[Program Review] Average To Savage 2.0

* All weights during the review will be in pounds unless otherwise indicated. *

# TL; DR results:

The program succeeded but personal issues and stupid adjustments ended the program early.

– | Start | The end
— | — | —
History July 29 | November 14
I | 36 million | 36m
Weight (approx) | 245 | 255

* The date on which I would consider the program abandoned. The end of the scheme for the program was December 6.

Upload Starting at 1RM | Terminate TM | Heavier AMRAP | 1RMs tested (Dec)
— | — | — | — | —
Squatting 385 | 462 | 400 x 4 | 405×1
Bench seats 240 | 284 | 255 x 2 | 275×1
Deadlift | 425 | 493 | 430 x 4 | 500×1
OHP | 155 | 188 | 165 x 4 | Not tested

# Training background:

She started uploading in January 2017 using Greyskull LP (based on book, not Phrak version), then switched to 3/3/1 programs (BBB, BBS, Pervertor). I competed in the first weightlifting meeting in February 2019, with a total of 500 kg (200 kg squatting, 107.5 kg of seats, 192.5 kg of deadly race).

After that, I realized that I was too fat * * (my snore was out of control) and used a fast modified protein to cut it from 270 lbs to 240 lbs approximately 60 days. My weight also decreased, so did my 1RMs. The seat fell down and slightly deadlift then slumped, but the squatting fell off the cliff the moment I started losing weight.

After the cut, I wanted to bring my strength back and compete again, so I picked up an interview in December and discovered that I could run A2S2 (with a few minor tweaks) directly at the meeting.

# the program:

Since this is a paid program and I don't want to overdo it much, here is an official overview from (Gravitus) (https://gravitus.com/programs/a Average-to-savage-2 /):

> Average to Savage 2.0 is an incredibly flexible program designed to adapt to your schedule, preferences and progression to increase your strength gains. It is a full 21-week cycle that will make massive gains in strength for the medium and advanced lifters.

It is divided into three blocks of length every seven weeks (six harsh weeks and one week of loading). The program begins with lighter and higher-volume jobs in the 60-70% range of 1RM, gradually increasing heaviness, and eventually progressing to the 1RM test. The size of each session is determined using two reserve representatives. This self-regulation ensures that you can push yourself on the days you feel satisfied, and you will not grind it into dust if you start to accumulate fatigue.

> Most of the volumes in this program come from primary lifts (squatting, bench pressure, final pressure, upper press) and closing shapes. You can add attachments if desired, but they are designed to spin around heavy and basic vehicle lifts, while still allowing enough variation to sharpen motor skills and reduce the risk of excessive injury.

Loads progress based on your performance from one week to a week. If you are making rapid progress, you will naturally increase your training loads quickly so that your progress is not artificially limited. If you are a more experienced lifter with slower gains, this program will not impose you on a predetermined advance plan that may be overly optimistic. In short, the program fits training loads with a rate of gains, rather than postponing you to steady progress.

I recommend that you get the program through (Training Toolkit) (https://www.strongerbyscience.com/training-toolkit/) and request access to r / AverageToSavage. A2S2's Toolkit spreadsheets have three progress options – the standard RIR version used by Gravitus, Last Set RIR, and Reps to Failure. Gravitus / RIR TMs edition is organized with a variable number of combinations. Adjust the last RIR group and failure representatives according to the AMRAP group. There are also training schedules 2-6 times per week in each spreadsheet (I think Gravitus uses a fixed number of days).

I ran the 5x Reps To Failure, as I had no RIR / RPE training experience and I didn't want to learn while training to meet up.

# Changes I made

In order to make a 21-week program up to 19 weeks, I dropped the first two weeks of download and tried to "delete" by dropping my unprogrammed dependency work in the sixth week of each group.

It did not work out as intended.

# Recover:

The diet was fine – my protein was eaten and I mostly managed to eat calories through carbohydrates, including increasing carbohydrates after exercise (which looks better than saying "I started eating a bunch of oatmeal for breakfast").

Sleeping was better, because I no longer feel snoring.

However, I found it difficult to manage fatigue without loading weeks, and dropping unprogrammed accessories was not enough. It turned out that I couldn't eat outside or sleep outside my knocked to hell.

# And then everything fell at once:

Around the middle of the program, we sold our house and moved in with my wife's parents, which spoiled my sleep and nourished me – that's not enough to pose a major problem, but it removed me from a groove and became fatter.

Soon after moving in with colleagues, my right knee began to hurt. Later on, I'm sure this was due to fatigue / overuse. By the 17th week, I couldn't squat more than 275, prepare for the deadly deaths, or drive on the bench without pain. I thought I could take some time squatting but keeping the bench (without driving a leg) and OHP then going to the dead when my knee felt fine

Shortly thereafter *, my family faced some incredibly difficult personal problems, and I stopped going to the gym for a while, left the program, and dropped out of the meeting. The program was officially abandoned at week 18.

#Discussion / Random Ideas:

one more time:

Upload Starting at 1RM | Terminate TM | Heavier AMRAP | 1RMs tested (Dec)
— | — | — | — | —
Squatting 385 | 462 | 400 x 4 | 405×1
Bench seats 240 | 284 | 255 x 2 | 275×1
Deadlift | 425 | 493 | 430×4 | 500×1
OHP | 155 | 188 | 165 x 4 | Not tested

* Although running to the ground and not completing the peak mass, the program succeeded. Some of that is rebuilding the missing strength from the cut, but the final backfilling of 500lbs and 275lbs is still good increases from my competition's extreme. Squatting also increased, but the December test ceiling was far from my contest maximum – since I saw 400×4 during the program, I was probably on my way to squat before I gave up my knee. As of writing this review, I have not tested OHP, but I'm sure to increase it as well.

* I really like automatic regulation in this program. My TM bench was set once for failing to set the AMRAP whistle and my first AMRAP forward squatting below target and dropping my TM – both modified TMs were more manageable and progress continued after that.

* All AMRAPS, All The Time may have embraced a lot of fatigue, but it was also a good way to measure progress for me and it was easy to see if things were not going well.

* Training five days a week (bumped by four on 1/3/5) was working well for me, whether to keep the exercises short (er) and spread the workload. There have been a few weeks where I used 3 or 4 day schedules due to time constraints, and they were also working, but I definitely preferred 5 days.

* I've never squat before this program. It turns out that I really love them. I was also pretty bad * at them when I first started, and it was funny.

* The program calls to work again each workout. I did a lot of iron rows in this program, something I wasn't doing and it probably helped me upload.

My overall unprogrammed work was things like curls, triceps extensions, hamstring curls, chest shocks, retraction of machines, etc.

* My knees recovered after about two weeks from the gym and are now pain free.

* December 1RM tests were performed after running the first 2-3 weeks of A2S2 again using my legacy TM devices, but without paying AMRAPs.

* Unlike obviously * Don't cut off deload weeks *, I'm not sure I have any real negative reactions to the program. I also didn't run the third block to the end, so I don't have any visions of the block "peaking."

* I plan to run this again with some different help work. I might also try the RIR version – it looks like you might get a lot more volume this way. I also am still great at judging RIR, so I might run off to Earth again, but at least I'll delete weeks.

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