[Program Review] Brandon Smitley’s “Raw Dog” Program

** an introduction **

Starting stats: M24, 186 lbs, 5'10 ", squat – (about 365) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B6KI7eEg_TQ/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link), seat – 225×3 paused, Deadlift – 435, age training: 10 years

I am a general lifter that trains like a power raiser because it's fun, but it adds random targets along the way (like front squat targets or ssb squat targets). I have been training together for almost two years now, with a bodybuilding mission at the end of last year to keep me busy while rehabilitating an injury. Once I felt healthy enough to train heavy again, I again jumped to union, but I felt like I was carrying the total volume by trying to organize it automatically, so I decided I needed a program that someone else had written to reset my expectations of what was actually, to do Its based on session to session, which leads me to this program by Brandon Smetley who writes about Elite FTS. The program can be found (here) (https://www.elitefts.com/education/20-week-raw-dog-yoke-program-cycle/), and I gained a lot of confidence in Brandon after using his draws his weaknesses in the past With much success (can be found on his profile on EFS). The overall design of the program is accompanied, with some interesting fluctuations, which I will introduce below.

** What distinguishes this program? **

As anyone who has spent time researching a union knows, it is a set of principles that can be applied in many logical ways. Conjugate isn't just what Louie Simmons, Dave Tate, or Matt Wenning does, it's not a set of exercises or using special equipment. But I'm going out of this soap box now. However, the first thing you will notice is that there are no maximum bachelors limit on maximum effort days, all three times. This was something I was worried about getting into, as I usually used to run with singles and I'm still not really sure how I feel about it. It is definitely a different motivator and mindset. There is also a programmatic regression work with the same movement that I used as hard as possible, which I saw was recommended by many people, but a change I genuinely loved. Another major aspect of this program is programmatic launches on a dynamic day, something that many people like Dave Tate talk about, but you rarely see a programmer. This was the key to getting some heavy detail. Finally, but perhaps the biggest difference you'll notice is a 4-week block preparation. This program works on an ABABCDCD week, which means that you will go back directly to the same maximal voltage movement two weeks after doing this to try to optimize. I found it really stimulating and effective personally, and really forcing you to fire actors the second time.

** What I did differently **

I only changed 3 things. The first was exercise selection. I stayed very close to the maximum voltage limitations when I could, but I didn't feel some of them or were able to do that. This is not really important as I think everyone should design a choice of exercises for themselves, but that's just me. The second change I made was dynamic day. I've done one straight weight cycle, one cycle, and then one cycle that ended up being a mixture of 2. I like work better linked, but in the end it won't be much difference, especially for people with a low training age. You'll also see in a dynamic drop that there was a delegate job programmed after your dynamic groups, which turned them into singles work @ 6-7 for training. I also missed a few sessions, and I kept running. I made the most of my daily effort but I had to skip some dynamic days. Finally, I didn't run the last block which is so much amrap shit that I hate, instead I did the third wave as a test wave because I don't think I need to go 20 weeks before testing the cap.

In addition to these changes, I've made a Wenning Warmup for each session.


Now for the good stuff. As I promised in the article, my back was definitely noticeably larger, as did hamstring muscles. On the last test day, I weighed 192 (above 186), and I (squat 405) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9T8IQyAcLW/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link), (seat 295) (https: // www .instagram.com / p / B9P5-5eA8oh /? utm_source = ig_web_copy_link) and (deadlifted 455) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B9EpfVKgzzd/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link). A good amount of my extreme effort is recorded on my Instagram if you want to see what I've been doing for the top groups and complementary action, and I think some physical changes are obvious there too.

Overall, I only have great things to say about this program, and I think it's a really great baseline for people who want to mate but really don't know where to start. I am happy to answer any questions that may arise. Happy lifting!

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