Program Review of Deathbench (original)

I decided to run the original deathbench now just over two months ago and have finally completed the program. Here are some statistics:

Height: 5'9

Weight: ~ 200-205 pounds (stayed in this whole program range)

Bench: ~ 275lbs 1rm to ~ 315lbs (lifetime pr)

The 275 lbs on the 1rm is part of the sand bag as I exercise on my own and I haven't reached the limit for too long. 275 was just a weight I knew that I could reasonably reach at any time without ridiculous amounts of caffeine / noise. I had a 315 mill off the chest but moved smoothly afterwards (no video, the only person I trust in the gym was discovering me). It should be noted that I had no taper as well. It's definitely a problem for me to at least feel heavily in my hands for the first time and to be a little scared. (I don't have a slingshot)

As for the takeaway of the program, unless someone here can convince / suggest me otherwise I think I will run it again. I actually encountered some problems with my right shoulder before running them, and somehow became better in terms of barely perceptible. I tried to do skull crushers, but those who completely destroyed my elbow, so I replaced them with top rope attachments. Another alternative was the flat dumbbell seat of the machine cable flies where I feel much more chest involvement than the flat dumbbell. I also didn't do the ab wheel for obvious reasons (25 actors? What?) For me personally, I don't think sloping helped me at all, I think speaking my shoulders / triceps is much stronger than my chest and then my prickly point to being.

What else can I do next to this? You are interested in Greg nuckols 28 programs 3x / wk med bench or try to do a sheikos seat.

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