[Program Review] GZCLP 10-Week (Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Noob Gains)

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What's up y'all. I was looking for reviews of the / r / Fitness program, and I saw that there was only like 1 for GZCL-P, which I thought there would be more because it is marketed as a good starting point for beginners. Since I spent about 10 weeks at this time, I thought I was writing a review of my experiences in running it.


SW 24/5 & # 39; 9 "/ 260 So I'm probably what most people call a kind of your typical" nerd ". While not pale AF (what's the term for me? Blerd?), I'm on the side I lifted / turned off the heart + for 2 to 3 years, and made no really tangible progress until I finally decided to be serious about improving the strength gains of my goals. Long Term: Before I often split his brothers and random ISO exercises for anything that I felt that day, I settled on GZCLP after reading about the benefits and finding N use the elevators in the main vehicle most days will lead to faster gains in the force did not have any health problems, regardless of your need for glasses.


My main goal is to get enough health to join the army reserves. My whole family is military, and I always thought about doing it, but when I was young, I had problems with anxiety and I didn't like going to the gym, given all these guys who pulled 500 dead pounds. . That's behind me now. I figured that if I joined the job, I could get a good job there in addition to getting funding to perform my masters to help improve my foreign career. Plus pay and respect is not bad either.


You run the program normally, 3 days a week. The goal of the T3 game was to try to improve the weaknesses of the main elevators (such as getting out of the hole while squatting). Normal rotation:

Day 1: Squat 5 x 3 + / seat 3 x 8 / ham curl 3 x 15 + / leg press 3 x 15 +

Day 2: OHP 5×3 + / Deadlift 3×8 / DB Row 3×15 + / Shrugs Shoulder 3×15 +

Day 3: Seat 5×3 + / squat 3×8 / tricep dip 3×15 + / Bicep Curl 3×15 +

Day 4: Deadlift 5×3 + / OHP 3×8 / Glute Press 3×15 + / Retro Hyperextension 3×15 +

Throw in some work dad and grip work twice a week. Of course all these exercises follow the "linear progression" GZCL talked about when explaining its program.

Usually any days missed on weekends.

Before doing this program, I never did a lot of Olympic lifts at all, as I clung to machines at the local Y. Certainly the hardest part was trying to learn how to squat properly. Getting the proper shape at the descent, trying to avoid diving bombardment, staying balanced without going backwards, had very sticking points. However the learning experience was very impressive. Looking for some online tutorials really made the difference if I felt I was using too much of my body or losing my balance (which I did a lot). My back was almost fucked as well as trying to make sure I was dead properly. It made me realize how important the proper technique is to avoid dropping weights and looking like a fool.

I enjoyed most of the T2 as I felt I was building the ability to work a little more than just raw power. In the future I will try to work more on this level of groups and actors. The accessory work was good most of the time, and I was satisfied to take off things and get the “pump” that most of the guys in the gym are looking for. Aesthetically speaking, no casual observer would notice anything under all gloss, but I felt the difference when praising the old ladies at Y.

Of course I always work through a combination of roller, seating, and wood panels, plus 20 to 30 minutes of heart disease after a workout in an elliptical stadium. I did it instead of jogging because I heard it was easier on the knees, especially for heavier people.


Frankly, I didn't care much about my diet in terms of macros. The two main points were "less snacks" and "no soda". I reduced junk food to just once a week, on Friday, as a way to avoid relapse and gave me something to look forward to for "healthy" food all week. It made me realize how many empty calories I had between meals when I was hungry. Eating a piece of fruit or a granola bar was better than satisfying my appetite than sweets.

For supplements, before each exercise I had a combination of caffeine powder BCAA + blended with 3500 mg of creatine. I heard that BCAA would be useful to prevent my body from using muscles for energy, especially since I usually don't eat breakfast on lifting days. On holidays it will be the same dose of creatine on its own. After lifting, I will always get one scoop of whey protein mixed with water, about 32 grams of protein.


I spread my ORM during the week to avoid exposure to gas on any one lever heavily.

| Start The end
— | — | —-
Age 24 24
Weight (lbs) 260 247
Squat 220 5RM | 290 ORM
Bench 145 5RM | 195 ORM
Deadlift | 195 5RM * | 325 ORM
OHP | 85 5RM | 130 ORM
Push – ups (non – stop) 3 15 |
Stand up 15 | 30

Deadlift 5RM is probably a bit low because I was initially having a lot of grip problems because my hands are too small for my size and it was sweaty, making the tape slip. In the end I added some exercise training to my workout and started using chalk + mixed grip, which speeded things up quickly.

In general, I would definitely recommend this routine to anyone starting out in the world of weightlifting. The four main lifts installed are more than enough to train the majority of the body and gain strength gains much faster than any bro division, at least for beginners. I am sure that a large amount of it were noobie gains, weight loss + increased strength = I have re-comp (???). My shirts fit better, my pants fit around the waist and worse around the thigh (very annoying). I noticed that my condition is better, and I have less random pain in my body in general, especially in the lower back area.

** Random thoughts + future work **

– If there's anything that T1 considers to be great, it's about teaching yourself your limits, and how to push yourself without going outside. I definitely got a few strange looks from other lifts the way I pressed my last one. I think they respect it even though some chubby dude comes down who wants to push himself. I certainly hope so.

– I know that everyone here can triple the amount of squatting I can do without breaking the sweat, but there's something about doing a high bar patch with 250+ lbs, and the way the ribbon bends down just makes me feel like an absolute hose. Probably YMCA barbells were cheap, idgaf. I felt as if Eddie Hall broke the world record in the AMRAP T1 range. There is some kind of primitive satisfaction that I get from the work of squat / DL groups, like I killed a tiger as a cave man or something like that. Maybe that's just testosterone talking.

– I think that for the diet, I will try to follow the macros more carefully in order to speed up the process of weight loss, as well as swap the slow digestion of casein protein for whey, because it may help relieve any hunger pains that come after a workout before lunch.

– I'm not sure if I'll do GZCL-P again after that. I think it's a great program to get rid of my feet, but my main goals are to lose weight and increase weight lifting and sitting. I certainly appreciate some good program recommendations to continue the Olympic lifts, but focusing on * increasing work capacity * and improving muscular endurance rather than being able to "lift heavy things" at once and rest for 3 minutes (cool as it makes me feel). Please tell me what you think of the comments.

Thanks for reading my salad talk if you made this point too. If any of you criticize any of the changes you've made or written, feel free to leave them in the comments. I hope I can do more reviews like this to see if it is useful for non-uploaders or novices who are trying to get into the scene.


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