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Male 24, 6 '' 2 "

I played hockey competitively through high school, where I trained with kettlebells twice a week for three years in high school. However, I was not an athlete and weighed only 170 pounds of relatively high body fat (20% +). In the summer after high school, I ran a little, worked with the guerrillas, but I did nothing serious.

In the first semester of college, I used to go to the gym infrequently, where I get tired when I was there. The second semester began to work harder, shortly after the start-up protocol. Then I did something special, but sometimes I followed a variety of programs including Candito for six weeks, two programs outside bodybuilding.com, a daily squat game program, and GZCL’s Jacked and Tan 2.0. By the end of my early year, I had climbed to 425 pounds of squat, 255 pounds of seats, 455 backfills in the gym, and a little less than that in a meeting that weighs about 205. Pounds on lowering, and my elevators stagnated or dropped slightly. I didn't see a big year of progress outside my bench range as it went up to 275 lbs, as I followed the bench program only. I also recovered 15 pounds lost in the summer before, plus another 5 pounds.

In the summer after college, I followed two of Greg Nuckol's 28 free programs, and I saw a squat rise to 450, though it was high. Other elevators have seen little progress, if any. At the beginning of the grad school I joined the gym. At this point I threw programming to the wind and messed for more than a year. I participated in two powerful competitions placed in the middle of the pack in the junior section in one game, the last in the open division each time in the weight category 220. Just before the start of this program, I ran a bastardized version of Hepburn's A program, which took my strict typography in The log is from 8×2 to 130 to 4×3 and 4×2 @ 155, and from my squat from 8×2 @ 315 to 8×3 @ 365, and my deadly from 8×2 @ 315 to 8×3 @ 335, I would do these elevators as part of giant sets. Despite the apparent progress, my starting weights were very low, and by the time I left I was stuck for a month because of the intense pressure on the press and squat. Finally, I accept that I am terrified in self-programming and have not made progress in two years, and decided to pursue someone else's program. Fortunately, at about that time, Brian issued his collective building program and decided to try it.

* TL; DR: Early 20-something program hops and spikes around for 5 years; makes progress Well then stalls. *


Being somewhat motivated, I didn't bother testing the cap before this program. I had a good guess as to what they were, but I based it on old months' data, or I estimated a salesperson at most. All weights are in pounds.

Lift Max Programmed First week AMRAP (maximum estimate)
: – | : – | : –
SSB Squat 405 | 8 @ 325 (405)
Strict Record Press 165 8 @ 125 (155)
2 "Impotence Deadlift | 405 | 10 @ 285 (380)
Close Grip Seat Press 225 9 @ 180 (230)

Based on the first week, I did a good job of guessing my maximum actresses, although amrap groups may be artificially low due to poorly adapted.

A few weeks before the start of the program, I ran 10k in 54 and a half minutes.

In addition, my weight fluctuated between 222 and 225 lbs per week before the program started.

**the program**

Brian identifies the program in (this video) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xm_JW-8ZczQ), but I still summarize it. The program consists of four waves every three weeks. Every week, there are four days, one for both squatting, final pressure, vertical press, and horizontal press. Each day in the giant consists of three giant groups and some air conditioning.

The first giant group is the main movement, in my case SSB, lift the deficit 2 ", strict record pressure, telephoto bench press, hostile movement, basic movement, and something to raise the heart rate. For the main elevators, I chose SSB breakers because I had problems In the collapse when out of the hole, the deadline deficit because I am weak off the ground.Strict log press because I like the rigid log press, closing the grip bench to improve triceps strength.Each giant group is performed three times overweight while reducing reps on the main movement, Amrap culminated in the third group During each wave one day is made once in light intensity, once in medium intensity, and once in high intensity.After the wave weights hit by 5 %.My giant power groups were performed relatively consistently, though Of equipment problems, it has changed several anti-heart rate workgroups.

The second giant group is different for the main movement different from the first giant group, there to help develop your style on the elevator. When I was squatting with the SSB, I was dealing with this giant group; likewise, I paired the deficits with the high squat in the rails, the rigid press with the bench pressure, and the bench pressure on the handle closed using a clean registry and pressure. During each wave the second giant group is performed once a day rep (heavy), for example, 5×5, once a day (light) day, ie, 10×3, and once a day (average) to endure, for example , 4×8. These are paired with a giant first group so that averages are always to medium, and after each wave the weights rise by 5%. Just like giant power groups, I was consistent with giant technology groups, although in the last wave I reduced the weights on the non-main part of these giant groups. In addition, you made it only as super groups, and chose to give up the basic work and heart rate.

The third giant group is for the assistance work corresponding to the first giant group. For the most part, these gigantic collections were taken from Brian's videos: (squatting finishing) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2q0aoPc4Xig), (finishing touches to the deadly) (https: // www. youtube.com/ watch? v = sK0WTb3Xqgw), (final end) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9tVyAiSEH4), (bench finishing unit) (https://www.youtube.com/ watch? v = gqYqDkxQIrY). During the third wave, I tried to program my final manufacturers, in line with the events in the upcoming tough guy competition. This was a bad idea, as the weights were too heavy and I couldn't recover properly. In the fourth wave, I greatly facilitated the finishes, the pump and pre-treatment work. This was a good idea, as this second giant group became incredibly taxing.

