[Program Review] 7 Months of Brian Alsruhe’s Next Level Linear: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Giant Set

** Brian edifices, next level linear – review of weightlifters for beginners **

** August 2019 through February 2020 **


I was "raised" for a while but I always had backache, which is really just a symptom of my real condition: chronic hesitation. In every aspect of my life, I have postponed decision-making for as long as possible from a humanitarian point of view when any decision is actually better than no decision. It's something I'm working on but it has stopped working for too long. What if these exercises are "perfect"? What if I hurt myself with over training? What if I get a muscle defect? What if, what if, what if? It's stressful, but anyway: Instead of getting a program, I was going to go and do whatever I feel on a certain day, and while I've always been doing some sort of disorganized division, it was shy. There was no progress chart and I was wasting time without any focus or direction: AKA wasted my time. Worse, the shit was on the big squat, keeping my numbers was a beggar and a beggar to get injured.

Mid-2019 I decided I needed to make a change. My wedding was crawling more and more and I felt all in all. I have committed to someone whose company intends 6 days that focus inflation and just started doing so. It was good, but I realized that what I really wanted was to be strong and good. Enter: ll.

I first watched Brian edifices videos on rWeightroom / YouTube when I try to learn a good shape for squat and dead people. I can write a novel about what I learned from him (and the other great creators out there), but the real change in workouts came when the next level took my streak. Up to this point, I have not gone back to look at his previous free programs, but the way the program collapsed made sense to me, and it helped me set my goals and craft the program that suits me.

**the program:**

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d7eA6oKwdo) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d7eA6oKwdo)

^ I'll allow (often) the video to talk about itself, but a quick summary is that the program was set up in four waves of four weeks. Each wave increases the intensity and lowers the sound level until you test 1 RMs on test days (less than 4 reps in the first wave). Each day consists of the following:

1) Conditioning! The better, the better, for sure. Start. No. not me.

2) A rotation schedule of light / medium / heavy / test days for each of the large vehicles

3) Determine the maximum daily training (weight that you can do with reps with ~ 1-2 in the tank) while working in the form of a giant group with an anti-muscle motor, generally a basic workout, and / or a workout type adaptation.

4) Backoff / volume reps (in many groups as needed) at a specified rate from the daily maximum. This percentage depends on the day's operating intensity. Depending on the program, I have often included some additional exercises here, and will vary from week to week to try to make things fun. The rest of the program for the week was very rigid / week out

5) Affiliate work – I organized this as four exercises in a pair of mostly massive groups, but on OHP day, I did giants. Traditionally, I have performed 3 exercises targeting the main elevator, targeting my back because my back is terrible and I have to punish him every day.


Nothing construct to see here. Based on the weights, I obviously had a very light cut out, but I didn't do a good job of tracking CI / CO or even my macros. I used to go into mutations but I lacked the discipline to maintain any form of diet. My elevators went up, some fat ended, so I think it was a fairly mild success. Diet is something I am already working on in the reform process during the program's party: The goals are to ensure that I hit total goals, organize what I eat by preparing more meals, and losing weight very slowly on summer trips and weddings.

& # x200B;

**my experience:**

I pulled out of the heaviest months in the first cycle because I'm still not sure I can safely get out (which, apparently, I was right).

I ran the second course until I finished so I could get some good estimates for 1RM for the Program Party.

I ran this wholeheartedly as described in 4 days MF (dead / seat / rest / squat / hour) with some random extra days there for my mind more than anything else – sometimes I would go on a Saturday morning and I practice farmers and some targeted work Again, for example. I did not miss a single day except for the honeymoon, which provided some welcome R&D in October / November. At the start of the second month of the second round, I already finished programming for the fifth day to start working in the front Squat game. I think my quad is a little bit weak and I wanted to emphasize my legs, so I built a Fixed Day and rearrange my workouts on Squat / bench / Dead / OHP / FS. Also I just want to get a better front squat.

Finally, my training usually takes around 1: 15-1: 30, fasting, from 5-5: 30 in the morning.

