[Program Review] 40 weeks – Juggernaut Training Systems A.I.

** 40 weeks of Juggernaut Training Systems A.I. **

This is my first review of the program, so feel free to ask questions if I missed something.
I will definitely excite some people, but the whole review is done in the metric system, the only correct system.

** Let's start by reviewing the program: **

Name: BetterLateAsNever

Age: 32 The program ended in 33.

Weight: from 71 kg to 75 kg and retreat to 71 kg again.

Height: Passport claims 177 cm but maybe 175 cm.

Function: Sitting behind the computer 40 hours a week.

Family: Only my supporting wife is dealing with my nonsense.

** General / Training Date: **

From the age of 17 to 25 a fanatic amateur boxer with an amazing heavy weight of 58 kg. From the age of 25 to 30, my wife now moved from America to the Netherlands, and things weren't as much money as planned, so I finally left all my sports and hobbies to fully support us and became a hereditary fat. 30 I picked up boxing again after I saw on my sister's wedding picture how I became fat and not the person I was looking at in the mirror. My grandmother told me a week before she stopped living. I still respect her sincere words that I still laugh at when I remember them sometimes. After a half-year sleep with boxing and general conditioning, and losing weight quickly, I was having fun without any knowledge of anything and decided that I would carry 100 kg at the age of 31 years, but I look my wedding "normal". one more time.

After that I did SL, 5/3/1, UFYP, Brian Alshure Personal, Garrett Blevins A.I. Then we ended up with Juggernaut Training Systems A.I.

** My diet: **

It is very clean. The only thing I really focus on is getting enough protein around 160-200 grams per day. Some fruit. At least 200 grams of vegetables, at least 50 grams of healthy fats and the rest I don't really care about. Maybe I drink 2 beers every two weeks at DND nights and once every two weeks a pizza or some other fast food.


Bench: 86 – 87.5 – 90
Squat: 125 – 132.5 – 140
Deadlift: 150 – 185 – 200

** The program itself: **

They are made to be A.I. a program. It is of course not. It determines in your category a questionnaire once you pay your bill. The questionnaire asks all kinds of standard questions to determine your strengths and weaknesses. I was provided with a class 4 lifter and gave me a linear template for 20-week time periods. Besides, I determined that I had weak legs and I was going to have a surplus of calories.

Excess calories is an important detail in the system. If you have a lot of time and don't have a planned meeting within 20 weeks, it will put you in an inflation mold. If you have a negative calorie balance it puts you on strength blocks.

You get the option of how many days a week you want to train. Since my mind is busy getting stronger, I went with 6 days a week. Of course I took the other options as well to see what it would look like. The only difference is that the work spreads over the days. And that's it. You don't do more or less work.

** My experience and ideas: **

To be honest, there are a few things that have been positive and negative about this program.
What I like about it is simplicity. If you have the money to spare and hope you understand what you can afford, this is a very easy way to get rid of your hands in a very cheap way. I have learned that in 40 weeks, I can endure a lot of punishment. Within a few blocks, I got 100% of MRV on all the lifts.

This is also a negative part of the program immediately. I sent an email with comments 20 weeks later that my chair was not actually moving 100% MRV. The answer I received was a strange one. It has come to that I have to do more swell blocks. But I personally think the correct answer would be that the 100% MRV size is small and that the parameters of their MRV system should be changed / adapted to the person reporting no fatigue and hardly getting better. Which means they will have to change the volume on the reported MRV or something. At least I got to where I will not adapt to the client / trainee.

With some research, I noticed that the maximum and minimum volume is only a few sets every week, and some percentages are used in weight.

The other negative thing in my opinion is the transition weeks and the amount of loading weeks.
Weeks transition is not quite needed in my opinion. It seems to me to grab money as your monthly payment and 2 weeks a lot then. I don't know why people need to upload every 3 or 4 weeks, and if they need, that's fine. But I was better if you could tell the system if you need it or not. Personally, I do not need to download every 4 weeks.

The other positive aspect of the program is that you get a lot of insight on how to program. How to make things flexible on your daily needs. I also liked the gains I got on my way, indirectly but I earned them.

Now to my pet pet twit for the entire program where he seems to have failed in the needs of personalized trainees needs. Initially, I reported 3 numbers in Squat, Bench and Deadlift. I did this because my experience is that the program sucks in preparing a person for heavy weight. The best example is my squat and deadlift. In the delegates' ranges, I could easily hit 200 kg of the deadly dam, but I could hardly lift 185 from the floor.

After I stopped the program 8 weeks ago, I enjoyed singles and some groups afterwards. And my numbers flew. So I'm sure I got the gains but I couldn't change them to the strength that I wanted.

** Do I recommend this program: **

Yes, to get insight into the amount you pay for the amount you receive.
I think the person is in a better position with the books issued by Chad Wesley Smith.

However, I will use everything I have learned and change it to my needs. Wich means more individual use, more bench size and less weeks of loading. So I'm not completely passive, and certainly not, but compared to my own research, I was not responding because most people in this program.

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