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Hi, / r / weight. I haven't seen a review of Jim Wendler's Krypteia, so I thought I would post my review of it here.

I raised for 6 years. I train for general strength. Some of the programs I have run include OG 5/3/1, Brian Aslruhe's Powerbuilding, Jacked and Tan 2.0. Krypteia caught my attention because it looked like a difficult program and didn't need much luxury equipment. The only additional equipment I bought was a retractable belt because I was tired of searching around the gym for a retracting belt.


Age: 27
Height: 5'6 "

| Before (psi) | After (lbs)
— | — | —-
Weight | 185 | 179
Squatting 355 x 4 | 325×8
Bench | 245 x 2 | 225×8
Deadlift | 395 x 2 | 345×9
OHP | 165 x 1 | 155×4

The "After" column in the results table is set to AMRAP groups as a comprehensive group with the corresponding exercise exercise for each program.

Overview / modifications:

Program goals: Get stronger and bigger and lose body fat while improving conditioning (w0w). The program consists of 5 courses out of 5/3/1, i.e. about 17 weeks including loading weeks. Each exercise will replace the main exercise (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, OHP) with auxiliary movement. Help movements change according to the main movement you make. If the main movement is Squat or Deadlift, then you alternate the weighted weights and the weighted dips. If the main movement is Bench or OHP, then you alternate between DB SLDL and DB Squats. It is also recommended to do 100-200 facepulls after each exercise.

The first two sessions are the prep stage, which helps you get a feel for the overall structure of the program using the PRO 5s setup. The third and fourth sessions are boring but large pattern setting. The fifth course is the AMRAP 5/3/1 pattern cycle. Each exercise is performed by at least 11 subgroups (including warm-up, 3/1 and supplementary). Jim forces all major and complementary work to be done within 45 minutes.

I made some adjustments to the program. Usually, the third, fourth and fifth cycles drop the OHP completely. I would like to OHP so I programmed them on the fourth day. I kept my intensity and size lower than my seat.

To adapt, I ran 1-2 miles on my holidays depending on how tight my legs were

I am very satisfied with the results of Krypteia. At the start of the program, my sets of dips and chin started with a 15 lb kettle. In the fourth session, I was superior to groups of 10 dancing at 225 lbs, with 31 lbs of kettlebell and chin retracted. It really forced me to dig deep. I noticed some weight loss as my strength increased.

I found that a weighted retreat really helps the bench. As the program progressed, I felt my seat getting more explosive. On the other hand, I felt that my core was starting to lag behind other parts of my body. This basic vulnerability was particularly exposed during cucurbit. To fix this, I added some basic exercises at the end of the training days.

Overall, Krypteia is a great program for anyone looking to increase their power and adapt it without spending too much time in the gym. I will probably run this program again in the near future. Thanks Jim.

Custom Keto Diet


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