[Program review] Infinite Elgintensity, P.U.G. plans for ultimate gains

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Hello all,

I just finished my 16-week weightlifting program or Infinite Elgintensity PUG (https://www.infiniteelgintensity.com/) and have an excellent experience so I thought I would give a review of the program.

about me:

Age 31 -> 32 (by weight)

Height 6 '' 4 "-> 6 '4"

Weight 290 -> 240

Position / Outside the gym: a sedentary lifestyle

General History / Training:

I trained about 3 years ago, and all of that was in my slowly evolving home. I am pursuing a strong man-style training, and I have followed a few of Brian's paid plans and endless free online programs, both of which are Garrett Plevens. A few weeks of Juggernaut A.I. Which I would not recommend. About 4 months before P.U.G, I found myself in a state of calm where I used to go to the garage and practice it without guidance, so I knew I needed to get back on track.


Besides losing direction, I was too fat because of my desire, so I wrote what I was eating every day I worked and decided to fast with H.I.I or heart on my holidays. So I had 1/4 cups of dry rice and 3 ounces cooked chicken about 1.5 hours before the exercise. W / O consisted of 4 eggs, 1 cup rice (dry size), 8 oz chicken breast and 8 oz (87/13) ground beef divided between two meals but all food was eaten in a window 18/6. On my vacation days, I kept quiet until I worked the next day.

Squat 435 -> 480
Seat 265 -> 280
Deadlift 475 -> 505
Strict OHP 165-> 180
Each original 1RM was tested mid-program so it may be a bit low.

the program:

When buying, I was hooked with my boss Tom Mannion who went through the usual questionnaire and asked for a video of the 4 large elevators plus some accessory accessories. The weight lifting program set me up 4 days a week, two days in the lower body, two days in the upper body, and enough work to keep me less than two hours I had asked for it. Then I thought I was getting a block for only 4 weeks at a time, sending it and then getting the next four weeks. Tom finished week to week with me, adjusted on a set of my recent collections and was available for any questions I might face (something I didn't use but should have) and I was able to get rid of the load when I started bitch about my elbows.

Experience, ideas and moving forward:

For what I paid ($ 150) I got more than I thought I would get. Tom's programming style is a higher-intensity method that I have learned is not the best for me. It may be a calorie deficiency or just my body is a bitch but it seems I am more of a prostitute size than a person with a higher density because my elbows kept on the back and my thigh told me when to call it a day.
But all I was told was I had a great experience, I lost 50 pounds of weight and added very little to my collection. I got a coach who was working all the time and I have a fresh look at the unique style of programming.

Go ahead, I'll be back to the strong man. As big as this was weightlifting just gets a little too frequent for me. I hate replacements eagerly as he hates me but I love the dead squatting and stones.

I recommend this program:

I recommend Infinite Elgintensity (which includes more trainers), I recommend Tom Mannion, if weightlifting is your sport. I will probably go back to the middle of next year just to raise the squat, bench and Deadlift as high as I can. I recommend that you eat as a damn horse for best results and I recommend doing so lead to a meeting.
This was fun for me, please feel free to ask any questions or correct the English grammar that you wrote drunk.

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