[Program review] Jacked and Tanned 2.0


I was going to do this review after I finished my audition week, but my gym is closed starting today. So I will work with the maximum discretionary delegate.


I will keep this feed because I'm sure most of the people here know about Jacked and tanned 2. I decided to run this after U / benchpauper Iron Giant because I wanted to run a oversized program and get my deadlift and OHP. The program is an upper / lower division for 4 days a week, with an optional fifth day being the back and arm day. I only did a regular arm day because it didn't, the big guns are always nice. The program contained ** many ** variations, which was a nice change from "making one compound and some minor attachments". I would like to say that the important part of the program will be to adapt it to yourself, as the regular regular program is very decent in itself. The progress chart is MRS (Maximum Sets) which was a new addition that I love and hate. On the one hand, it's a great way to push yourself up and raise the volume. On the other hand, do that as 20 of the set today, and trying to push for AMRAP get tired. Really tired. But I learned how to push myself more strongly into groups.


I usually am stupid when it comes to training and I have no idea how to keep some limitations, but I learned some of them as the program went on. I kept the upper body days as they are, I just added some pop-up back actions with a close fist seat on the first day and foot seats on the second day. I also added rear delt flies as an all-inclusive set with a tilted seat. I changed lower body days a little bit more because I wanted to try something. So in the hind days, I made the T1 and T2 as written, then I did the back T3 that was replaced by the biceps and ended the day with a squat, kettlebell swing, and a giant wheel ab. Suck this. Difficult. I got rid of squatting in the second block because I hated it so much. I totally admit that I am a pussy here. In week seven instead of the usual lethal lift exercise, I raised 10×10 to take up the challenge. Absorb.

### nutrition

I don't track anything, I just try to eat as much as possible. One of the last additions to my diet is chicken sandwiches. Otherwise, I eat a lot of chicken and drink a lot of milk


Weight increased from 84.6 kg to 88 kg. I need to step up my game.

** Lifts: **

Squat: 100 -> (e1RM: 105) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9j-jMRgDzn/?igshid=17nykw0vsndah). I was trying to hit at least 110, maybe 115 if I got it.

Bench: 85-> e1RM: 82.5 No video because I didn't want to record it. I would seek to match it, if my elbow allowed it.

OHP: 45 -> (e1RM: 47.5 kg) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9rsIfTBQON/?igshid=bjclpnbxb2a5). He aimed to hit 50.

Deadlift: 110-> (e1RM: 132.5kg) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9t7lBpAc1M/?igshid=bfhf8vtzc7u5). It was aimed at 3pl8s.

I am very happy with the results, yet I would like to say that my seat slipped a little bit because I peaked like crazy.

### What I learned + the next step

I learned what it actually means to push actors, and I will definitely use this progress for my Frankenprogram. I also learned that my elbow could not stand a heavy fist seat, as it really began to hurt in a taper week. My chest is like diversity, of course, my shoulders can use more volume though. Your deadly cranes will absorb so press more hard than you think you should. I can do more on squatting if I stop being a little dog.

For the following, (Edit: Home bodyweight exercises cause my gym to close. Once re-opened) a stupid high-volume franken program (called Devilman Crybaby) so that I can start appearing like I'm pregnant. Plus it is a nice way to finish this big size for two years. On this topic, let me know if I missed something.


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