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Male 23, 5 '' 8

I never played sports until I was 19. I wanted to keep fit so I could catch chicks, so I started lifting weights and running. Most of them focused on distance running for three years or more, but I was burned after I completed my first marathon and decided to try to focus more on lifting. I did most bodybuilding programs from 19 until the beginning of this year, when I decided I wanted to be strong and try to compete in weightlifting events. Before 5/1/1 the only iron exercises I had were bench, OHP, and the grades I tried 5/3/1 on a friend's suggestion because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

* TL; DR: Early 20-something program hops and spikes around for 5 years; makes progress Well then stalls. *


I used the e1RM calculator for e1RM on the iOS Five3One app to measure maximum progress. Before 5/3/1 the only iron exercises I did were bench, OHP and grades. Hence my squat and dll are shit in comparison.

Weight: 153

Pelvis: 120

Seat: 193

Duration: 247

OHP: 117


** Squat case **

I had a problem with the IT squad since the last time I tried to integrate squats and help me run (almost two years ago). When I did this in the past, I tried to try 4 x 12 squats once a week at a very high altitude, with the shape of shit, while running> 30 miles a week. After experiencing pain in the IT bar for a month, I had enough time and had to leave the squat and quit training for about 3 months to recover. This year I waited even after planned competitive races before adding squat. Because of this squat was not added until the beginning of June. Now I still run 3 days a week and squat twice a week without feeling the pain in the IT squad.


**the program**

I started the year 5/3/1 in the FSL + hierarchy groups for 3 × 8 or 5 × 5. I advanced and wanted to increase the frequency of the main iron lifts I was doing as I found those more enjoyable and found that the repetition was very useful. In order to increase the frequency, instead of just adding say 5×10 of some of the lift you added on another day with the progress of 5/3/1. For example, if I did 5s sitting on Monday, I would do 3s sitting on Friday. I found that this was very successful for most of my elevators. This was the main program that I have done for ~ 6 months:


Squat 5/3/1

Seat 5/3/1






DL 5/3/1

OHP 5/3/1



Lateral raises



Seat 5/3/1

Squat 5/3/1


Skull Crushers



he sat:

Dl 5/3/1

Squat 5/3/1





Squatting was definitely my most delayed because I only practiced it for a few months, so I tried to get a really high frequency and volume.

All accessories were performed in groups of 4×12. I also do some kind of basic / everyday work every day where I find it helps to raise my work and run it frequently by breathing, antagonizing and maintaining good shape despite long term or rigid tensile groups.


I have a very controlled diet and I eat the same things for breakfast and lunch every day. The only real variable is dinner because I cook and eat with my girlfriend and will break up with me if I ask her to eat the same thing for dinner every night. I didn't count calories and I only care about getting about 150 grams of protein a day. I ate in maintenance until May when my work was a fat loss competition. During that competition I had a very strict diet where there were cash prizes associated with it. During that time, she gained 1 pound of weight and went from 13.9% to 11.7% according to the bf control system they used. Immediately after this competition, I started very slowly and I plan to continue until I filled in at least 165-170.



The work was very stressful during the first two months of the program, but it didn't seem to affect my work. I feel I have recovered sufficiently at all points during this program until I came to an end. I think squat 3x a week was a lot because I wear more weight especially on Friday and then again immediately on Saturday,



I measured the progress of e1RM from AMRAP groups. I really like using this to measure the progress of fatigue.

Here is a chart of each amrap group you have made over the past 7 months:

View post on imgur.com


Weight: 159

Area: 160

Seat: 221

Duration: 341

OHP: 134


Hikma Companies Authority:

Everything became bigger and smaller. I lost a large amount of fat and gained a large amount of muscle. The biggest benefit is definitely my back. Deadlifts gave me a nice thick back, and most of my shirts are no longer perfectly fit anymore. A girlfriend has commented on it and my pecs mostly. Funny once I focus heavily on strength I see the most benefits for my fitness.




Overall I am very happy with this program. He introduced me to weightlifting movements and was very simple. You have gained strength and mass. It was very helpful for some elevators and not much for others. As you can see from the chart: My balance will advance to every Saturday as the hour. I have always been looking forward to a DL session on Saturday where I knew I had appointed a new PR. Unfortunately my seat ran badly. I haven't had any real improvements in 1.5 months. Probably did not do enough accessories / bench frequency. I decided to stop 5/3/1 because of this recession seat in conjunction with I was very bored of 5/3/1.



I recently moved to 28 free programs from Nuckol and I run:

2x begging squat

3x int med med

2x int dl

I enjoy it so much so far. In the second week, the public relations delegate already broke the seat, so I'm very excited to see the progress. I will probably do this until I have at least 300 tail in e1rm and then reach the peak and meet.

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