I would like to say that I totally enjoyed the program without exception. It's hard to take Brian's frame and adapt it to yourself but I'm proud that I managed to come up with something that I felt really successful. Now that my progress is slowing down, I think I can really benefit from more volume-targeted exercises in volume / accessories, and this program makes it very easy to do that. As far as progress goes, I've found it really fun to go in and work up to the limit every day to see how far you can push yourself. I also found that I am responsible for letting myself cheat a lot too much. I wasn't proud of myself and I always had a "excuse" when I did that, but I was eventually lazy. It's hard to work the way Brian works. However, I like to feel that the work I do is meaningful, and definitely with NLL I felt you were getting exactly what you set. Because of the way the program has been organized, you'll have days where you can feel it, and that's it. Although I lacked the discipline to make me be responsible for the conditioning all the time, I was good at keeping my everyday safety.


| History Weight Height | Seat OHP | Deadlift | Squat | 3 Lift Total |
|: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |: – |
| August 19 | 227 | 6 & # 39; 2 "| 267 (E – 245×4) | 136 (E – 125X4 | 300 (E – 275×4) | 289 (E- 265×4) | 856 |
| February 20 | 220 | 6 & # 39; 2 "| 283 (E – 275×2) | 150 | 365 | 330 | 978 |
| Delta -7 | – | +16 | +14 | +65 | +41 | +122 |

All weights are in pounds. I have always had a strong chest and fear of hurting my back / legs due to some sports injuries as a child and I think this set has led me out of proportion. Going into this matter, I was passionate about building a slow, regular, regular / slow build in a challenging program, and by all accounts I would like to say I was successful. I saw immediate gains from stabilizing my business and teamwork, but until the end of the seven months I am still gaining weight, albeit slowly. That is, raise the maximum with (E) after estimating it using a calculator. I used this primarily for starting weights because i didn't exit from the program. The lethal cap is the actual maximum cap as I saw my back slightly pulling it. I know my situation has stopped working and I am paying for it now but I think it should improve over time.

& # x200B;

** What I learned: **

1) This program can be a chore at the commercial gym. I had to place / arrange my exercises carefully to reduce downtime and avoid getting equipment under me. I think I would have liked this program more if I had more space equipped with sturdy man gear and open space for carrying / skis.

2) I love sound and exercise four times a week, and I never talk about it. Maybe this will change the stronger I get, but I was happy to add the fifth day to this routine. I assume I could have started the next day in the program on Saturday / Sunday instead of waiting for Monday.

3) The program / shell is very customizable open. I think I should have improved the placement schedule for my extensions because it is not a well-defined thing. Since it's just accessories, it's not a huge deal.

4) The amount of work I can do in this program is crazy, a blessing and a curse. One day, I used to go out to feel the full accomplishment, and some days, I would walk a little amid what I laid. I am happy / lucky that it did not deter me, but the density (in terms of energy level, not the weight of individual lifts) can be a little big.

5) Finding the daily maximum number of lifting days can provide some excitement, but sometimes when you lift you don't want to think about the weights you should use. If you fell into this last camp, this camp may not be for you.

6) I can try to wear clothes anyway I want, but my body still does not want to do so. Maybe I'll be able to fix that one day.

7) This is not a program-specific point, but just a few shouts: To (** u / BrianAlsruhe **) (https://www.reddit.com/user/BrianAlsruhe/) for your YouTube channel. On top of the program itself and technical advice, hearing your story and hearing your mind regarding training / motivation / discipline helped maintain my focus and discipline. There is a good possibility because I might still move and leave gains on the table without your videos, so thanks for that. To all of your fellow weights who record your progress in daily topics, program reviews and reports: I love reading your progress and stories, and enjoy learning from you – even if it's not what you have to do.

** What comes next: **

Program Party! I am excited to try A2S2 5day. I spent a lot of time working on my spreadsheet. Coming from this program, I think I tried to press too much every day, but I will not make a ruling until a few weeks later. I have set my squat and melt training to less than actual due to some back problems I've dealt with. As I mentioned earlier, I'm working on my diet to make sure I'm constantly feeding on enough protein, and I'm not experiencing too much depression / without maintenance. I will run the program in deficit, so I don't get my hopes as much as I fill huge numbers on my lifts. Moreover, I am thinking of trying to apply a strong man to my training, but I think I still have a lot to learn even about basic lift (technique and strength) before going ahead and completing it with fun and impractical things / lifts. I learned a lot while being at the next linear level, and I look forward to using that experience to make my average time to Savage 2 more successful. Thank you for reading if you have reached that far – feel free to give me a comment or ask any questions you may have and I will try to answer if I can.


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