The air conditioning is open to the lifter, and can be placed before or after the giant groups. One can follow the examples given by Brian on his website or in his own videos, as I did with the first two waves, or one can choose a hard state action, as I did in the second half of the program. I found a lot of success after Brian's example in the first half of the program. However, in the second half of the program, the giant groups imposed much higher taxes and I do not know how feasible it is to continue this way. In addition, I skipped a few days, although I do not think this has had a significant long-term impact.

If you are interested in the details of my workouts, I have long been in daily discussions accessible through (username) (https://old.reddit.com/user/tagproballblaster/).


This is a very important part of the program, although Bryan did not touch him badly in his video. Since this program is supposed to be a group building program, I ran it with an excess of calories, trying to get between a pound and a pound half a week.

In the first six weeks, I did a good job of eating enough, and gained about 8 pounds. My diet was inconsistent and could be cleaned, but it worked. It was a normal day as follows: no breakfast, Jimmy Jones for lunch, chicken breast, rice, broccoli for dinner, six cookies and some yogurt for dessert. These first six weeks occurred during the school year, and I was excited to cook healthy because I often cook with my girlfriend.

The second six weeks, I only gained 4 or 5 pounds. The school was over at this point, and my friend and I were often separated; this motivation fell to me to cook well. The dinner often consisted of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and I drank a lot of milk. Lunch stayed the same. I stopped during the 7-9 weeks of the program and I think this was largely because of my poor diet.


You are greatly lacking with regard to recovery. I never stretched or rolled into the gym, although I often rode the Airdyne for healing and conditioning. I had no delays, although I took a two-week break between weeks 11 and 12 to visit the family.

At home, I took a different shower after each exercise. While I know that research suggests that this hinders muscle growth I felt it was necessary so I wouldn't feel dead. After every squat day, I had to take Aleve before going to bed, or I would get up in the middle of the night and feel that my quad caught fire. Most nights I slept between 7 and 9 hours.

During the 7 to 9 weeks of the program I felt jogging. This was most likely due to the increased intensity of the aid work, with not getting enough food. Other than that I felt okay after an hour or two of getting out of the gym. My daily life was not affected by the program.

I haven't taken steroids at this point in my life.


I didn't take up to an additional week after the program ended. Instead, I even worked with new prs on the heavy days of the last wave. SSB squat and bench numbers are not a maximum, while the record may be strict and final disability shocks. In addition, you have included the best set of controls and the corresponding maximum of one delegate.

Lift New Public Relations Best AMRAP (with estimated maximum)
: – | : – | : –
SSB Squat (425) (https://streamable.com/feha3) | 10 @ 325 (435)
Strict Record Press (175) (https://streamable.com/3hich) | 6 @ 150 (175)
2 "Impotence Deadlift | 455 | 12 @ 345 (485)
Close Grip Seat Press 245 15 – 180 (270)

I didn't do anything to test my condition, but I don't feel that much has changed.

I now weigh between 233 and 236, so I earned 8 to 14 pounds in the program.


Overall I am very happy with this program. The elevators improved dramatically and gained a good amount of mostly lean weight. The structure of the first two giant groups makes things go fast and I didn't find myself tired of the main elevator despite the overtime.

I really love the heart rate work in the first giant set. On leg days, I performed a heavy load for this. I think this really helped improve my final balance as well as my case. On critical days, I just pressed quickly; that was fine, neither good nor great.

In the future, I'll be sure to include more back and muscles. I didn't focus on it enough during this program, and I think it's the key to dramatically improving most of my elevators.

I think the program has its problems. The first and most important is the way the weight cycles of the main movement of the giant power group revolve. Week after week goes heavy to medium to light. This results in a 15% jump on the inter-cycle top if the first day of the crane in the cycle is heavy, and no change occurs if the first day is an average or light day. This can be fixed by making the cycle of weights heavy to light to medium, as this may result in leaps of 10%, 10% and -5%. My other problem is that I don't like the way Brian works in the end. They feel very impulsive and I spent a lot of time changing equipment. In the future, I will commit to more traditional assistance work.

Diet and recovery is very important in this program. If these things are in line, your exercises will go well and you will make progress. I was able to eat unhealthy and I was not overweight, which is nice.

I'm really lucky to be training from a well-equipped gym. Not only has space and tons of equipment, other members have a very useful and knowledgeable knowledge. In addition, being a graduate student has given me a lot of flexibility regarding when I am going to the gym.

I have to follow a program in the future. Others know more than I know, and I need a structure in my life.

I have a tough guy contest coming in two weeks. After that, I'll take a few weeks. Then I plan to restart this program with a few changes to improve my backend and expand.

* TL; DR: You've become bigger and stronger. *

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