[Program Review] F – Russian Squat Routine + Gaining Strength on a Calorie Deficit


** Cut and increase strength. Be stronger without giving up HIIT. **


Two months / 7 weeks ish:

+ 27g / 60lbs to low squatting tape

-4.5 kg / 10 lbs body weight

** Statistics **

|| Age Sex Weight | Squatting
|: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |
| Home | 31 | F | 187 lbs / 84.5 kg | 295 lbs / 135 kg. |
| The Final | 31 | Still F | 177 lbs / 80 kg | 355 lbs / 161 kg |


Before I started real fitness, I did some Tae Kwon Do as a teenager and some duel. Then I dated someone who loved walking and hiking everywhere. This is what I did for a while. She then carried backpacks across Australia, and eventually worked at a livestock station for an important period. Then I went back to Canada, then decided to buy a bike and ride it everywhere. I finally moved in with this bro who did the club stars and said I should try. I gave him a go. I thought, "Holy shit I'm not really fit." He began working reliably several times a week for two years, then decided to "light up this iron shit" and entered a weightlifting meeting. After that first meeting …. I knew I wanted to see how strong I was.

* TL; DR: I did things, it took me a while to decide that weightlifting is fun *

Smolov Junior ran, and got some high bar strength gains. Smulov ran and did a lot over it, did not listen to my body, was injured and burned. (The iron was grabbed on my hair and pulled with it during bail and wrapped my ankle)

I've done some other strength work, but I spent the whole of the last summer riding high-intensity cycling + long cardio workouts for a fondu competition. (Bike ride 122 km / 76 miles over the mountain) My diet was uncoordinated and I lost everything I gained from Smolov. Back, the squat had 2 stiff plate. After the fondue, I spent a month before the weightlifting meeting in the provinces, regained a lot of strength, and qualified for the provincials in Canada. I actually came here for advice. I just didn't want to give up Al-Ahly and Cardio.

U / 61742 Russian squat routine suggested. He looked strong. My crossfit coaches not only confirmed that it was a great program, you could even run it alongside cf. Gorgeous. I was in. I switched from a high bar to a low bar, did a few weeks exercising Low Bar, tested 1RM, and hit 295 lbs.

Oh, I've also definitely started this time.

** Before the RSR course **

* Squatting: 1 x 135 kg (295 lbs) (not bad, I had no chance to test 315 lbs, I thought I would be able to hit it, and I decided to put that in the routine)

Weight was 85 kg (187 lbs)

**the program**

It is a program 3 times a week for six weeks.

** part One **

Every two days in the first three weeks it is 80% vs. 6×2. The other days are 6 groups of incremental iterations until they finish from the first part of the cycle at 6×6 @ 80%.

**Part 2**

After that, every day is 6×2 @ 80%, other days are less set and 6×6 retreat with adding 5% (15 lbs for me). 5×5 80% + 15lbs, 4×4 80% + 30lbs etc etc. until you reach the double maximum (2×2)

And therefore…. I didn't totally want to give up crossfit either. So I continued with that until the test week.

**Implementation of**

On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, I would be attending a morning session to focus on strength. I will make the RSR first, then supplement with the back and leg accessories, then follow up with the seat + arm accessories. I will have week 1 alternating body weight / DB concentration (withdrawals, thrusts, dumbbell rows and pistons) and week 2 supplement attachment of iron (iron elevators, rows, impulses). This was just to get some traction in self programming. This was not the focus, it was made only for self-learning and I don't mind most accessories.

I will go to Al Ahly club on those days, as well as on Sundays, Saturdays and Tuesdays. I will rest on Thursday. The overall size varied slightly a week, but it was mostly 15-16ish working hours per week. Women can usually handle a lot of volume, and since I have been cutting and leaning, gymnastics has improved …

Because of the volume, after 5 x 5 I actually did a week improvised load. In the week of loading, I targeted the same intensity, just reducing volume dramatically. Up to 90% on me doubles. I worked to walk on hands. It was a fun way to be in the gym and work on something without taxing. (They are already starting to appear!) (Https://i.imgur.com/7ySycYT.mp4)

(I did this absurdity as well. Why not?) (Https://i.imgur.com/dhAASNf.mp4)

After downloading, upon returning to the program, I have lowered the volume for the past three weeks and repeat 5×5. CF lessons were reduced to about 3x a week until the test week, as it stopped cf a week before the test. I did 2×2 on Monday, 6×2 on Wednesday, I went swimming on Thursday, and tested the next Saturday.

