[Program Review] Brendan Tietz’s 12 Week Prime DUP Sub-Max Powerlifting Program

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Hi, you may remember that guy who ran (JTS AI for 20 weeks and got shit results from him) (https://old.reddit.com/r/weightroom/comments/b7cbk1/program_review_juggernaut_ai_powerlifting_20/).

After spending a frustrating period with Juggernaut AI, I decided to run a program that was nothing new and brutal and was safer in terms of being a very effective program managed by others. A friend of mine who was getting ready for NAPF next weekend knows Brendan back in the days of 3DMJ and knows about the program when I brought him. In fact, he designed a 16-week program for himself for the Brendan-based prep because he thought it was a great cookie cutter. That was all I needed to hear (Shoutouts to Mike P. if you read this).

** Disclosure: I only have 3 more days left (more like two days because one day is just accessories) but you are doing heavy tests (RPE 9 individually) at the beginning where you already succeeded and already got a huge PRS old I thought it was enough for review. **

** Program **: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYO290nkMu8

** Clarifications on how to program the main elevators **:

* (Squat) (https://youtu.be/m1qR220wCzM)
* (Bench) (https://youtu.be/rAdwSQv_eYw)
* (Conv. Deadlift) (https://youtu.be/pz8aOIcj_v0)
* (Sumo Deadlift) (https://youtu.be/2XXYERi55t4)

** Before numbers: **

* Biological weapons: ~ 201-202
* Gender: Male
* Height: 5 '' 9 ''
* Squat bar height: 430 (without belt)
* Seat: 280
* Sumo Deadlift: 470 (Belt + Belt)

** Program Description **

Watch the video link above for a full description. Below will be my descriptive shortcut.

This is a 5-day weight lifting program divided into 12 weeks with three blocks for 4 weeks. There are no uploads, but the first week of the next set serves as a type of download with a noticeable decrease in both size and size and it serves its purpose. It is a DUP method and spreads as follows:

First Day The second day Day 3 | Day 4 | Day 5
—– | —– | —– | —– | —–
Primary squat Primary deadlift Secondary Squat Deadlift High School High squat
Primary seat | Secondary seats | Higher seat

The suggested way to run it is the first day, the second day, rest, day 3, day 4, and the fifth day of rest, and I will stick to this proposal as well, unless your schedule requires you to make some exceptions at times but shouldn't be deterred for the most part.

The basic days remain with your competitors rising and the hardest and heaviest days. These remain in the rep range of 1-5 throughout the program. In Box 1, you also make some AMRAPs at the end for Squat and Bench.

Secondary days are an act of inflation and use variation in movement (except in box 3 where it is changed to competition movements) and Brendan sticks to the work stopped here (a T-shirt paused on the bench). I imagine you can change things to suit your weaknesses but working temporarily is something that most people can use more and is suitable for a cookie cutter program. Delegate ranges from 4 – 7.

The third day is considered to be a work of art. These are low-representative heavy-duty squats, and top light representatives are programmed for seats.

On primary and secondary days, even a heavy group operates within the delegate range described. RPEs for the week generally advance from 6 to 9 as the week progresses, followed by a back offset. Apart from the temporary squat, the back offset is strict percentages with slow linear increases per week, and in most cases remain less than 80%.

On the third days, squat 5 groups of 3/2/1 higher% s. Regarding the average squat intensity, it will be the highest on this day. You will also feel as an absolute piece of demonic squat, but it is doable and regains a great feeling for the following week. For seats, their additional size is 4 sets of 8/7/6% less s.

Since Brendan was a former bodybuilder, there are plenty of accessories thrown into the weightlifting program as you basically squeeze each muscle group twice for the most part. There is some periodization done here as well which was nice. You can also access Myo-Reps which was fun.

** Diet and Supplements **

I don't strictly follow the macros aside from eating protein. My calories in maintenance were generally if not a slight surplus according to the day. I increased my carbohydrates as the mass continued and I tried to eat 40-50 grams of carbohydrates per hour or so before training.

The supplement was nothing unusual: whey, creatine, metamucil, greens, pre-workout


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12 weeks, Reaggravated upper spine injury, and left ankle tendinitis later, here we are. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Squat [email protected]; Bench [email protected]; Sumo [email protected], [email protected] ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ That's +20lbs/+20lbs/+45lbs onto the maxes going into this on May 13th. BW? No idea but I did weigh in at 200lbs middle of this program, aesthetic wise I look a lot better though.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Suffice to say, Juggernaut AI could suck a big fat donkey dick.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Thanks @nicoletine_ for putting up with the hours and hours in the gym with me. Thanks @michaelprevidsa for the motivation and someone to talk training with. Thanks @drrobmorano for seeing me last minute and saving this training cycle. Thanks @fortiswest for being the best gym ever as always. And thanks @aesthetic_strength for this amazing program. Definitely running it again after vacay (pls notice me senpai..).

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* BW: ~ 205 (I wasn't watching when I weighed this morning, and probably approaching 203-204. I was also weighing 200 pounds a month ago, so some fluctuations in weight here and there depend on blower and water)
* Gender: Male
* Height: 5'9 "(not PRS :()
* High bar Squat: 430 -> 450 @ 9-9.5 (Lifetime PR, until beats are confined)
* Seat: 280 -> 300 @ 9-9.5 (lifelong PR)
* Sumo Deadlift: 470 -> 515 @ 9.5-10 (all time PR strapped, outperforms my belted numbers)

I think this was the most effective cookie cutter ever. Huge PRs are everywhere (even at work accessory I've made big gains) and have made hypertrophy gains (biceps became bigger and I started to see pec split !!!). I didn't have to make any modifications to the program and I ran it as it is for me because I tend to hit all the muscle groups twice a week, and Brendan brought me.

** My Year **

This program was very fun to hit new consumers after two weeks of work. I appreciated the extra work that he brought out of the box and sometimes looks like a "power-building" program. The combination of the autoregulated top set followed by the sub-max back off set was tastefully. I found that most programs describe undoing groups that were too heavy in relation to the upper group, or just a very light method. Brendan got a great balance here, where I felt I was always doing business, but I wasn't staring at anything. In fact, apart from the triple squat where you feel dead in the gym, every delegate was of high quality, no mill, and does not fail.

However, it is a subtle program, especially in boxes 1 and 2. By the end of block 1, I actually felt the absolute state of governance and recovery. I felt that at the end of week 3 of Group 1. I took advantage of my company insurance once and went to work at RMT at the end of block 1, 2 and ** I highly recommend that you do it yourself **. I felt full vitality at the beginning of the block, ready to go hungry for more work. Perhaps you are less eager to push the upper clusters if massage doesn't help heal. You have reduced the amount of stress that this body puts on your body with a combination of density and size.

After following Brendan on Instagram and Youtube, I watched a lot of content from him regarding the location of the body and the technique and safety of your reps. I did the things I got from him and took great care of my movements. Things like positioning the rib cage, going out, getting better prepared, rooting the feet, preparing an effective sumo, etc. I think all that was confused with programming got the results I got. I highly recommend following it on Instagram and YouTube (although it talks a lot).

I plan to run this program again after the summer vacation. However, I will intensify it into a 4-day division for scheduling purposes (remove the high squat, move the third bench with secondary lethal strife, spread the attachments, add a heavy quadrant work on day 4). I don't expect to get a great result but there is still something.

And yes, for those who can use self-regulation in their training, I strongly recommend any mid-level elevators to give this program a chance. Be it in competitive weight lifting, general gym training mice, and body builders who want to add more strength. You will get strong and filed.

Thanks for reading!

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