[Program Review] A Half Dozen Cycles of 5/3/1: A Review on 21 Weeks Worth of Work

# 5/3/1 review #
^ 2000 ^ Words, ^ 5-7 ^ min

## ** Executive Summary (tl; dr): ** ##
5/3/1 is a great program for beginners, intermediate, and perhaps advanced ones looking to have more power. It is a simple program to follow, provides a lot of space for adjustments and growth, and has many opportunities to overcome different public relations. I would like to say that 5/3/1 is all that Jim Wendler has announced, which is not surprising but fun to hear.

## ** Training background ** ##
I have been training in strength for nearly 8 years, since I was 20. I ran Basic 5×5 when I was new to uploading, about 5/3/1 BBB for a short time after that, some fuckaround inflammation, and some bloated stuff all in this schedule. Because of life and the diagnosis of insomnia, the longest that I've trained consistently without major rest periods may be a year and a half at most, and maybe just shy about it. I like to try a lot with lift, so I tried to run a lot of shapes and ideas to come up with unique results for whatever I was interested in at the time.

I ran 3/3/1 from the beginning of October 2019 to the end of February 2020, totaling 5 months from 3/5/1. Each session was 3 weeks in length and returned back with 1 week deload in between. In essence, 6 weeks, one week off.

## ** Weight and Diet ** ##

Beginning | ending
— | —
172lbs / 78kg | 190lbs / 86.5kg

I tracked my weight loosely, and tracked it weekly except for about 4 weeks from mid-December to January. It started at 172 lbs / 78.2 kg, and I currently sit at about 190 lbs / 86.4 kg. Basically, put on pounds per week. My diet was somewhat relaxed, and I wasn't keeping myself but I didn't say extra protein.

I will say that conditioning is probably the most important thing for 95% of people reading this. Cardiovascular health has benefits far greater than any numbers you can put. If you're not doing some conditioning weekly / daily, you really have to start, but I won't care about myself and I think this little mystery I'm writing is what will motivate you to start doing that.

& nbsp;

My goal was to do the following:

* One day each week of heart disease for a period of 45-60 minutes at a rate of 60-70% as a maximum for HR

* One day each week of heart disease for a period of between 25 and 35 minutes, with a maximum 70-80% of human resources

* One day each week of heart disease takes less than 20 minutes at a rate of 80-95% as a maximum for HR. Tabata HIIT method (25 seconds, 80 seconds, for 8 cycles) was my choice.

* 20 minutes of walking a day ** I didn't * ** Heart already. This was as simple as getting out of my door, setting a 10-minute timer and walking in one direction, then turning around and walking home as soon as the timer ended.

& nbsp;

If you don't have a heart rate monitor, ** go and get a device **. For years, I was misleading and thought that heart disease should be as difficult as hell or no benefit, or that achieving an effective heart rate is difficult. A few years ago I bought the Polar watch and the HR monitor and my view flipped over the heart. It turns out that 60-70% of human resources are a quick walk, 70-80% breathe accidentally through my mouth, and 80-95% is okay .. maximum effort.

##**the program**##
I ran 531 FSL AMRAP 4x per week, with a combination of Triumvirate and BBB for my accessory work. I sucked into my Bench Press and my OHP goes up with minimal effort, so I canceled the OHP day and added another day to Bench Press instead. I think Jim says to add 5 pounds to your upper body lift and 10 pounds to your lower body tension in each spin. Because I was restoring ancient strength and technology, I allowed myself an extra 5 lbs if necessary, and therefore weighed 10 lbs on the seat, and 15 lbs on squatting / dead.

& nbsp;

During the first two months, I ran Triumvirate for my supplement work with some tweaks. It looks like this:

& nbsp;

Seat 1 | Squats | Seat 2 | Deadlifts Bar Trap
— | — | —- | —-
531 seats | 531 Squat down 531 bench again 531 Deadlifts
Dumbbell seat 5×15 | Leg press 5×15 | Fly 5×15 | SSB Good Morning 3×12
Horizontal row 5×15 | Leg curl 5×10 | Down Down Demolition 5×10 Hanging leg lift 5×15

& nbsp;

* The horizontal rows are supposed to be DB rows, but I'd prefer to do rows or saving rows to save time, and single arm exercises take forever.

* Day 2 seat is OHP venue. I switched Dips for Flys, as I always felt dips in triceps more than my chest no matter what I did and also hurt my elbow. Dropdowns instead of chin lifting operations were because it was easier to measure weight at a rate of 5 × 10, as there is no ridiculous way to be able to do 50 chin lift / pull operations after all this work.

* The deadline day dropped the accessory kits, as I discovered early on I would have been facing the hamstring at DOMS for a literal week if I had done a full 5 x 12. The eccentric stretch is real.

& nbsp;

Since December, I switched my accessory work a little bit to better meet my needs. The biggest thing I did was to move the main elevator in the lower body (squeeze the leg to squash, and the good morning of deadly deaths) to my upper body days, drop groups from 5×10 to 3×10 for that, and shift the exercise. This has made my squatting / dead days faster and almost decreased muscle soreness. I went from DOMS week to 1 day, soreness closer to 2-3 / 10 instead of 6-8 / 10. My main lift numbers didn't drop, actually it went up faster, or at worst progression remained steady before mixing things up . This was a game change for me, but it may not be something you want / need / choose to do.

