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We have been raising just over 2 years now. Last year I focused on improving the Big Three and it looks like I'm already uplifting. In the past, I ran Nsuns, 5/3/1, Candito's 6 week, and did my own programming. I chose to run Iron Giant because it is easier to do a lot of smaller exercises because of school.

** Statistics **

Male, 18, 5 "8"

All weights in kindergarten

|| Before ** After
|: – |: – |: – |
| Weight 80 85
| Obese 165 175
| Seat 105 112.5 |
| Deadly leverage 190 205 |

After elevators – (https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ImQFPgfGD/?igshid=r7a63w3pn2bl) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B5ImQFPgfGD/?igshid=r7a63w3pn2bl)

Before elevators – (https://www.instagram.com/p/ByahyzNFnsK/?igshid=sedqny49a4r5) (https://www.instagram.com/p/ByahyzNFnsK/?igshid=sedqny49a4r5)

That was the 175 squat of the best squat I ever did and the best 165 squatting method seemed hit by. Deadlifts felt good all the time and I ended up where I thought they would. The bench felt very bad weeks before the test but on the day of the test I felt strongly.

**the program**

The program is 5 days with 3 days bench, 1 squat, and 1 day deadlift. I managed the main work as written but I changed the help work. On the bench days, I identified everything by setting scales in the form of a pull, and after that I made a large selection of the size of my arms and back. All background work was performed on my bench days on devices. I didn't follow any help and did the size based on how I felt that day. On the squat day I added in a split KB on the deadly day, I dropped the chants and added them to the cheat and squat rows. I also do ABS work every day, and usually the GHR or the robes sit.

I also changed the seat progression system. I was constantly gaining weight every week and I couldn't keep up. I changed the progress to 10+ reps by 80% and 7+ reps by 85%. This change made the quality of my rep kept higher and relieved a lot of my shoulder pain and elbow.


During the 12 weeks, my fist slowly moved from an inch of smooth finger to the rings. All bench groups under 5 reps are paused. I felt this helped me learn to be more compact and to be more explosive than my chest, and that's the sticking point. The large size of the seats gave me lots of opportunities to work on my technique and play in different locations. Also having about half the size of being close grip really saved by the shoulders.


For Dark Horse squats I used to use lowbar without a belt and SSB and lowbar. This was the first time I worked with SSB and I'm sure to use it again. Fighting against SSB in an attempt to collapse helped me in squatting repair as squint squatted heavy in good morning. EMOM 10×3 squat also sucks life from you, especially when using SSB.

Deadly leverage

I felt my deadlifts really good through the entire program. I really responded to a heavy triple / double / single and then I did a bunch of undoing. Traditional disability performance after sumo felt really strange but also really felt good. Those lit my back down like nothing else.


All my workouts in the morning have been fasting. After that my protein shakes and 2PB & J's. Lunch was rice and some kind of meat. Dinner was what my mother made as well as a shake made of milk, protein powder, PB, oats and yogurt. I never tracked calories or weight through the entire program. I also got 8 hours of sleep a day.

** Final thoughts **

I really liked the program, I made good progress and enjoyed the exercises. The hardest part of the program was trying to keep the exercises less than an hour.

After that, I plan a vacation for a week, then I will probably run Smolov Jr on the bench issue that looks fun.



Weight gain = getting stronger

– Pulling a lot improves your seat

-EMOM squats sucks

Good program u / BenchPauper

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