[Program Review] Jacked n Tan 2.0 18-week Review

So, considering that this is the party of the program, I just finished reaching the limit in the twelfth week of the program that I thought this would be a suitable publication to be created for subreddit. Keep in mind that I did the program for 18 weeks by running the first six weeks of the program twice.

** Stats (lbs) **

Height: 5'10 -> 5'10 🙁

Age: 21 -> 21

Weight: 172lbs -> 177lbs

Tan-ness: Pale -> Kinda pale 🙂

Seat: 315 × 1 -> 315 × 2

Deadlift: 495 × 1 -> 535 × 1

Overhead piston: 205 × 1 -> 215 × 1, 225 × 0

Squat: 425 × 1 -> 440 × 1

** Training history and background **

I'm only in the sixth year in weight. Between gymnastics growing and wrestling in high school and college I was about weight training constantly for more than five years now. I run my programs heavily on top / bottom divisions, supersets, and an internal RPE system. These only focused on my bench and squat and I managed to squeeze the 305lb bench and squat 450 pounds at about 170 pounds in body weight in November 2018 before I started getting into more weightlift-style lifts and started integrating deadlift and ohp concentration into my workouts.

** Program Overview and Modifications **

If you're not already familiar with the program, I recommend reviewing r / gzcl or Cody's blog at googling "Swole at every height" for more information. Basically, the program has access to many RMs in different ranges of actors followed by backoff sets, T2 work, and various T3s for bodybuilders chosen by all users. The size and density varied in the 12 weeks with the maximum test in weeks 6 and 12. I followed the program as is, with one week to download after week 6 and before restarting the program for the next 12 weeks.

** nutrition **

Very simple here as it follows a cramped diet that is cumbersome and takes a lot of fun in my opinion. However, I tried to get more than 3,000 calories every day, but on average with a precision of more than 2,800 to 2,900 calories a day with 200 grams of protein every day as well. Lots of clean eating here without lots of light days or cheating. The only supplements I use are creatine powder and protein. I stopped working halfway because caffeine was addressed by ADHD and had little effect on me.


This is sure to make you feel good because you have many opportunities to reach new PRs in different delegate domains and many times to retest PR while you are on the program. Starting from the deadly as a major locomotive in January, I mean I was not squatting twice a week, and I also suffered squatting where I focused heavily on my back and dead ability. However, I never adjusted 405 lbs for more than one rep before reaching 410 x 3, 405 x 4 and finally 415 x 3. I also never scaled 300+ for more than one song before reaching # 300 x 2, then # 295×3 and finally # 315×2. My final pavement saw huge gains, probably because I was only attracted a little over a year ago (last November's limit was 400 lbs), and I focused a lot of accessories and model checks on my final lift . My pressure piston is just a kind of fun and as a way to try to get sweet rock shoulders, so it has not been much focused (see 225 × 0 in the statistics), and is still happy to see some gains made. Strong gains have been made in each area and also allowed me to identify weaknesses that I will begin to target when I start my next program.

** Final thoughts **

You've become stronger, bigger, more muscular, and a little more tan. If you're wondering whether the average person will see results running this program, look for the JNT 2.0 Program Party Results and review all the gains made by other members in running the exact same program. Nothing else can really be said, it's a great cookie cutter program that shows your progress by setting up new PRs in different ranges of actors, all of which, in my opinion, build a great foundation for the power of force that can move forward. Maybe I'll move on to Ben Pollack's training for 4 weeks, then try another weightlifting program in order to reach a total of 1,300 pounds + gym by the end of the year.

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