& nbsp;

From this point forward the routine looked as follows:

& nbsp;

Seat 1 | Squats | Seat 2 | Deadlifts Bar Trap
— | — | —- | —-
531 seats | 531 Squat down 531 bench again 531 Deadlifts
DB database 5×10 | Leg braids 3×10 | Fly 5×10 | Leg extension 3×10
Horizontal row 5×10 | Braids 3×10 | Drop down 5×10 | Wendler Row 3×10
RDLs compressed 3x10xt | Everything I felt on that day RDLs Rack 3×10 | Absolute value 3×10

This is largely how I have stayed until now.

My settings are a little shaky for a few reasons. Initially, it took me almost a month to get rid of all rust and restore confidence in pushing actors again. Basically, I was very conservative at first, and by the end of the timeline for this review, I was sure to push all of my groups to fail if necessary, because I was confident of my consistency. Secondly, I started my work on 5/3/1 with SSB Squat being my main squat, then it switched to the usual high-level back squat in January. This switch gave me a 10% increase in the numbers I say. However, without further laughter:

& nbsp;

| Squatting Bench | Deadlift bar trap
— | — | —- | —-
** Before ** | 200 | 188 | 316
** After ** | 285 | 230 | 421
Δ | 85 | 42 | 105

## ** Things I learned ** ##

* Quickly recover from upper body size, and slowly from lower body size. The decision to land and the lower body size said it changed everything for me and made me better and stronger. ** Sometimes it is less than that, but more is usually better **.

* I think the weekly size is more important than the daily size. As long as you put the work in a steady enough position, I don't think it's important on my level if you're doing all the accessories on the specified day, or over a few days. Actually, I think it's better to post it, but who really knows it.

* Eating is important, like really important. I wear 20 lbs over 21 weeks and made everything a lot easier. I know some people here are B U L K to 2 4 2 but I'm not about that life ^ ~~ (so far) ~~. Yes, I miss a little, but that's what the winter season is all about.

Protein. The gains were easier when I was sure to eat enough protein daily, and I had more exercise when I wasn't. I discovered that yogurt makes me feel bloated, so a cup of almond milk with a tablespoon of 2x protein per day made a nice calorie-friendly way to get an extra 70 grams of protein. I tried to eat as much real food as possible, while providing these scoop proteins for one in the morning with breakfast and one in the evening after dinner / before bed.

## ** Things I liked ** ##

* Deadlift gains. 105 lbs in 5 months? Yes please.

* Weekly success and simplicity. Once I executed the low body size issue, I was really happy with this routine. 5/3/1 was designed to give you a lot of opportunities to beat PR with different weights, and this is what happened to me.

* Preparing my elevators * Close * to the extreme. Jim is all about training without the minimum to make slow, steady improvement, and I get it. On an advanced level, this might be the way to play, * but * as a middleman lever I think you can get away by lifting a little closer to the maximum. I set my courses on the basis of the projected 7-7RM (where 5 days was rep the hardest for me), which worked fine. What ended up being that I sometimes jump 15 pounds off a course instead of 10 pounds for the dead, and I'm still working. My goal was to reach my 5 + group for 8, my 3+ for 5-6, and +1 for 2-4.

## ** Things I will change if I ring again

* Bench – I would / would switch from FSL to FSL multiple groups. I think the higher the volume, the better.

* Squats – I might switch to FSL multiple groups here too, but with low volume. Jim says that MS FSL consists of 3-5 groups with 6 to 8 reps, maybe try 3×5 here.

* The dead – not a damn thing, not a repair unless broken. * However, predicting the future and I am aware that the types of gains I enjoy will eventually begin to diminish. At this point, I will probably increase the attachment volume instead of the lethal volume, and see if that helps. This is, or deadlift twice a week with daily volume drops, but volume increases weekly. Too much fatal sex bothering me for a long time after that, and I'm not about to pursue it unless I exhaust all other options first.

* Recovery – no more turning back days. I will train for one day on vacation. I noticed that the weight starts to rise because the second day of lifting the back back suffers significantly.

I spent five months running 3/3/1, and that was even greater after I designed the program a little bit according to my needs. I think it's a great program for beginners and intermediate students. Advanced elevators may also enjoy 5/3/1, but I'm not an advanced elevator, and I haven't trained with anyone running 5/3/1 so I can't really say that. Jim recommends adding 5 lbs per session (3 weeks) on Bench and OHP, and 10 lbs per session on Deadlifts and Squats, I am happy to say that I have exceeded those recommendations, either a little on the bench or a lot on deadlifts. You have learned that eating is important if you want to be strong, and that more food is good so that it is not. I liked everything about this program very much, and I will not change much if / when I run it again. 5/3/1 is everything (and more in my opinion) Jim Wendler announces to be, and I believe that no person has run for office before 3/3 before he owes himself to give him at least one opportunity one seven-week cycle.

& nbsp;

### Comments and criticism ###
This is my first evaluation of the program. I hope you enjoy it and thank you for reading if you read this point! Feel free to tell me what you liked or disliked in the review, as all comments are appreciated. If you have other questions about what you have written, or maybe what you have left, please let us know and I will be glad to answer.

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