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Before entering this (here) (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ckQfaMim4G-it8JZyb3D1MQqfP34ydzCR9K1th-QMwg/edit#gid=1003723868) the spreadsheet you used. I think there is more information available, but I've only gone with this sheet and knowing that it's supposed to run with real 1RM, not TM.


I don't think strength is a specific thing that can be easily measured, so I don't like to say "it's getting stronger," especially after only 12 weeks. How much you raise on any given day is influenced by much more than how strong you are. However, I set several PR while running the program, and regularly linked the best of the old groups.

The largest PRS:

615 x 10 Deadlift (approx 40 pounds of pr the best e1RM, and 60 pounds the actual best 1RM)

405×12 squat (about 40 psi better than e1RM and actual 1rm).

Some PR for bench seats that I can't remember, didn't matter (around 10 to 15 pounds around the clock)

No other elevator really focuses on the program.

I can't really figure out how much of this progress has actually been gained from the program and how much expression * of strength due to a lot of practices in SBD with heavy loads from this program, and a slightly lower workload (for the first time) half of the program).

The size of wisdom I will not really speculate. I am at some point, I don't think any program will make much change in 12 weeks. I am happy with a slight improvement over a year.

** Training history / statistics: **

I will be brief. I have been training ~ 6 years. Currently 6 & # 39; 5 & # 39; & # 39; / 265 at the end of the bulk, perhaps 260ish at the start of the program. PRS is going on in being a 520/365/765 SBD. I used a slightly reduced 1RMs to connect to the program because I don't know if I would actually be able to reach these numbers right in the beginning directly, after I just got out of a Deep Water-inspired training which definitely made me willing to increase the low weight of actors instead of the other way around.

** Program description and general ideas: **

PH3 is a 5-day-per-week program that focuses heavily on SBD. You will sit cross-legged 3 times a week, bench 3x a week and Deadlift 2x a week. There is SBD Day, Pure Upper Enlargement Day, SB Day, BD Day and S. Day Two of those days also describe the work of lower body hyperplasia and another one describes upper body hyperplasia. You'll do a lot of combinations each with moderate weights to, frankly, crazy. If you run it exactly as written, you will probably burn or get injured (or maybe I'm just a little whore). But I enjoyed it so much, I thought it was very useful and I will run it again at some point with the modifications. I go to my opinion on how to adjust it next. I really enjoyed SBDing that much and using higher weights than I usually do. Until the end, there were so many days that I thought there was no way I could take it but I ended up without too much trouble.

The program is divided into 3 phases one month, and ill go for a while on all of my thoughts.

Stage 1; accumulation:

This stage is fine as written. This is not so bad, and it makes it easy for you to work hard high frequency in a reasonable way. I've been doing 6 times a week for years, so getting that extra rest day was strange at first, but I got used to it very quickly. I was very burnt in my 6 week deep deep water experience (maybe you shouldn't do this), so it ended up being welcomed. I bought rowing concept2 for use on holidays. Each week follows the same design, minus the fourth that defines you to some test groups. Each subsequent week will make each exercise more difficult, adding a group or weight to the groups. Weeks 2/3 have AMRAP series per lift. I think you don't hesitate to push these items at this point, but you might want to tweak them in the spreadsheet (see the Edits section).

Stage 2 transmission:

This stage is very similar to the first stage, only the most difficult. I would like to say that the stage is, as written, doable but difficult in itself, but it may need some dilution if you want to be able to do the third stage near writing it. I think there were a few days I cut off the squatting sets, and one day I cut off some bench sets. I started having some sticking problems on my knee during this stage, but nothing was really controllable. I totally skipped one day of SB courses because I came out the night before and that was probably the best I did. I still had some PR at this point.

Stage 3; ~~ Distress / Excessive Stage ~ ~ Go fuck yourself:

Here is where it collapsed, at least for me. I am willing to admit that I probably didn't need ringworm in this program, and that it was a personal failure, not a software failure, but I really don't think so (or I missed some nuances in the background material). He, like the last two programs, keeps the topic of group intensification, weight and number of individual actors, over a 4-week period. Unlike the previous level 2, the difficult level starts, and turns into crazy levels. I managed to work during the first and second weeks easier, and not cut a lot, I am still dealing with my knee that could have been controlled using the squat and warm-up technique. At the beginning of the third week, I did something on my shoulder that led to numbness and pain at the shoulder / elbow when squatting or jogging. This was also a week of Christmas, so I cut one or two days off, and for the rest, I just tried to hit the same parts of the body how much I could stop, when my arms stopped working too much. Fourth week, instead of pressing down for PR groups as in the first two phases, it continues to rise and culminates in instructions for a day in which you can set Deadlift 5×2 + AMRAP at 95.5% and 5×3 + AMRAP board at 95.5% one day, then squat 5×3 + AMRAP at 95.5% per second. These are the percentages of numbers that crept near my real 1RMS. This is done 11 weeks after the punishment of training. I completely abandoned trying to do this as written, divided each exercise into separate days, and eased it a little. The number of deaths was reduced by 25 lbs but was completed as written, and the bench was reduced to 2 reps of weight and barely completed, with no additional AMRAP reps. The patient should see a squatting feeling on Friday to decide how to treat it. Basically TL; DR from this point is nonsense. It would have been less nonsense if you didn't have my rib shoulders.

** Modifications: **

As I said several times earlier, I think you need to get rid of this program a little bit to get into it. Or just a damn guy even more than I did. Here are some options that I thought about after going through them.

Lowering the 1RM level: One of the obvious options is to lower the number you enter in the sheet to reduce the severity of the entire program. This is perhaps my least favored suggestion. Perhaps this is due to my history in training inspired by 531 and 531 but not using the weight below the really maximum limit for most of your sets is a refreshing part of this program and a good part of the challenge. I think you can get into a realistic 1RM (not what I once did on a good day when the stars were in line with the Buddha and he was discovering your soul, what would you reasonably hope would you spend in it most days if you really tried hard). A sub-suggestion and a better idea is to not represent your AMRAPs slightly, or to keep them again when you do them (but where's the fun in it).

Cutting groups: A better option I think is to cut out the selected groups. As mentioned above, the first stage is fine. Stage 2 does not need much. But stage 3 can definitely do with some pruning. I think the best way to do this is to not condense groups on non-AMRAP days. So, for the first day (SBD) and day 3 (SB), continue the exercise as listed in the first week. Stage 2 training exercises may challenge the second week.

Trust only yourself: if you have experience in training and confidence in determining how your body actually performs (and you should have at least a lot of experience before doing this program, even if some people never trust personal notes) you can take each day as a suggestion / Challenge, and cut yourself where appropriate. There may be a problem with that on some days where you can move forward to the end, but you'll shoot at your feet in the coming days. But if you have an idea of ​​feeling tired and you can estimate where you will be in the next week according to how you feel this week, it might work well.

Concluding thoughts: **

I love this program. I think nonsense in the end. He hurt me a little (not the first program to do this though). You mostly ruled me out. But I love it and would recommend it. It has to be trimmed a little, but it has a lot of potential.

Also before I was asked in the comments, I did some things just for the job inflated. It doesn't matter, it's a silly supplement. All you have to do is do some combinations of the things you love to get tired. Do not neglect your back work. The same advice you can give about choosing accessories for anything. Iron work is the main course, and he stops worrying about side salads (which may have been made from Iceberg Iceberg anyway).

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