[Program review] BenchPaupers Iron Giant


I decided to conduct a BenchPaupers Frankenprogram Iron Giant review, or in my modified version, Bronze Giant. Therefore, some statistics to begin with, in the units of the civilized world:

Gender: Male -> Male

Height: 186-> 186 (still not giant)

Age: 19-> 19

Weight: 80.9-> 84.8

Seat: 70-> (85) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B6ktedkBmQ3xwf8RdOkFaIxfeyChkgd6WRNV900/?igshid=1hux3tk36zohq)

Squatting: 82.5-> (100) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B6TEU_1BkhdL_5G8cUxJ3dyB0B7bLcyObkJr1E0/?igshid=1gp87syr5akma)

OHP: 42.5-> 45 (none here)

Deadlift: 100-> (110) (https://www.instagram.com/p/B6dTHBoBohWOfhzXHQSbNRZrbQMqmVykC-XGGk0/?igshid=1va19yg2a4uiv)

History Training

To keep short, she was skinny all my life, no sports, or very little physical activity until I tried to try some bodyweight exercises and switched to r / bodyweight RR for two months before joining the gym in September / October of 2018. I started off with 531 Very bastard before switching to PHUL for a few months, followed by Nsuns until summer. I spent the summer playing 531 templates before stumbling on BenchPauper in the wild and switching to his show.


I don't track anything, just focus on eating more. Some of the basic nutrients are chicken, milk, peanut butter and peanuts. Also the meat, the meat is beautiful. I just need up my vegetable game.


The program has 3 seats per week, according to the spirit of BenchPauper I that has been modified for two days. The AMRAP seat has turned into a squat day, adding accessories to Monday and Thursday. I love this type of bench setting, and my bench kinda exploded lol. The only problem in the second course was I started feeling the trash that was likely due to exhaustion, so I did a week of improvement in the last two weeks of the second course, which led to a big solution for a big reason being that I broke the third course. I also added tension to almost every set of seats, iron rows on Monday, face to face on Thursday.


Yes, there is no OHP program in this program


Black horse style squats. When it started, I definitely don't like the setup. I felt like there wasn't enough heavy back squatting, but with the third difference I started to understand how it works and I love it now. I definitely changed some differences the second time. Also EMOM squat are some of the worst thing I've done. These Jesus Christ suck. The pumps are not satisfactory at all.


Embrace the deadly pain. Yes I do not feel that this was anything special. The deadline deficit didn't really work for me, even if it was really stressful. And in the third cycle, you should start implementing the deadly lighting lifts, which I felt were useless in my case because they are 45 percent of 1RM. Maybe if I have good numbers, they might have a place, but I just stopped these numbers to stand up for short pauses.

# General ideas

I train without a belt, without music (besides one gym) and without wrapping or sleeves. I tie the strips and stretch every day before bed and for the heart I play volleyball when I can. There is also very little flexibility in the accessories, because they are either not written or not prepared in advance. If this depends on the person, I added some extra curls and back work because there was only one day through the described back work, which I didn't feel was enough.

I definitely loved this program. I got bigger and stronger, T-shirts started really fit me.

I never felt my seat and I definitely like it. As for my secondary seat, I initially wrote a ramp, then on the first day it was occupied, so I switched to closing the rest of the fist. My arms became bigger and stronger.

As for the fatal deaths, I switched to a halfway grip to grip my grip and frankly it doesn't hurt that much at all. You also added some curls to the deadly day, because you can't do a lot of curls. This was the first time that I regularly ignore it, and I have definitely noticed an improvement in traps. The shock of how exercising works on seriously late areas makes it grow.

After the third week of high temporary squatting and EMOM squatting started, the guy who was so ridiculous. I don't think I even have enough power to get an arm pump, it's been completely wiped. God damn I hate squat EMOM, and I will definitely include a lighter change in some future shows because my quad has really grown nicely and all my pants are starting to feel very tight. Such uncomfortable tight.

The lack of upper pressure was a bit of a problem, because I like the pressure. But at least I still got PR from getting my big and strong triceps.

It should be so, apologize for any coordination issues.


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