[program review] Second run of Greg Nuckols’ Linear Periodization for Intermediates

### About Me

A fairly medium lift that has been cleverly lifted since the fall of 2017. I stuck in a linear period during this period. I find it works really well for me, and the fact that I can plan my workouts a few weeks ago and don't worry about it during the intermediate course helps me focus on training only.

After completion (Juggernaut method in April) (https://www.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/bexaqc/program_review_modified_juggernaut_method/). I ended up going back to the training method that (I already did with Greg Nuckols Liniod Periodization) (https://old.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/9x59sa/program_review_greg_nuckols_linear_periodization/).

### Program and amendments

Greg describes this style of training in his article on the nation here (https://www.t-nation.com/training/how-to-use-linear-periodization).

Even if you are not fully trained in this way, he has a lot of good information and a point to go home that training does not need to be complicated to be useful.

From doing different styles of linear period, I learned different things working for me, including limiting AMRAP to some RPEs, doing warm-up over arms and not using balls on walls with size or intensity. These are the principles that I moved to in this course.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to finish this middle course on July 14th where I was on vacation with my friends and friends in the next two weeks, so I planned an 11-week course, 9 weeks of training, one week of loading / taper and 1 week of testing. Because I was limited on time, I didn't add a fixed amount of weight as Greg suggested, but instead I used percentages.

I used a 531-inspired upper / lower division for this progress, as I made two upper or lower body elevators daily 4 days a week, but with 531 full-body assistance forever at the end of each work period. The first elevator starts each day at 70% with the second elevator starting at 60%, both of which will rise 2.5% per week. After the first group, I take 5% for the second group and repeat for the third group. I stopped all set in RPE8-9, shooting in general for @ 8. My warm-up consisted of working by up to 90% of the weight on which the lift was based for one, then landing to work weights. The assistance was always 3 sets to RPE7-8 during 10-15 reps per group. All the bench was paused with a two-hour pause, and it was a complete stop before each delegate stopped.

My split looked like this:

| Class Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
| :: | :: | :: | :: | :: |
| Elementary School Bench Squat The Press Deadlift |
| Appendix Bench bench inc Front Squat CG seat Squat
| Help Split squat SL curl Split squat SL curl
| Help Db press Dips Flat DB Seat Dips
| Help CG drop down T – Bar Classes Working Group Withdrawal T – Bar Classes

After loading, I tested 1RMs for one lift per day for a simple warm-up consisting of

50% for 5 reps
60% for 3 reps
70% for 2 reps
75% for 1 rep
80% for 1 rep
85% for 1 rep
90% for 1 rep
3 attempts 1RM

I did not consciously track 1RMs or maximum rep over the course of this program. The focus of training is construction, not testing. I know myself well enough that if I track performance on AMRAPs as with maximum reps or 1RMs estimates, I will come close to failure. Instead, I left the ego at the door and tested after the end of the program to gauge how it happened and observed only an approximate RPE for each group.

### Results

I continued my lean mass during this time, but because of the work a little more than usual, this has not changed much.

| Lift Before After
| : – | :: | :: |
| Squat 1×182.5 | 1×195 |
| Bench 1×130 | 1×135 |
| Deadlift | 1×215 | 1×220 |
| "Total" 527.5 | 550
| Wilkes 352.37 | 366.63 |
| The Press 1×82.5 | 1×85 |
| BW | 82.9 | 83.2 |
| Height 175 cm 175 cm

All weights are in kilograms

My seat didn't rise as much as I hoped. I tried 140 but I made a mistake in the way, be sure to be there next time. Up to 5 kg over 11 weeks is fine for me, as it turns into about 25 kg over a year. So happy in the end that there is pressure on BW too

### the future

I think I finally settled in a program that I feel is really right for me and maybe I will restart it with a new set of exercises and updated weights.

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