[Program Review] Jacked and Tan 2.0

** Training history **

I'm 6'2 and I'm 27 years old. I have been training for several years now, but progress has been generally slow for me. I started about five years ago during boxing and made some modest gains for beginners but was hampered by the inability to gain weight properly (I had to stay in a weight class for boxing and not gain much fat). Once I became semi-retired from boxing almost two years ago, I focused more on lifting but I was doing foolish things so far still only modest gains, but a lot of the time in the gym got used to the moves. Mostly, I was running 531 BBB, except that after setting AMRAP for the day, I'm going to make two more AMRAP sets for me in the second and first sets respectively. Then I will do BBB sets for super elevators. This meant that I was spending a lot of time in high ranges of ridiculous (often 10-20 for multiple groups) and it was more comfortable to do high delegate work than low. It was very tedious and was neither fun nor useful, but I wanted to scale and decided to do it the most stupid way I could. JnT2 started after coming home from holidays, which was kinda like a little load week for me.

** Diet and Cardio **

I finally stick to the hike for this program, and follow it meticulously for the first eight weeks or something to make sure I get 3500 calories a day and get 200 grams of protein. (I gained about two pounds per week for a while, then after the eighth week I started to let it slip slightly, and with less focus came slower weight increases) (https://imgur.com/a/V1aoPiU). My goal was to stabilize my weight above 200 which seems to have done it. She started creatine at the start of the program, and sometimes also supplemented vitamin D but she was very choppy with it. She also ran casually, but very quickly stopped making any real miles as my legs were often dead, she might go about 5 miles a week most weeks. In the end, my weight rose about 18 pounds and my fat increased from 15.3% to 16%.

I ran the pretty vanilla program, just after the spreadsheet that I found here. I have used squat lifts, bench, sumo, and overhead pressure like T1. T2 were the lethal levers and leg pressure, ramp pressure and upper pressure, front and bottom squatting down, bench stopping and bending over rows respectively. T3 were random objects in bodybuilding, focusing mostly on the work of the shoulder and biceps (a lot of shrugs, hair curls, cable rows). It was eventually added to some of the works of ab and increased the action of pec in T3 to try to get my seat.

** Progress **

Statistics Start | Week 6 | Week 12
: – |: -: |: -::: -:
BW | 184 | 196 | 202.5
Squatting 275 | 300 | 335
Seat 215 | 225 | 230
Deadlift | 325 (?) | 355 | 325 x 5
OHP | 160 | 170 | 155×5

Deadlift has a question mark because it was the maximum all the time, but I hadn't reached death permanently for 6 months before the program due to some lower back pain that I was having. If I had to guess I would have been around only 300-315 at the time I started the program. Deadlift and OHP depend on maximum impressions due to virus spread. She was kicked out of the gym, found a new gym, and then kicked out there a week before the last test. He called for a test day combining a squat and a bench, but was unable to return the other two. I am very confident that I would have been able to hit 375 for the dead and 175-180 for the OHP, but I would have to wait to find out. For my seat I did a fairly 230 and then barely missed the 235 directly, so I think I can get 235 if I'm not a conservative and try 230 first, but I'll test that later.

** What did he do **

Overall the program was great for me. My lifts exploded, especially the lower body, and the first part of the program made me feel growing and feeling comfortable. The starting delegate goal kept things fun and really showed the progress you've made, and T3 RMS groups have been preventing things from being dragged for too long at the end of the workout. The overall overall size was great, (about twice the size I was doing previously) (https://imgur.com/a/lYfgFgu), and with weight gain I was able to keep the volume very high during the second half of the program as well. Also pay no fatigue or desire to keep inflation just I think it pays off for me. Like others, I thought about repeating the first six-week cycle, but I decided to stick to the vanilla program and although it was less enjoyable, he continued to add hugely to my collection without letting me hit at the end.

** What did not work **

It's a little hard for me to complain about anything here considering the results I've seen, but even with T2 exercises, I didn't feel like there was enough repetition of the seat and OHP for me. I tend to respond better with really high volume and repetition, while I can get lower on the lower body, and this has appeared here with much larger jumps on the upper body. However, if you told me that I would put 15-20 pounds on my seat in three months, I would have had euphoria before the program, so I don't have much to feel. My only real problem is with T2A, the general LP diagram felt boring and boring, and reminds me of all the old LP programs I hated. I got it, it works, and I can't make a complaint a lot, but with how fun the rest was, this was always less than every exercise.

**What's Next**

Quarantine? My state has a conservative order to close all gyms for 3 weeks, and I have made no progress in constructing a home gym. So far the plan is to cut / run / body weight exercises in the next few weeks. I wanted to keep growing, but that certainly wouldn't work. Once I got back, I had originally planned to perform the AtS2 concert, which I still tend to. But I also want to put my seats further on, and there are some heroic journalistic people on the new bench in the new gym that have encouraged me to try Smolov Jr. Or a high-frequency / volume bench program that looked kind of attractive. I think I have time to think about it now anyway.

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