[Program Review] General Gainz

TLDR: The overall gains are fantastic and everyone should try them at some point


Age 24> 24

Weight 98.7> 91

Height 6 "2

Zircher squatting 140×3

Trap bar 210 x 4

Trap bar 250 x 1

Floor press 120×3

Sitting press 70×10

Sitting press 75×7

OHP 75×3

OHP 82.5×1

Seat 100×10

Seat 115×3

Squat 180×1

SSB 150×3

Squat pause 150×10


I had finished my first meeting in weightlifting

Squat: 175

Bench: 115

Deadlift: 205

At this time I weigh about 97.

I learned from the weightlifting meeting that I didn't want to be a weightlifting player.

I enjoyed the experience but it wasn't for me.
I had finished the Juggernaut game and I didn't want to continue it.

It was around this time in April GZCL (Cody) released a reddit post outline of General Gainz.

From this, I set up a spreadsheet to help track your progress.

With this work got committed to continue bulking.
I think in my first month I reached my long goal of 100 versus 10 on the bench

Soon after the general gains I reached the point I wanted to lose a little.

So the cut began, although I had no idea that I would eventually take it that far.

Soon after, I finally cut 4 panels on the squat.


I was training 6 days a week and I am now training 7 days

I alternate between one upper body exercise at 3RM – 6RM and 1 day.

On the day when the top is at 3RM – 6RM, the minimum is at 6RM – 10RM and vice versa







By limiting T1 and T2 exercises to one exercise a day, I am allowed to give 100% to those lifts.

In addition to its exciting ability to do the upper and lower lift daily.

O bench T1 didn't go well yesterday lets build that confidence but smash the bench T2 today.

By the same token, if I did badly in T1 that day, I will make up for it by overcoming the PR in T2

Let's talk about T3 and programming, I started doing a close fist bench as a T3. In the end I thought this was blasphemy and that the spirit of the evangelical codes would come down from heaven and hit me.
I still did it no way, because I wanted to.

I wanted it because I now trust myself to program it properly.

I hope this bigger take away from this review.
General Gaines has made me appreciate what I need in my program.

How I want to structure it, what will give me the best progress.

I haven't been able to do that for months and I didn't know where to start.

Now instinctively comes.
Weak triceps why not do some close grip work in T3.

Continuing Overview:

You need to get leaner. I got a topless bartender job that will help me get a little side coins.

My job is now to be smaller.
I stumbled and got 94 to 91 kg in two weeks.

Last week, I reached 100×10 back on the bench

I hit 75×3 on the OHP and 75×7 on the press sits.

I got 220 kg of farmers.

I got a 110×3 seat grip close

I got a 120 x 1 seat (the smoothest I ever felt)

I got 6 + 20 kilos

What I'm saying is im lean but still lifting.
Not only am i raising im breaking pr
I have full confidence that I am able to achieve any of my goals and it all started with the deployment of this general Jean a few months ago.

Starting pictures:

Before GG

Post pictures:

After GG

Template: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1BO_G0frDa6rbKEQfDbkUbGQH_NIFyolgeOiE7LalfA4/edit?usp=sharing

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