[Program Review] Full Smolov Program Attempt for Front Squat and Bench Press (Very Long Post, TLDR at the end)

*** * Disclaimer: *** All this assumes that the reader is familiar with Smolov. I used a spreadsheet exited from LiftVault. This is very long and detailed writing, so there is TLDR at the end.


From October to December 2019, I tried a full Smolov tournament for Front Squat and Bench Press. I was inspired by the impressive u / Your_Good_Buddy results from running a modified version of the Base for Front Squat tournament. I'm going to go further on below, but Front Squat was a weakness for me, and I decided I wanted to hit it hard, and that would give me an interesting change in speed. I was forced to finish it with Bench Press after the Base Base Cycle due to Pec Tendonitis, and I completely stopped it after two weeks of the Intensive Cycle due to a combination of lower back, SI, upper back and knee issues. Read about sick gains, pain, and selling my soul.

& # x200B.

** Start statistics: **

Aged 25, 6, 4, and 228 pounds

-S / B / D: 370/240/420 (Somo Deadlift, somewhere between 385-405)

– Front squat: 240

Military press: 155

– Smolov: 225 maximum training start for both bench and front end

& # x200B.

** Results / End Statistics: **

– Body weight: 230 lbs, still 6'4

– Squat front: 240 to 285 after base cycle (45 lbs PR !!!)

– Bench Press: 240 to 225 x 2.5 (The quorum of the sites said that I got third place but it went out of balance)

Military press: 155 to 165

– Also stylish: Seated Leg Curl went from 140x15x3 to 180x15x3 on the specific device I was using.

& # x200B.

** Previous training experience: **

– I have an active background, I played basketball and baseball in the past. Always active, I started to take lift seriously in college. I still play 1-2x basketball a week. I'm not a full star, but I think I'm pretty decent, I'm fast in size, and I can play with college players.

– Ideal for many people, it started with power start, then it switched to Texas mode and some other middleware. I've also tried a round of GZCL, Sheiko Advanced Medium Load, and two courses from Deathbench. She was left out because I lost a long time in injuries: two lumbar injuries, 3 hamstrings, partial tear anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), and ankle sprain more flipped than I could count on (a few of them were severe).

– Most of my recent descending from a lower back injury in March, shortly after 370 squats, my back was rehabilitated, and then I got back to a painful paused squat without a belt 295, and that's what I was proud of because my beltless elevators are generally a waste . After that I've tried working on High Bar Box Squats for a while, and it's pretty cool.

& # x200B.

** Background / Stress / Sleep / Diet (Important Information): **

It is important to put this in context, because the stress levels were too high. I am a PhD in chiropractic student, which means a third schedule throughout the year, and we average about 25 credit hours per third. The program is very heavy in science, including but not limited to, total anatomy, physiology, neuroscience, biochemistry, pathology, radiology, etc. I think someone added them and we had about 65 tests in the whole third term. So the usual day was 6 or 7/10 of stress, sometimes even 8 or 9/10, although there was about 4 and 5/10 days when things slowed down a little. My average sleep is about 7 hours a night, my diet isn't amazing but it's not too dirty, and I'm trying to get the right amount of protein. PB&J to win, it is cheap, fast and good taste.

& # x200B.

** Recover: **

I really had a lot of options here that most people might not have access to. As a student at Chiro, I get Chiropractic and Acupressure. In addition to the set of foam and chrome balls that most people do, I have my own cupping kit, I have trained and will soon get a certificate in Nimmo (Starting Point Technology) and ConnectX (similar to Graston, Soft Tissue Technology with Stainless Steel Tool). BioFreeze is awesome as well, it was great for my back and shoulders.

& # x200B.

** Introductory course: **

Frankly, this was not difficult. I saw reviews talking about how hard it was to raise them a lot, but that wasn't really my experience. The lifting process was not for six days in a row, but on the second day weights actually felt as though they were moving faster, while I felt sluggish on day 3, the top top felt easy. When I got three days of stab wounds my balls were highly fried, so I decided to jump with lightweight steps, split Bulgarian slips, and walk stabs with dumbbells. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to cut iron but this won't happen anyway. For Bench I, I had a flat DB seat on days 4 and 6, and a sloping DB seat on day 5. The second week was a piece of cake, weights were not too heavy and only 3-5 reps left for each exercise. However, the first weekend is when the Lec Pec issues started. I felt some slight inconvenience in my left chord, but I threw some bio-freezing and it lasted. I also ate a good amount of food (at least 3 kilograms a day), but I ended up dropping down from 228 to 226. This was very surprising, just going to show how much energy lift it takes that much. I increased the food because running Smolov base on a deficit should be a terrible idea. The auxiliary works were two medium sets of triceps here and there, some pulling a few times a week to the back, some closeups work (I like the closeup side panels are the best, and the second option is the closeup machine), and it worked beautifully creasing the legs pretty hard.

