[Program Review] Brendan Tietz’s Submax DUP

Yes, this title had a lot of terms. Anyway, I ran this program with a lot of success and I figured I was a little involved in this experience because I regularly recorded it in DD threads.

** STATISTICS ** (Goodies)

Gender: Male -> Male

Age: 21 -> 21

Weight: 176ish -> 180ish (averages)

Squat: Best range 317.5 × 5 before injury and 275 × 8 after injury -> 405 × 1

Seat: 275×1 -> 285×1 (with speed too)

Conventional Deadlift: 425 Conventional (grinding) -> ??? traditional

Sumo Deadlift: 405 (former) -> 385 × 1RPE 8ish -> 475 × 1

**the program**

This is 12 weeks, at high frequency (5x weekly, 3/3/2 for S / B / D) DUP by Brendan Tietz. Although he objected to the word "subaximal" (most exercises should be * subaximal so they are a little buzzword), but they are fair description here. ** Lots ** of work in the 70-80 percentage range. The program has been featured in a number of videos on its YouTube channel on a lift basis, and spreadsheets are available (here (traditional)) (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16- sSJawlYfOAjq2vHZLPlk5A8gUW1SEIzljbatwa5rA / edit # gid = 901892624) And (here (sumo)) (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18B7S_54nX-igwdT9jid/989/id=9id=9 If you don't want to look at those papers,>! (The first day is " Power Day "squat / bench (highest heavier range, 5 seconds to 3 seconds in volume over weeks), second day is the main dead day, third day is big squat day with similar seat size (using moderate forms – temporary squat Pause piston and apical pause – which is phased out over the weeks), the fourth day is the second deadly day, the 5th day is the light-weight bench day (4×8 -> 4×6) and the "technical" squat day (5 × 3 -> 5 × 1, And weights are very manageable.) Accessories are also programmed every day

Upper groups were labeled with RPE, whereas subsequent groups were based on percentage. From week to week, percentages generally rose by 2% and then fell at the beginning of a new block (for example, one day went from 72/74/76/78 week 1 to 74/76/78/80 week 4, then dropped to 76/78/80/82 to start the next block), while the number of RPE increased by one from 6 to 9 and then returned to 6 at the beginning of a new block.

The days were supposed to be requested so that there was a break between days 2 and 3, but I ran the first three days back because it fits my schedule better. It was difficult, and the third day was always the most popular, but I still get it.

The main difference between traditional and sumo settings is in the first and second versions of the sumo version in a larger volume by temporary work on the second deadly day, while the traditional pattern follows a 5×3 and 5×2 chart. From the traditional version to sumo in week 6 (more on that later) so my thoughts will partially reflect each.

** General Ideas **

I came to this desire to "build a base", so to speak, that's what I got. Even on the "least improved" elevator, I was able to hit the weights that were once intimidating. For example, in the last three weeks of the program, I hit 265 degrees with one force, and work on volume / decline has become a real joke. I don't know if this is a matter of improving the pattern of motion from hesitation, strength gains, confidence under the bar or anything else, but "why" doesn't really matter here.

One of the things I particularly liked is the use of RPE as a way of organizing "top groups", with subsequent work set as a percentage. I was not used to RPE before this program, and this was a great way to ease me to use it while I was able to give and take * a little * because of fatigue while I still keep on track with the lighter percentages of work.

On the other hand, there were some small things that are not good. Saturdays have always been very popular compared to other days of the week; I have learned to accept this and overcome it somewhat, especially since it was my mistake to rearrange a little rest day. As I mentioned earlier, I also found that I found it difficult to imitate the day after squatting, because my intensity sucked and because the traditional man is cruel. The transition to sumo at first was a bit harsh on my quad, but I adapted fairly quickly. This was finally a good move, and I continue to push the sumo forward. I also wished there would be more back work, or that the specific work had spread over more than the two days described. Also, lowbar + bench three times a week is not fun on the elbows.


– Cool RPE. I currently give it all my programs.
– Sumo is great too.
– The expected fluctuations in fatigue / ability throughout the week (for example, Thursdays were really refreshing, and Saturdays were harsher) are fine, and something must be accepted and adopted. This does not mean that you should deliberately stagnate in those days, but take what is there and be prepared to go with receding and training flow.
– I love higher frequency training. It was great for cleaning technique and volume distribution all week.
– Elbow pain sucks

Feel free to ask me anything; I finished the program about two weeks ago, so I can ignore the details.

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