[Program Review] Concurrent Squat/Bench Smolov Base Cycle

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I know Smolov Base Cycle was a billion-revised program (an example of a textbook in "How to Write a Program Review" in this minor modification), but I've actually never seen a recent program review focusing on Smolov Jr running for the seat / squat concurrently ( On Google, I found one linked here 6 years ago and it's not that much detailed, (https://www.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/1o7n25/ my _experience _with _running _a _double _smolov _jr /) (https://www.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/1o7n25/my_experience_with_running_a_double_smolov_jr/)) Therefore, I am publishing this. There's a great post / a month or so ago, the Smolov full seat / squat cycle ran simultaneously (see (https://www.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/edelvz/program_review_full _smolov _program _attempt _for /) (https://www.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/edelvz/program_review_full_smolov_program_attempt_for/)). Modify, if you feel that this is superfluous or does not contribute anything, please remove and apologize!

Tl; dr: put 10 lbs on my high squat (compared to actual projection), 15 lbs on my seat running Smolov basic course (Smolov Jr) for seat / squat over 3 and a half weeks without losing any weight on deadlift. I enjoyed this mini course due to the fact that it worked really well for me, but I probably wouldn't do it together at the same time again (I used to squat, but I didn't do the bench). It didn't hurt, it wasn't so fun.

Training history: I started hiking in high school for sports (maybe about 10 years ago?), But I never understood that (I couldn't tell you the numbers since that time of my life) and I never raised at college last year my students. The graduate school started in the fall of 2015 and started taking seriously with a focus on weightlifting and began carrying out some exercises on the strong man style probably in January 2018. The programs I run are (in order): Starting Strength, Texas Method, 3/3/1 BBB, Jacked and Tan, then they made my own programming (around January 2019) which was a linear progressive platform.

Things of Life: I used to get a standard sleep (6-7 hours / night), eating around maintenance calories ( ~ 3000 calories). The diet mostly consists of pancakes / Greek yogurt in the morning, followed by training and shake after exercise (milk, spinach, fruit, and protein powder). Snacks throughout the day were poached eggs, cheese sticks, and fruit / vegetables. Lunch / dinner is usually 8 ounces of meat (ground beef, pork or chicken), sweet potatoes, and vegetables. This three week extension was very stressful for me because I was finishing my over 600 page page thesis and defending my PhD (at like 3 hours from the time this post was published, so I distracted me by getting to know Reddit), but nothing was overwhelming . I already have a really good job after class, so I was very comfortable with the entire thesis writing process.


Before: 5'7 ", 178 lbs, 26 years old

Squat Height: 405 x 3 lbs (1RM has not been tested since August, so I went with this). Expected 1RM from ~ 445 lbs. The 1RM for the low tape was 465, so my mindset was either a) Use a 1RM projected for the 1RM higher tape or take 5% of the 1RM low tape and use that. Both of them ended up being forty-four years old. I wouldn't sweat in both directions.

Press seat: 300 lbs

Deadlift: £ 545

After: 5'7 ", 179 lbs, 26 years old

Squat height: 455 lbs (10 lbs)

Bench press: 315 lbs (15 lbs pr)

Deadlift: £ 545

I picked up a high strip for this program because it looked like a low strip and seat 4 x per week with so big it would be hell on my shoulders / elbows. I was never one of those with shoulder / elbow problems with a low strap, but I didn't risk it, and if anything, doing a thin strip of a little brick will help me improve on that. I don’t have a meeting or anything planned soon, so why not? I would definitely recommend making a high tape or using SSB.

Smolov Jr Link: (http://www.smolovjr.com/smolov-squat-program/ )(http://www.smolovjr.com/smolov-squat-program/)

There are a few different foundation course programs that revolve around you and you can find one per second just by googling, but there is anyway.

Training Department: Since this program requires standard setting and squat 4 times a week, divide the days as follows. My goal was D1-D6 to be a week long as D7 was resting. I spent an extra day off between D4 and D5 for week 3. I like training 6 days a week and didn't have time to spend 3 hours in the gym because of work, so I split it that way.

D1: 6 x 6 squat (70%), 6 x 6 bench (70%)

D2: 7X5 squat (75%)

D3: 7×5 seat (75%)

D4: 8 x 4 Squat (80%), 8 x 4 Bench (80%)

D5: 10×3 squat (85%)

D6: 10×3 seat (85%)

This progression was run for 3 weeks followed by a slight taper then 1RM test. My goal was to add 20 pounds to squat, 10 pounds to bench in week 2, then 10 extra pounds to squat, 5 pounds to bench in week 3 (a total increase of 30 pounds on squat, 15 pounds on bench).

