[Program Review] 16 weeks/4 cycles of Nuckols 28 free programs

(Program Review) 16 weeks / 4 courses from Nuckols 28 free programs.


Male 23, 5 '' 8

I ran 5/3/1 before this and made decent progress. You can see my results in my previous post. I wanted to get into weightlifting and my chair was down, so I switched to 28 free programs from Nuckol. I train in a gym with a garage just for weightlifting.


These were my e1RMs at the end of 5/3/1

Weight: 159

Area: 160

Seat: 221

Duration: 341

OHP: 134

**the program**

I ran a 2x beginner squat, bench 3x int, and 2x int dl in this table.


Squat Day 1

Day seat 1

Chest accessories

stomach muscles


DL 2 Day (Traditional Day)

Day seat 2

Tons of light shoulder work and low body weight


Day seat 3

Squat Day 2


Skull Crushers

Mug cup

stomach muscles

he sat:

Day 1 DL (Sumo Competition)



Sumo RDL

I really enjoyed more intensity and frequency in this program than 5/3/1. I think it really worked for me. It was always fun on the bench for 3 days a week (85% 4×3 plus retreat) I felt dying from the second week of pregnancy, then I was kinda afraid of heavy weight but these groups were always going up. Constantly he was able to hit all the top combos. I already enjoyed adding traditional deadlifts. I did this beltless and made a lot of progress in traditional. I think this was carrying a lot of tons to my sumo. I also pulled out a lot of different withdrawals and back-end work that I was doing before. Going to a Saturday deadlift session with a fresh comeback felt great. I also tried to mix the exact supplement that I was doing at each session. For example: Monday flies – & gt; Incline – & gt; Aerobic rhythm – & gt; Flat db bench. It keeps the new courses fun and challenging. I also do some kind of basic / everyday work every day where I find it helps to raise my work and run it frequently by breathing, antagonizing and maintaining good shape despite long term or rigid tensile groups.


I have a very controlled diet and I eat the same things for breakfast and lunch every day. The only real variable is dinner because I cook and eat with my girlfriend and will break up with me if I ask her to eat the same thing for dinner every night. I didn't count calories and I really care about getting about 150 grams of protein a day. I ate in maintenance until May when my work was a fat loss competition. During that competition I had a very strict diet where there were cash prizes associated with it. During that time, she gained 1 pound of weight and went from 13.9% to 11.7% according to the bf control system they used. Immediately after this competition, I started very slowly and I plan to continue until I filled in at least 165-170.


I will feel dead in weeks 4 and 1, but the fourth week is the week of built-in download and testing and this really helps. In the 2-3 week, I feel I can move the mount and I think the size is lovely. I didn't feel like healing was weakening my elevators

These are my final relatives that I have in the spreadsheet. In the experimental week, I usually hit 2-3 single distinctive solid pounds or do the prescribed test (85% amrap bench). Some of the big lifts that hit her in the road:
225 Singles bench (first 2 seat woohoo panel)
255×2 squat
400 Dl

I'm not 100% sure if I could get 255 seats on my best day because I'm much better than the actors compared to singles, but 245 people seem practical if you're refreshing.

Biological Weapons: Smaller 162

Squat: 275

Bench: 255

Deadlift: 410

Hikma Companies Authority:

The chest became larger than all the bench, quads and hamstrings grew well from finally becoming heavier to squat.


I love this program! I like the frequency and intensity. I wish there were more individual songs on the bench because I am not the most confident in those games. I hope the large volume lasted longer before the test as well. 4 weeks is rather short. I also liked the day the squat was based on Rpe and I could stay conservative or get out of the pocket based on how I felt.

I think that hesitation really helped me communicate in an artistic way and that I feel very comfortable and very effective right now. Squat I'm still learning!


I wish there were more meetings in Minnesota, I really want to compete in my first game!

It's so cold that I can't spend a lot of days training my garage now. I think I'll try at least one course of this with some modifications. Heavy singles every week in the bench, more 3 day bench size, heavy singles in deadlift I'm not sure what.

You may try sheiko as I have a lot of time and can stand to do some silly size. If you have any recommendations please send them this way!

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