficult to appear in front of you, difficult to finish, and difficult to get away from. I had to learn how to brace, slow down my strangeness and know how to squat again. It was good, I've always bumped into the hole hard, and it slowed down, but this really caught my eye. I think that made me better at cap attempts, as I can focus more on the road. Toward the end of this course, I was definitely consumed. I had no energy all day long and hated the gym for at least a week. I ended up being worthwhile because I was close enough to the end of the tunnel, so I managed to get through and finished. The results were worth it.

# Final results: squat: 415 -> 500; BW: 275 -> 260

Conclusion / Fast Food:

I've learned that I can always work harder in the gym. Just when I think I have found my best effort, there is a way to break it. Smolov was very difficult, but in the end it was possible with good thinking. I've also learned that writing program reviews is really tiring and I'm now looking forward to (u / Your _Good _Buddy) (https://www.reddit.com/user/Your_Good_Buddy/) more than that for the amount he writes in his book Writing Because I Burned Not I have intentions to read the manual.

TLDR: Smolov ran with 415 squatting max and ended up at 500 fast.

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