[Program Review] Original 5/3/1 Challenge

Hey guys, this is the first review of the program. If you notice anything that needs more / less / better explanation, let me know!

Program Summary

Unlike most programs on 5/3/1 forever, Original 5/3/1 Challenge is a total template that includes jumps / throws, conditioning, and help with work. It consists of two leaders and broadcasters and lasts 12 weeks. Maximum training increases the usual amount after each wave. Help and adaptation increase the difficulty and / or size during anchors. The help program uses calisthenics, running, and skate / rowing.

The program is 3 days strength and 3 days conditioning per week. Never miss a single workout. A few weeks passed as I went away or had an event, so I had to do a few strips for 12 days. I work full-time and I'm going to get my master's degree too, so the only way I have the training is to get up at 3:30 to get to the gym by four o'clock.

# Training history

I will save the last decade of nonsense and just mention the last year and a half. In August 2018 I had just finished 3 months of Greg Nuckols 28 free programs. A local strongman entered the Novice B weight category (read: Fat and Weak). After not attending the last place (fourth out of 5) I felt good about myself and decided to join the weightlifting party. During the second week of the program, I restrained my left SI-Joint, which took me out of the gym for two months. When I recovered, I ran three cycles of Juggernaut 2.0 and two waves of 5/3/1 forever BBB to return to the old numbers.

# Why this program

It wasn't my first injury and it gave me a lot of time to think about how poor the athlete was. Although I took the time to learn a good technique and prepare for Gugnut, I still take out the other uncertain and unconditional side. Somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to be able to run two miles away, do 20 push-ups, and perform five chin surgeries, as if these were fairly good health signs. When I found this program in Jim's book I promised a way to reach these new goals without sacrificing power.

# Stats

I started and finished the program as a 27-year-old, 6 feet tall, 275 pounds.

Belted squat 345 -> 405 (https://imgur.com/gallery/lrOwgGg)(https://imgur.com/gallery/lrOwgGg)

Bench press 250 -> 265

Belted Deadlift 465 -> 505 (https://imgur.com/gallery/57jBEDO) (https://imgur.com/gallery/57jBEDO)

OHP 165 × 5 -> 170 × 2 (decrease in performance)

Time 1.5 miles ~ 38: 00 -> 22:35 (I'll explain later)

My rest times between groups have been greatly reduced from 3-5 minutes to 2-3: 30.

# Main work

This program contains only 5/3/1 sets and reps. If you want to improve, you get only one chance to pay as hard as possible. This method of training completely distorted my mind and loved it.

I am not training on the belt, and all my hook grip fixes were with sports tape and chalk. For the public press, I would hang clean up the first deputy for each group. All the bench was paused or TnG depending on the day.

The heaviest / best sets I had during training were:

Squat: 285 x 10, 315 x 4,

Seat: 225 x 6,

DL: 405 x 4,

OHP: 150 x 7.

# Help action

The Leader Template provides you with 100 pushes or dips, 75 chin chin, 5 x 10 back spans or swing rollers (alternating) every day. The anchor mold requires a weighted jacket and drops to 50 ups of pressure or dips, 50 chin ups, 5 x 10 back extensions or vibrations on wheels.

I'm overweight which means I'm basically a weighted jacket already.

During the commander mold, I made regular pushes and chin ups with the help of the band (-100 lbs). I did 10 sets of each for Max reps sets with each other. Comfort between sets. Op wheel and rear extensions were unlikely.

During the anchor mold, the band resisted pushes (+30 lbs) and chin ups with the help of the band (-80 lbs). I did 8 sets of each sets for Max reps with each other. Comfort between sets. I did the band resistance again (+80 lbs) and did not change the ab wheel ab at all.

# Air Conditioning (Running)

Tuesday / Thursday were working days. Template Commander may run a mile in any way possible. Mold anchor bumps up to 1.5 miles.

I chose to break this up by running a quarter mile, catching my breath, and then repeating until I hit the target for the day. The times you include in the statistics section include a 15-mile walk, and all the rest between the quarter-mile tracks. The total travel distance ended with about 2-3 miles, but I already ran 1.5. My last session in a row managed to run three and a half miles instead of six quarters. The goal is to continue adding distance and minimizing comfort so I can reach a distance of two miles in a row.

# Air conditioning (Brawl / sleigh)

Every Saturday was the worst day of my life. The commander needs ten yards of 40 yards with a 75% body weight. This anchor bumps up to 15.

In the gym we have a strip of grass about 40 feet long. Instead of 40 aggressive yards, I was running to one side, removing the handles from the sled, putting it on the other side of the sled, and then pushing everything back. This was exceptionally shitty because I had to push the sleds off a dead end twice at a time. Also I didn't realize that 75% of the body weight was supposed to include the weight of the sledge. For those who count at home, that means I put 205 pounds on a 75-pound sleigh. Whoops.

Diet and supplements

In terms of my weight to strength ratio, anyone can say that my diet is not wonderful. All I do is make sure I reach the amount of protein I need and then eat whatever I want. I also drink wine every Friday or Saturday.

Eat 5-10 grams of creatine a day and drink a cup of coffee before the gym. If I feel I can't get all my protein from the food, I'll grab a protein shake from the corner shop. This is. Do not pre-workout or anything else.

# Discussion

Much of this training was mental. Making count 5/3/1 sets means you should really pay. It took part of the aerobic exercise about 40 minutes to complete because I couldn't allow myself to leave unless I met a delegate's standards. This is the same with running and skis. Even if I take an extra minute between groups or I end up walking on the back of the sled, I put the work required. I think building this ability to put 100% of myself in a group or that exercise is what gave me a funny PR team on a squat. And DL.

My seat was stuck at 250 for over a year. I think it's clear that doing 300 payments a week is what gave me 15 pounds of PR. Similarly, there is no OHP size at all, and that's probably why I bounced it.

# Conclusion

If you are steady, push yourself, and remain uninjured long enough, you will make big gains.

This table works well for me right now, so the next command might be Five and Dime or a 5×5 / 3/1 variable for 3 days.

Thanks for reading!

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