[Program Review] Average to Savage 2.0

I haven't seen one posted yet, so I think I did a quick review of ATS 2.0.

** Program Overview **

From Medium to Savage is a program by / u / gnuckols. 1.0 has been around for a while, but not too long has released version 2.0 that best suits my training preferences. They are paid so as not to go into detail, but they are 21 weeks (three blocks six weeks with one delay week between them), 3-6 days a week, three different forms of progress, highly customizable, and only $ 10 each for 1.0 / 2.0 and some Additional resources. It's a lot of fuss for your buck.

** Adjustments **

I ran one of the three different days, as it is a fishing season. I lowered the price from 21 weeks to 11 weeks (six weeks, deload, three weeks, deload) because I don't really like running really long pieces. I cut a day of squat and one day on the press day, since my squat only took two days and I didn't care about the press. Assistance was minimal, and most of them returned to work and other small movements as far as time allowed. I also changed last week to AMRAP, because I just wanted to do my best and see what I can do after weeks of working under the submarine.

** Statistics **

34 / M / 5 & # 39; 8 "/ 190

| Start ending
— | — | —-
Squat 430 460 (4×410)
Bench 285 290 (3×265)
Deadlift | 520 560 (4×500)

Edit: Statistics do not appear when redesigned, they start from 430/285/520 and end in 460/290/560.


Overall I really like the way the program is organized. The density of each group remains generally lower, so it is easier to maintain high quality actors. For people who want to push it more difficult, the other two versions of the software gives you the option. I am very happy with how the squatting and the lethal lift have progressed over the ten weeks. The seat wasn't great, but the seat never goes with me. Going forward, I might run this in six weeks, changing additional formats to increase privacy over time. I liked getting AMRAP at week 6, so I keep going forward. Now that I have the gym at home, I will move on to a change for 4 days, which will spread the size of the main / additional lift and give me more time for help work.

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