[program review] 5×531 BBB: a love letter to Frankenstein – or how to make progress on your poverty bench

# Historical
History of LP. You can find my training results on my profile where all my previous reviews of the programs offered are located.

Background to this block:

Times are really weird. I work as a contractor with a local branch of government subject to budgetary constraints. This means that instead of overtime being paid, I get days off. It's been a hectic year, so I managed to build enough OT so I could work with 2-3 days a week. Personal life now subsides as winter approaches. So what do I do with a lot of time in my hands and SO operate 50 hours? Choirs well and go to the gym!

This was my chance to have some fun with a large size, so I assembled a Frankenstein 531 board with a focus on building a certain size and getting a good quality size, especially at the top of my body.

# Frankenstein Program

I present to you BBX commander 5×531 and anchor "SVR" – or how to kill yourself by size!

This is setup as an 11 week program:

Two adorable courses, deload, one anchor cycle, TM / RM test. 80% TM increase 2.5 and 5 kg per cycle.

## Leader courses

Follow the "standard" full-body 4x division leader (A: Squat / Bench B: Deadlift / OHP). Every day was 5 × 531 and BBB elevator.

BBB ratios were very individual with priority given to the ability to complete the work on weight gain. For squat, it was close to the FSL, but for the seat, it was much less. In this sense, reverse percentages are designed based on the effort required for the elevator.

For help I went with 0-50 representatives of SLC and 50-100 representatives of push and pull.

My setup was therefore the following

| Type | Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday
| : – | : – | : – | : – | : –
| 5×531 | Bench Deadlift | Squat The Press
| BBB | Squat Incline Press CG seat Deadlift |
| Pay Dips Flat DB Seat Dips Flat DB Seat
| Withdraw Rows and Straight Row Pull up and pull the face Rows and Rows Upright Pull up & face-lift
| SLC | Hanging leg lift The father of the wheel Hanging leg lift The father of the wheel

Each of our push-to-go exercises was done for 5 to 8 groups as I felt that day.

## Anchor cycle

For the anchor I did Sorouhi template inspired by the proportions of "SVR".

Weeks were 5s non-PR groups, 3s AMRAP groups were approaching failure, and one week was clowns aiming to get an individual song (RPE9).

| The Week Squat Bench Deadlift | The Press
| : – | : – | : – | : – | : –
| 8 1 Seconds 5s | 3s | 1 Seconds
| 9 5s | 3s | 1 Seconds 5s |
| 10 | 3s | 1 Seconds 5s | 3s |

I kept the whole body split and I did FSL 5×5 for the other elevator.

For help, you dial the sound back to 0-50 SLC, push 25-50 and pull 25-50.

## the heart

Emphasizes air conditioning in addition to work force I am particularly inclined to high-intensity heart disease, especially when I push the labor force. So I copied BBB recommendations and adjusted easily on all days of the gym by going to the gym with a sand bag of 15-20 kg (20 minutes walk in each direction).

## Diet

I continued my lean bulk and ate what I wanted. I was incredibly hungry the whole time during this program and I talked about eating any cake, ice cream and buffets I could get. Many work days became 10-14 days because I could reach the lunch buffet. I gained about 2 kg or 250 grams per week.

## Deviations

An enthusiastic observer may notice that it hasn't really been 11 weeks since the last program review, because I often deviated from 4x a week by skipping rest days. Given that I was eating a large surplus during this program and had no other stressors, I never felt I ran away to the ground.

# Results and discussion

Which section are you waiting for?

| Lift Before After
| : – | : – | : –
| Squat 1×205 | 1 × 210 |
| Bench 1×137.5 | 1×150 |
| Deadlift | 1×232.5 | 1×240 |
| "Total" 381.11 | 390.76 |
| The Press 1×85 | 1 × 95 |
| BW | 84 86
| Height 175 cm 175 cm
All in 21st century units

## Bench and improved press

My chair and the press have always been easy and slow to improve. This confirms my suspicions that I just need to come up with such insanity to progress.

I ate this course a little more than I used to and gained 2 kg over the course of the program.

I went from approximately 16-18 sets of pressure to 40+ sets including dumbbells and dips.

I failed the OHP panel above my head, but 95 rose quickly. I didn't try more than 150 people, but I felt I was left a little in the tank.

## Squats and dead improved

But a little less than I expected. I'm fine with it. I did 10 sets for each of the elevators without direct help. This is to be expected.

# future

I have 6 weeks a year before I work full time again. I'm not sure what to do with it, but I don't have two to five times a week to go to the gym, so I'll give it back.

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