[Program review] Nsuns 4-day with OHP T1

Hello! I haven't seen many Nsuns reviews, so I thought I'd do one now after I finished a three-month block (13 or 14 weeks), though I've made some adjustments. This is my first time reviewing the program, and I only uploaded for about a year, so I'm less experienced than a lot of people here, but I hope this helps give my junior colleagues looking to navigate this high level. The size of the linear progression program feels what is involved. It proved very successful to me.


I hiked for about a year, although I started to be in awful condition after some health problem. It started at 315 and lost about 70 lbs. During the past year while raising at the same time. Mention the mid thirtieth, 5'10 ".

I decided to switch to Nsuns after an important 3-month period. I enjoyed PHUL and saw some strong gains in strength, but I cut it off while running it, and while I was still trying to lift weights at work every week thanks to sweet noob gains, I felt very annoyed in the end. Elbows constantly hurt, shoulders were painful, I kept adjusting the slight disc. So I wanted to switch to something below the threshold in a way similar to 531, but I'm still focusing on linear progress. I don't mind bulky size, so Nsuns looked perfect, although I slightly tweaked to suit my desires. After a long period of cutting, I ran the program in large quantities to illustrate my nagging pains and pains and take advantage of sweet holiday holidays and the remaining turkey sandwich.

** Start Statistics **

5'10 "Male, 246 lbs

Squatting Box 200 Training Max (TM)
* Seat 165 TM
* Deadlift 270 TM
* OHP 120 TM

** Nsuns overview **

Nsuns comes in 4-day, 5-day and 6-day releases, you can (find them here) (http://archive.is/2017.01.27-015129/https://www.reddit.com/r/fitness/ Comments / 5icyza / 2_suns531lp_tdee_calculator_and_other_items_all /). Basically you intensify the entire 531 cycle in one basic lift day, so you will make 9 working groups for the main crane. Like 531, it bases your lifts on the maximum training (TM) that represents 90% of the maximum actor. Many Delegated Groups (AMRAP) help you measure progress. This is a linear progression program, so you will add weight to the tape every week (ideal). The number of delegates you get to your main AMRAP group tells you how much you add next time.

The program also has higher size and less dense secondary elevators based (I think?) To the Sheiko rep protocols, after you've done 8 total sets: two sets of work up to 5 or 6, depending on the elevator, then groups of 357468. These elevators Secondary are the variables of the primary ones. On the day of the extra seat size, the OHP is a secondary elevator, while the handle seat is the secondary elevator on the day of the maximum seat voltage. You will also do the front squats on a deadly day, and sumo litter on the day squats.

These high rep deadlifts can take some getting used to. Lower body days can be brutal if you don't sleep enough or get up in one way or another.

Nsuns describes the types of help work according to the software version you specify. Rather than spell out fine lifts and assign x reps, it only tells you which body parts to focus on that day – so arms, chest, back, etc. I have exchanged many monthly exercises or whenever I feel bored, but I am still focusing on their progress. I also set my own things on things by making a 3×8-12 dumbbell variant of the base upload for the day (DB ramp on bench day, dumbbell databases on day of the dead, etc.) after finishing primary and secondary groups, for aesthetic And causes of unilateral balance. On lower body days, she also threw a large stretch and hip joint.

The specific adaptations are not clarified either, but if you repeat this subparagraph you will know that Nsuns (the man) is a big fan of it. I walked 4 to 8 miles over five days on most days of the week, and did not carry the loaded trap bar on lower days of the body.

Nsuns also created a TDEE Calculator and an INOL Thermal Map to help with the program, but I haven't used it, so I can't talk to them.