& # x200B.

** Foundation course: **

As the introductory course kicked off, I felt very lively and ready to go. I started in the first week vigorously, and I was able to hit all the groups and actors. It was difficult, and I had more squats in front of me. The bench felt speed and consistency, but even the warm up on Front Squat felt slow. This pec chord has also become a little worse, but there is still something to worry about.

The second week was when things got serious. Honestly, I had no idea how I was going to throw 20 pounds on everything in the world and do it again. I decided to add 15 seats to Bench instead of 20, since I see Bench's full Smolov base was already stupid enough. Somehow I managed to make my way the whole week, but I reached my first front fender in Bench on the fourth day of the second week. I got 7 sets of 3 with 205, but the last actor was a crazy grinder and there was no way to finish 10 sets of 3, I wasn't sure if I would be able to get more than one rep on my next set. So it went down to 190 for two sets of 4 just to get the volume and name it there. Tendinitis in Pec became progressively worse during the week, but it was still a possibility and I have gone through it. The front squats were strong, and every workout was tough but doable.

It was definitely the third week that was toughest, I felt like I had already gone through a lot but this is where Al Qaeda really became stupid. Immediately, I couldn't finish all of my cast on Bench Press, although I decided to add just 5 pounds from the previous week (instead of 10). Instead of 4 x 9 today was 1 3 x 9 and 1 x 8. The second day of Bench was worse, instead of 5 x 7 I got 7,7,6,6,5,5 (add an extra set to get the volume) . For the third day, I decided to do 8×4 (as in Smolov Jr.) instead of 7×5, which was a good call because I barely managed to get through it. I skipped version 10×3 on the fourth day of Bench Press, because it didn't happen. By this point, my left position was in poor condition, as he had intermittently removed 135 pieces of it, and some right elbow pain started to appear and I didn't want to push any further. She was also demolished on this point so much that the strength was not present for this exercise. The third week of the front front went well, but it was very difficult. Every single delegate on 10×3 was tough and slow. I also added 15 lbs to this day instead of 10 lbs, because I wanted 225 on the crossbar instead of 220. Learn from me and don't do this, it was stupid. She is dangerously close to losing a handful of these actors. But what I was so superior and I still did max training for 10×3, and that was crazy. By the end of the third week, my body weight was back to the original 228 level. The work of assistance during this time was somewhat the same as in the course provided.

As written, the rule just takes a week's leave and then tests the limit. I spent my peak week because I wasn't satisfied with just taking a week's vacation and getting slowed down and receding. Here's the peak week you've prepared:

Day 1 (two days after 10×3 days): Press Bench Press 185x3x2, Front Squat 205x3x2

The second day (after two days): press the bench 155 x 3 x 3, the front squat 165 x 3 x 3

By the day of the test, Pec tendinitis was a little better, but it wasn't in good shape. I ended up testing 225 delegates, because I wasn't satisfied with going to the real maximum. We ended up getting 225 x 2.5, and another delegate failed halfway, and Nassab said I think I had it but I have some balance. Technically it is PR but not what I was hoping for. My front squat test was wild. Decoding the maximum of 240 nights and everything on it felt very heavy, but it kept going up without problem. It was finally 285 real max after 4 jumps (250, 260, 275, 285). I honestly thought that 275 would be a crazy grinder if it went up, but I crushed it. I ended up with 10 pounds of PR Military (165 x 1), because I wasn't satisfied with Bench and wanted something to show me for all this burning pressure and tendons.

& # x200B.

** Switch cycle: **

This was really much fun, and I discovered that Box Box Squat is getting a lot stronger and healthier. Before that, I'd like to do 5 sets of 185-205 on Box Squats, and there was something between the actual Box Squat and just a square click. I had problems opening hips and sitting enough. I felt strong here, and I ended up with Speed ​​Box Squats with 225 and about 60 pounds of extra stress. I felt like flying, sitting in the box. (Also, I am talking about High Bar Box Squats, I never did it Low Bar). I cleaned up Hang Power on the last day of speed in the first week, and the deadly speed against gangs in the second week, which was also powerful. I had a new kind of heavy negative spillover, as I used my new 285 number since I calculated that the point was significantly negative above my cap, and that using a lighter training cap would result in a defeat of the target. This was crazy heavy, and I could control it until about 2/3 of the way down, then I had to drop it on the nails. It stopped all types of seat and chest movements to allow the healing tendon to heal. Looking back, I wouldn't have replaced clean energy with definitive increases in speed, because it strained my lower back more than I had expected, and I think it's because of a mixture of deadly lack of lifting for a long time and that my back was already more stressful than I thought it would be from the squat front. I was so tired during the base that I barely made heart disease, but during the switch I played a little basketball and did some agile work. This was good and didn't give me much fatigue, although I wouldn't recommend things like elaborate work or afford it. I like these things and I've seen another review talking about how to add that, but I think it's a bad idea. The switch is supposed to be light (with the exception of severe negatives), and gives you a respite before heading into the intensive course, so I recommend not trying to turn it into something harder without good reason otherwise. However, I took this opportunity to make leg curls, wavy, and biceps ripples so hard because the described workouts are short and sweet.

