[Program Review] Matt Vincent – Destroyer

I haven't seen anyone else running this program, so I'd like to send this review to anyone who thinks about it.

** Summary summary **

This program was reasonably good. This made me somewhat stronger and more explosive, and I worked towards my overall goals. However, it does have some weaknesses and divisions that I would change if I were to manage them again. I would recommend this program for someone who wants to change an interesting pace, a good general purpose program, and gain some size. I do not recommend it to someone who is striving for maximum power gains.

** Initial Details and Statistics **

Mostly private, so we will not get into it. My past is full of different sports and worked out a very tough physical career for some time. It also contains a wide range of injuries – the most recent of which was a serious recovery from a car accident in 2017 that caused a great deal of damage still fading. I am still trying to withdraw my gym.

* Lifts: *

Starting from 1RM estimated / guessed, for various reasons. Weights are in lbs.

– Front squat: 295 strapped -> 295 without belt. The 315 suspect is a tied, if not more, work.
– Seat: 295 -> 315. I haven't been seat for a year before this program, and this 1RM was fairly safe. I was not the most difficult because there was no quorum.
– Deadlift: 535 strapped -> 535 without belt. Not quite sure my deadlift has improved in this program. The increase was not as solid as the front squat.
Press pressure: 245 -> 255, both without belt. Like the bench, pressure was not pushed for a while before this program. I definitely felt more fluid after that – more leg driving, less harsh pressure. Maybe you could do more.
– Kidnapping and clean 😕 For heavier? Certainly stronger, but not properly tested. Most of them saw the same weights move more cleanly. Kinda bored of him to be honest.

I can also lift a 250-pound leg from the ground and lay it on my shoulder without assistance. Not really relevant, but I'm somewhat funny and I'll pretend it's for context.

* Weight and diet *

Pre-weight: Plumper than you would like.

Weight after: Significantly less fat.

I ran this program after a while – I decided that this program would keep it interesting during my cut, because I'm going to do a bunch of things that I don't usually do, so a slight decrease in performance is expected anyway. I felt it would be a more positive experience than trying to come up with something like 3/3/1, or to adapt myself to death on the Al-Surouhi program.

I ended up with an intermittent fasting approach. Changing timeframe, but always at least 16 hours, usually 18+. I was training in the morning (6ish) and not eating until midday. No supplements, because I couldn't be bothered.

**the program**

Unfortunately for this review, Destroyer is a paid program. As such, I don't feel right in giving much detail about accessory work. For those interested in the structure, I recommend watching the Creator video about the program (here) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSxaNoLF-rA&t=1s). I will assume that anyone reading this has viewed this video, and therefore discussed the things mentioned in it.

Destroyer is a 12-week program that consists of three stages:

Three-week inflation block, 4-day training per week (S / B / D / Pp) with 10×10 delegate pattern for main movement. Conditioning twice a week.

– Five-week speed and power block, training 3 days a week (S, B / D, Pp / Sn, Cl), with different rep & set ranges. Conditioning every day.

Maximum strength block for four weeks, with the same design as speed and power, and 5×5 system. Conditioning twice a week.

All help work is programmed, and you run it exactly as written, without changing or adding exercises. The only things I changed are the front squat instead of the back, because I hate the back squat, and the closeup / grabber does because it seems like it helps my knee recover from 10×10 from the front squat.

Since I can't get into the business of helping a lot, I will discuss the pros and cons of this program.


The destroyer provided new stimuli, which were interesting. In particular, the help job was often much higher than I usually did (up to 25 reps). There were also some moves I hadn't tried before (for example, some inhalation and cleaning assistance was new). This hit started with some inflation that I hadn't gotten before, which was nice.
– On an inflation note, I definitely worked high rep and stage sized. My upper back and legs experienced the largest increase. I can only assume that with a proper diet, geared towards gaining muscle rather than dropping fat, the results will be great.
– This program was clearly runnable on slash. I'm not sure if many will see it as a positive, but for me it was good to have a program that I could use while trying to mitigate.
The implication of cut-outs, cleaning up, and journalism drove me a better ability to tie parts of my body together. High pressure press special rep made me much more aware of driving from bottom to top.
– Speed ​​and power were very good. For upper body lifts, it made a noticeable difference.
– You got a little stronger.

* Negatives *

– This program does not really aim to fill in a lot of extreme force. I am completely convinced that even if I eat food as a horse, I will not see any improvement in the end. The simple fact is that for almost half of the program, you are not dealing with weights that exceed 70%. Even when you start to get heavy, it's only for one or two actors at a time. You will not yet begin to reach the last stage in pushing the right weight for decent actors. Some people might like this, but I felt that I didn't have enough time under the heavyweight beam to prepare for a dangerous lift.
Linking with the above, there is a lack of heavy assistance work. It's almost all over 10 reps – all of it. Many of them reach about 25, which limits the amount of weight you can lose. Personally, I felt I needed some strong and solid secondary movements around the 8-12 delegate range. I also need more hard work for my back – 25 delegate classes don't do much for me to force.
– no job. You can definitely add, but as I said I ran this as written. I really felt a lack of work, especially in squat and dead.
Aid work has been fixed, which is good … but if this is not something that affects your vulnerable areas, it will not be good. Working for bets did not reach my weaknesses at all, and I felt a lot of wasted time.
The ultimate stage of strength feels embarrassing. After not handling anything heavy for decent actors during the past eight weeks, this is a fairly big change. This stage is best even if you run up to the maximum reps each time – say 8rm, then 5, 3, 1. something like that. I feel this brings you back to the mindset of pushing your boundaries a little better, and preparing you to prepare new PRs.
There is no targeted rear action that helps with dragging, but I feel more comfortable when I do pulls, face-lift or the like.

* What will I change? *
– I think first, I was almost 10% higher in mass size percentages. I think it's still doable, but you'll get more experience with tighter weights that will get you in good shape later on. I think I will change the Maximum Power Block as I mentioned above, to assign new casts. Speed ​​and power are likely to remain the same.
Aid work needs to be customized. I lowered the range of reps on some things and gained weight, changing some exercises around to reach my weaknesses.


This program was not terrible. As you can see, I made some gains in strength, lost my weight, and got some nice general improvements. It's all about what you want to get out of. If you really want to become strong? Not for you. Want to get really conditional? Maybe also not. Would you like to try new things and generally improve your collection of things? It might be worth a try.

It's definitely not a bad program in any way, and more than that some aspects did not work for me personally. Sure upper body lifters have increased, but since these elevators were also elevators, I haven't trained for a while, but * bad * I worked on the muscles involved, I don't know how much the increase is due to this program.

Who should run this program?
People who have a bunch of things going on. If you are an influencer or a strong man, you don't need to tell you that there are specific programs that are best for you. However, if you are playing a little informal sports, you are doing some martial arts, you just want to be strong, decent, fast, decent and everything is decent … this might be for you to try it out.

* Will I do this again? *
Tough one. On the whole, I would say … perhaps. Perhaps, but I'll free hell of it to knock out my weaknesses and give me what I want. It will take some time before I think about it, for sure – it didn't add the power I wanted.

What will I do next?
In the new year, I’ll run Brian Sorouh 4 Forsan. The core of the program will definitely stay the same for sure, but I think the auxiliary will only be a little more consistent until I have a steady routine and I can spend most of my time at the gym.

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