On D2, D3, D5, and D6 (the days when I was just raising one compound) I was finishing the training session with the back volume. The work of high-level reps is usually focused on inflation (where I do 2-3 of the following exercises in 3 x 8-10: pull downs, cable rows, iron rows, dumbbell rows, straight arm pulls). The only back exercise that I've removed that I usually do is weighted withdrawals because squeezing a lot of these guys sometimes bother me some elbows a bit. No leg or push attachments were made, and no changes were made to the competing elevators. Finally, no campaigns (front, farmers, yoke) were implemented, without loading and no skiing work, all of which I have in my programs normally. I've always been using a much intense warm-up process (including 3 sets of low-weight drop-down menus, the simplest strips, shoulder strips and a face-lift, taking ~ 10 ~) and this was done every single day of training (including days Squatting only). This was crucial in keeping my shoulders happy through this program :).

Why did you choose this program: I always liked moderate to heavy volume when loading below minimum, as squat, bench, and dead Deli always responded well to this type of training. It looked very difficult (in a good way) and seemed to be really fun. The linear programming I was previously doing to start the basic smolov cycle was 5×3-5 reps from the competition movement followed by 3×4 – 6 from a variable focused on helping me double in that movement (the last block was the pause tempo for pause, long pause seat , And impotence shocks). I wanted to put my weight on the squat and sit down, and this seems like a good way to do it. I always liked percentage based training (and I didn't like RPE based training because I absorb it when measured). My progress during 2019 and 2020 goals is as follows

January 2019: S: 365 lbs, B: 265 lbs, D: 445 lbs

December 2019: S: 465 lbs, B: 300 lbs, D: 545 lbs

December 2020 target: S: 535 lbs, B: 350 lbs, D: 615 lbs (while staying <190 lbs)

In my opinion, this program did exactly what I wanted, which put its weight on squat and replacements. Granted, I'm not sure how well all the high tape works translated into my low tape (I didn't test a low tape after the peak because I was exhausted the day I tested 1RMs and hadn't done a tape low every month), but I'm happy with it. All the bench is finished with a pause ~ 1 second.

Size / frequency / load / density:
Sheetel of size and frequency that really tests you. I felt nothing was impossible, and there were no sessions where I rested more than 7 minutes between groups. I've always thought about my training that I'm going to rest for at least two minutes between combinations of my vehicle's movements, and take longer if I feel I need them. I managed to gain weight every single session (again + 20/10 lbs squatting for 2/3 week and + 10/5 lbs on bench for 2/3 week), and was able to finish specific groups / representatives for each session. If I ever violated a certain group (primarily by mistake in identifying an actor), I just went ahead and did the next set under a mentality that if I failed to select a second set in a row, I should give up weight (it never happened).

Fatigue management: there is nothing. Be smart and find out what works / does not work for you. If you feel comfortable in the day, lose weight or give yourself an extra day of rest. Finishing Smolov (as if this is a brand or something dumb like that) is not worth hurting yourself.

Test day: I have tested 1RMs this morning in a row "mock encounter" with a few gym friends. The elevators were as follows. I "went 9/9".

Squatting: 405 lbs, 435 lbs, 455 lbs

Seat: 290 lbs, 305 lbs, 315 lbs

Deadlift: 495 £, 525 £, 545 £

Pros: This program is designed to make you better in any movement you make, in this case squat and bench. It made me better in these moves, so I'm definitely happy with this. This volume below the ceiling with this frequency was very useful for the technical aspect of these elevators that I needed to improve (breathing, straightening, proportional control, steady hitting the depth of the squat, placing a good arc, getting a leg driving, pausing a seat). I have never felt bad before the program. Squatting days have always been very enjoyable (in a twisted way?). I love the squat y'all and I would like to turn Smolov (base or full) completely to squat again. I also became more mentally strong through this process, which I think is just as important as increasing strength. The days were challenging (specifically those days 10×3 on squat … I'm sure all 10×3 days I got to group 5 and I thought "shit, I just finished halfway"), but I had a mindset of either bitch or quit or just quit the exercise (Obviously, if the model was constantly collapsing or things started to hurt I would have stopped, but I didn't get there).

Negatives: I hate the seat. I hated getting a seat on this program and hate evaluation after completing this program (I'm not sure if I expected this feeling to change, but it didn't happen). I missed other payment movements, especially general business, and it was those moves that made stress days so enjoyable for me. I would definitely not go Smolov (basic or full) to the bench again because of this fact (I had no shoulder / elbow problems, training days weren't so enjoyable). I have missed pregnancy / pregnancy exercises. I don't know that something was technically preventing me from doing this kind of thing in addition to the bench and squat, but I feel that if I try to do these moves at all, it will be my recovery.

Recommendations: I recommend running the Smolov Basic Course for both bench and squat simultaneously to people who want to improve on those elevators. You will get much better at performing the lifts because you get a lot of exercises (provided you do not overpower / get hurt). If you are not familiar with oversized / frequency programs, stay away. Keep. good. Form. Seriously though. I have spoken to many people who have had bad experiences running Smolov (i.e. variable) because they said that size / frequency has just demonstrated its ability to perform elevators technically well. Getting strength is important, but the need to re-learn the proper method negates all of this.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, definitely communicate!

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