& # x200B.

** Intensive course: **

This is where I got out of control. The base was tough, but this is where I felt that Smolov truly fulfilled all those promises of brutality. I went with a training of a maximum of 275 (my minimum basic training was 15 pounds, so I thought 10 pounds was fine). The first day destroyed me. I got my first two heavy sets with 235, then I had to lose weight to 225 and it wasn't complete yet. While exercising, I felt a little slow and still wore a little bit of the base, but the next day I was terrified, gluten pain was as painful as hell, knees and lower back pain. I was thinking of quitting smoking here, but I dropped my training maximum to 265 and tried to continue. The rest of the week was deliverable with a minimum, but still brutal. Week 2 was worse, some actors got very ugly. However, it has reached phenomenal PR levels of 240 x 5 and 250 x 3 (after 240 x 3) during this time. The last exercise for the second week was a complete disaster. Upon reaching that, I felt more annoyed than ever, and I was supposed to do 225 x 4, then 4×5 with 240. I barely got 240 x 4, and all I managed to manage was doubles in the following three groups. This is where I made the final decision to stop the rest of the program. I went back and forth for a day, and eventually decided that I would see what it felt like the next time I was supposed to train. When that happened, my back and bottom knees were stiff and painful, the black upper part was very tight and you no longer like my shoulder blades anymore. My right gluten was tough and my right was so angry. Basically my whole body was fighting me, and while I could stretch, I used some biotic spinning, I forced my way through the workout, the risk of injury was high and I was going back from being injured. I really don't think that I can in any way get all of the cast cast, let alone go further. On the bright side, I have done some exercises on the chest with databases now, and my left image appears to be 100%. I really wanted to end this, especially since I'm about to get 300 people. But my body cries over hell, I have done recent tests, and the holidays will be full of family occasions. Moreover, I need to study for the upcoming Council exams in January. It didn't happen, no matter how desirable I was. There is no heart disease or help of any kind here, I was very beaten and I had nothing left.

& # x200B.

** Conclusion / Will I do it again / What's next: **

The base was great, I got 45 pounds off my front plate and now I'm saddening weights on the old cap, and I'm excited to see how the back squat and deadly batch will respond. Will definitely do the base again for a squatting interface. Under better conditions and a maximum training (such as 90%) than the actual maximum, the Intense course may be feasible, but it remains to be seen. I think I really need to switch to 3 weeks for additional recovery, and instead of a super fast and slow negative rep, I'd like to change my first workout of the week to 3 x 3 in front of me Squat, 80%, 82.5%, and 85% over the weeks ( Or something like that). I'd also like to start with a lower maximum training limit, like 90% of the real maximum. It is not a good idea to start up and crush, then reduce weights interactively, because you are digging yourself directly into a hole in the beginning.

As for Bench Press, I can't recommend this, I was stupid. Insane amount of work and push through pec tendinitis for 10 trivial pounds on my military typing, maybe 5 or 10 on my seat (or maybe none). If I would try it again on the bench (too big if) then I would ignore the introduction or at least reduce the frequency, only Smolov Jr did, and maybe even I adjusted to 3 days instead of 4. Sheiko sucked to my left pec too that was the time The first time that I have problems with an ear tendon. It looks like I am not doing well when using HF. Right now, I'm totally happy that my CTR is back to 100%, and I'm going to change it and work to improve my Dips condition, because that's a big weakness for me (I can do it like 5 drops in body weight). I am open to suggestions here for bench and general chest training, it seems to me that I need less hesitation and more help like his brothers, my own picture has not been developed particularly well and I don't think it is very difficult for 4 weeks the program will become a magic solution. For the lower body, I plan on Front Squatting 1x a week for a while to stick to my progress, and re-submit Back Squats and Deadlifts to see how I can transfer some progress to them. I found out that I love Box Squatting with Bands, so if anyone has suggestions then I have all ears. To be honest, I really don't know what to do as I progress, I know it's very fun and I want to be better. I think I will likely run the base again in March to make the payment for 300 players forward. But for now, I'm going to have a great time until these injuries go away. It has been a whole week and I just now feel satisfied enough to have been trying out some lower body soon.

& # x200B.

*** TDLR: *** I ran Introduction, Base, Switch, and 2 weeks of intensive course by Bench Press and Front Squat. The squatting front improved from 240 to 285 after the baseline cycle, the press seat from 240 to 225×2.5, and the military press seated from 155 to 165. They had to stop the seat after the base due to tendonitis, and the program was completely stopped after two weeks of an intensive course due to injuries Various issues.

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