[PROGRAM REVIEW] – Jamie Lewis’s Feast, Famine and Ferocity – Part 1: The Famine

I'm going to the last 24 hours in the first phase of Jamie Lewis's Feast, Famine and Ferocity (FF&F), and I felt the need to write it. Below are links to the Jamie blog post (s):

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These are all beautiful NSFW, but they are relatively tamed by C&P standards and I would say.

Jimmy begins the series with a statement "Hunger Burns the Spirit of the Subconscious." After completing the "week" for about four weeks, nothing but protein shakes, in a daily caloric deficit of about 1500 calories, I certainly agree.

** My background **

6 '' 223 lbs (base weight) 210 lbs (final weight)

Age: 26

Gender: Male

I rarely test 1RM and no longer write things down, but here are some numbers to give you an idea of ​​where I was starting:

Best Squat: 225 x 20, constantly hitting groups of 14 during Deep Water Intermediate

Best Clean and Press: 195 x 1

Best cleaning power: 225 x 2

I have been an athlete since I was a child. It was my first weightlifting trip with my best friends in junior high / high school who had had a squat rack / seat in his basement since his father was a bodybuilder. So we used to go there before "seriously" football training began in high school, where I played a defensive and offensive line. I was a lot heavier in high school (also much stronger and much worse), and maybe I was almost 290 years old. When going to college, I dropped 80 pounds or so and started playing rugby and started running more. I played every position in the package except 8 and I ran half a marathon. After that, in the first year of college, I left my fitness and went to the weight of my high school and maybe more (I avoided size at worst). After graduating from college, I regained my strength again (although I ran a strong pull for a while, only God can judge me), and now I'm here where I move constantly. I was going back to rugby this fall, but because of the damage to my feet, I had to stop after the third week. So, I was looking for something difficult leading us to FF&F.

** Overview Program Summary **

Part 1 of the Eid, Famine and Ferocity program, or "famine", as you call it, is not a training protocol as much as an EAT, or EAT protocol. Anyone familiar with the speed diet will probably recognize it. Calls to 5-6 shake the protein evenly spaced throughout the day. Enough so that you get 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight. And that's it. That's all you eat every day, for 2-4 weeks. You can train 4 days a week, 2 upper body and 2 lower body, with workouts consisting of 1 or 2 heavy lift complex followed by 2-3 type bodybuilding cranes. I found that the training was very fun, even in a depleted state.

Famine follows The Feast, a four-week training period of extremely heavy volume and over-nutrition. Which, I'm currently dropping on. I'll write this as soon as I'm done.

** My changes **

Since I definitely consider myself full of fat, I decided, at Jamie's request, to run this for 4 weeks. I think the total calories per day reached 1350, which I estimate is about 1500 calories.

Also, before we continue, I have to be honest that I've run this with a weekly "window" cheat. From 4 pm until I went to sleep (I went to sleep around 9 or 10 pm) Every Saturday all bets were stopped. I drank beer and ate pizza and I was like a glutton every week in this time frame, and then went back to work on Sunday morning. Jimmy did not mention any day of deception on his blog, so I can safely say that he does not condone this, but I did. whatever. Still lost 14 lbs in 4 weeks.

Regarding training, I followed the routine specified in the blog post exactly as it was written, except that I did a reverse hyperthyroidism instead of creasing the legs several times. On the Vendor Selection Day, you usually make some kind of conditioning: 10×10 burpees, 30 / 30s (30 seconds race, 30 seconds again) on the ellipsoid, or went to run. Sometimes I did some ABS or loops as well. One day, I cleaned the power of Excel for one reason or another. Went to run 2-4 miles every day "rest / heart". I also went for a lot of walking.

I also took Jamie's advice about taking steroids in this program and I bought some cannibals Inferno. I can't say whether this is necessary or not, or if it really speeds up fat loss, but I certainly enjoyed it, and beats drinking coffee pots to stay awake.

** Personal experience **

I put a lot of mental readiness into this program, and I think this was 95% of the reason I managed to succeed. In the days before, I told myself that I needed to be psychologically transformed to complete this. Willpower will not be enough. Hunger was certainly real, but I think the mental difficulties were much greater but once they were overcome, the spiritual gains were too crazy. I will not go into this in detail in writing, but I was exploring the idea of ​​God, prayer, meditation, etc. somewhat a little over the past year and a half, and famine has certainly provoked some brutal feelings "in this section.

I drank a lot of tea and a cup of drink after work every day.

Training was difficult. For heavy groups, I chose the weights that I was quite sure I could do from 2 to 4 reps strongly and always achieved 2-3. Sometimes I felt I could do more than that, and I usually didn't care much about the form, but I was shaken most of the time so that I always stopped in the trio or doubles. 20 minutes of dips and pullups are both super fun. For dips, I usually set up groups of 12 with 40-50s for rest and for drop-down machines (all were pulling tools, not chin chin) I did groups of 4-6 with 50-60s of rest. They both made me feel pain. I think my favorite part was 15 minutes of bis / tris supersets. I just scare them every week for some reason. Weights have not increased or decreased, although withdrawals and declines have become easier. I worked so hard as shit during these exercises, I always felt like I was paying somewhat. I listened to NIN's * The Downward Spiral * every one lifting and conditioning session. I don't listen to music when I run.

I won't post pictures. I'm getting softer, but I'm so depleted that it's harder to see "shreds" than before (I also still feel fat), but I certainly haven't lost any muscle – in fact I probably gained too little, at least in the same muscle. The two heads.

** Will I run away again **

100% Yes, you're probably cheating in a more conservative way. I think I will do another famine in two to four weeks after this holiday, and then maybe I will have a BtM after that, but that's too far for me right now.

**What then**



Hunger definitely burns fat off the spirit of man.

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