[Program Review] Average to Savage 2.0

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** Training history and background **

21 years in the weights room, with special training in powerlifitng for 3 years. Before that, I spent 9 years in the wilderness of Al Ahli, and I did a variety of other exercises that were mixed between running and weights. No related sports experience before that.

I came in this program with the injured shoulder. I worked around this by keeping each seat grip close and lowered my training limit accordingly.

** Progress **

| Start of the program End of the program
|: – |: – |: – |
| Age 39 | 39 |
| Weight (lbs) 194 198
| Height 6 & # 39; 3 “| 6 & # 39; 3” |
| Squat (lb) 300 325
| Deadlift (lbs) 405 | 420
| Seat (lb) 285 305
| OHP (lb) 170 170

** Program Overview **

The essence of AtS 2.0 is the large volume of work without maximum. With each primary and secondary movement, you make groups with a certain percentage of the maximum until you reach the RPE target. If you perform more than the target range (4-6), your maximum training adjusts upwards; less than the target number of groups, the maximum training adjusts downward. The program runs for 21 weeks with increasing intensity, culminating in a week of hitting 95% of singles in each major elevator.

There are three days in the bench and a squat and two deadlines and OHP days, with a day of raising competition and remaining differences. I run this program as a 4-day split, although the embedded spreadsheet includes options ranging from 2 to 6 days a week. You chose secondary elevators based on the built-in guide “No weak links”. I rotate the vertical and horizontal pull each solution. VDIP-style developments borrowed from the world of GZCL have been used on additional auxiliary elevators. We have replaced everything that was not the main elevator of the day.

** Program Review **


* Fully pleased with the strength gains achieved at the end of the program.
* Self-regulation worked really well. This was the main shortcoming of AtS 1.0 for me – I have a very difficult time recovering from high RPE groups. In the third round of AtS 1.0, my training sizes got a very high rate, the RPEs became very high, and the wheels exploded. In this release, it is usually almost a difficult week to do four sets instead of 5 or 6 and I was never surprised. My TM settings, up and down, both served me well.
* Many groups with specific actors gave many opportunities to practice preparation and maintained high representative quality.
* Lots of practice at high intensity.
* High customization score worked well for me and I think it would be a boon for everyone who is honest in his weaknesses and follows the guide “No Poor Links”.
* I got more than ever. I am associated with the heaviest weight ever, with biceps veins and quadruple blood vessels.


* Continually started hitting 6 or 7 sets on all elevators and major changes at the end of the program. This made for some very long exercises (> 90 minutes).
* Week 95% absolutely killed me. I was pointy for one week between that week and the max test, and this was the most enthusiastic and awesome I ever felt in the gym. When I run this again, I will skip the last third of the program and either restart it from there or try another protocol.

One note – most of my progress in training came in the last six weeks. I expected this somewhat as rest periods remained on the shorter side and pushed the volume of assistance too early in the program. The last third of the program works as a peak – you only do singles, doubles, and thirds, so the volume is inherently lower.

In general, I found this a great program and improved on AtS 1.0. Very much looking to run it again.

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