At the suggestion of a friend, (I tried it for the first time) (https://i.imgur.com/gZiCzzK.mp4), I don't know how to describe it (is recovering a quarter of a squat?) But it was a great way to present a feeling of heavy weight, and gain some confidence with Stimulus. She attended a seminar hosted by Chad Wesley Smith that presented the proposal to deviate from the same motivation as "feeling heavy" before seeing it on stage / test ".

6x2s were tough on some days, and on some days they were ego boosters. 5×5 was probably the hardest day. If you are doing this program, yes, some days 6×2 is hard, but that's what it is. A recovery day without motivation. Your body is recovering, even if it feels weak to move that weight. do not worry

Two weeks after the end of the program, I started Mag / Ort deadlift to set the time with a meeting, which seems to be compatible.


welcome. So, here is where it got tough. This made the situation work.

* I used the 1-in-1 RP program (Renaissance Diet and Nutrition Training System). Not only the overall goals are given, but the carbohydrates, fats and protein of each protein are delegated depending on the time and day of training. Most carbohydrates in the morning during the dual training days of glycogen regeneration for evening training (crossfit). I almost followed 100% to T.
* Not only macros, given times, and the overall proportions of each meal are given for each particular training day, but also the dining options are selected. Just because I managed to make a cookie fit for macros doesn't mean it was the best thing I could do. So I did not veer.
* I don't eat meat or have dairy products, so I had egg whites, nutritional yeast, tofu, nuts, broccoli, cabbage, other green vegetables, and protein powder. I miss potatoes, beer and real chocolate.
* I broke once or twice. It was always within the given "good food", but on the week of the test, as I wasn't training, it was really difficult. Very few carbohydrates, I broke one day and had, for example, two more smoothies. Going to the gym was easy, and this diet was tough.

** Recover **

I really tried to sleep, as I was putting effort into diet and training. Some days were good, sometimes I cracked and got a 4-hour sleep a night, but most of the time I managed to get 6-7 hours.

English salt baths in painful days.

She changed some cystic fibrosis exercises – they are trained, in order to prevent the excessive force that would kill the overlap.

** Statistics at the end **

Squat: 2 x 150 kg (330 lbs)
* Without belt 1 x 142 kg (315 lbs) (very happy with softness) (https://i.imgur.com/PnlF4JX.mp4)
* 1RM BS 1x161kg / 355 lbs + 2x squat for body weight (I'm not a little lady haha)


End of cycle 1: 80 kg (177 lbs)
* Down two steps on the crane belt. (This was a big surprise)

** Pictures **

(Original PR of 295 lbs) (https://i.imgur.com/pdn3Hhq.mp4)

(355lbs squat exercises complete with being a happy fool at the end.) (Https://i.imgur.com/YX5HlHO.mp4)

** Conclusions and What Next **

* I started running Mag / Ort, I did it in week 3 after testing 1rm and i will start the nuckols 3x bench program in the average week.
* It is possible to complete a course on calorie deficit. Watch your recovery.
* Seek advice from others who know more than you.
* The whole extra dumbbell job didn't really help me, but (my arms definitely gained mass: D.) (https://i.imgur.com/ssNOHb4.jpg) To be honest, my legs did that too.
* I really like egg whites, nutritional yeast, thank God, or that was impossible.
* I respond well to size, but I need more programming experience.
* To qualify for citizens, my goal is 160 squat exercise (Achieved), 190 mortal throws (15 kg stopping), and a 70 kg bench (5 kg stopping). If I could do it with bodywieght 164 lbs (ultimate goal), I'd hit 400 Wilks. Which would be very cool.
* My diet at this point did not have enough protein. Holy curse. Track it. I used to eat 8 meals, each containing 20 grams of protein on double training days.
* I think that, based on the topic of squatting weakness, women respond well to size and size of squats in general.
* For repetition, I really think my dietary measure is the key to success.

& # x200B;

This was too long, it's my first review. Sorry for all the photos, I don't have a weightlifting coach, so a lot of my training is video, self-analysis and consulting two great brothers who discovered my squat. We always appreciate any feedback or advice from experienced and assistants in this subsection. (I totally hope to fix the knee valves, and not to conceal them, I will try some tips on accessories to work on them)

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