** What did you do different **

I did the 4-day version of Nsuns, but gave up the day's bench in size to make the OHP T1 instead. As a big man trying to reach a reasonable weight, I find that the wider shoulders give me the illusion of being thinner than I am now, and that's important for me now. So my upper body days alternated between the flat T1 OHP / T2 seat, and vice versa. I did the DB ramp bench after finishing primary and secondary groups on every upper body in an attempt to compensate for the lack of variables caused by the shift to the OHP focus. In the weeks when I ate a lot and felt satisfied, I sometimes did an extra Saturday session with a CG mounting seat to get that when possible as well, along with some extra arm work, because that didn't affect my recovery much. I finished doing it every two weeks or so.

After the first month, I changed groups and plans for the secondary elevators as well. Keeping track of the group I was in, and how many delegates I needed to do, they ended up getting more rational about what made many groups in an exercise, especially since I did this early morning before work. (I need MOAR coffee.) I was recovering well, so I switched the secondary lifts from 65357468 to 5×10 in a row similar to the 531 BBB, but I am still using the weight that Nsuns described. It ends up being a little bit bigger, but I got stuck well and was able to track it a lot better. She sped up a decent little workout, too.

I also threw an additional secondary set of rows daily, often being replaced by another secondary elevator, because it never looked like a sturdy back. On the upper days, I was stuck in rows of 5 x 8 – 12 dB, and I went with rows of BB or heavier snare bar on lower days of the body, using a varied grip. I'm greasy and can't do it yet. 2020 goals!

** How long was each workout? **

Unfortunately, it was difficult to determine how long each session lasted. I divided my aid business into a second session every day, so I was able to do more, fresher. (I have a home gym and do basic lifts in the morning. At night, while my wife works, I work.) I can get all primary and secondary lifts within an hour or less, taking two to three minutes of autoregulated rest between sets. I spent about half an hour working out every night, depending on how I felt. As large a group as possible, as much as you can. It is good for both time and improving your business ability.

** Recover **

I get a full sleep of 7 to 9 hours every night. Nutritionally, I tend to protein very hard because it is hard to get to 1 gram per pound when you are large and concerned with shrinking size. Chicken breasts, turkey sausage, fruits, vegetables, and sweet potatoes, shake with scoop protein (50 grams) and creatine every day. Dinner is all we make for the family. Since I ran this during the busy holiday season, I drank a lot of candy and made fun of Halloween for my kids when I was hungry, but without worrying about counting those calories as I used to. I finished gaining about 12 lbs during the 13 or 14 weeks period that I ran Nsuns. Not slow at all, but not bad with all holiday temptations, parties and party drinks around.


* Squat Box 200 TM> 310 TM
* Seat 165 TM> 205 TM
* Deadlift 270 TM> 385 TM
* OHP 120 TM> 155 TM
* Weight 246 lbs> 258

Those are TM, but after I finished Nsuns, I hit actuals at 1rm of 3-squat squatting and deadlift with four panels. The only bench is keeping me from 1234.

I did not take any photos of my progress, as I was not originally reviewing the program and still feel strange about taking pictures of myself as a long-term jump. However, I experienced noticeable gains in size, especially in the "upper rack" (chest / traps / shoulders) and back thickness. My muscles and quadrants are tighter in my pants, although they still fit well around me. The weapons became bigger as well. We could finally see my triceps horseshoe!

** What do I do differently? **

Nothing really. I am optimistic about the results, whether in terms of strength or aesthetics, and I feel that the modifications I made fit my needs at this time. Choosing a program below the bare minimum and easing my story was very clever. Despite the sheer volume and linear progression, I have never felt a hit on Nsuns as it did on PHUL.

Although I modified the disc, I suggested doing the program as written if the OHP was not your focus. My seat started repeatedly stalling towards the end of my work with Nsuns, and I suspect there won't be much if I stick to all of the standards that the program naturally sets. Only I can be about to finish my newbie gains. OHP continued to crawl constantly.


If you have the time and the ability to work to endure Nsuns, and you can still benefit from linear progression, definitely consider giving this program a whirl. She kicks her ass. Thank you, Nsuns, for creating this great program and giving me a longtime love / hate affair with high deadlifts cast.

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