[Program Review] 14 weeks of 5/3/1

Training history: I'm 6 '' and about 220 now. I've been sporadically lifting for the last five years. Playing basketball has been the main thing for me most of the time, and I was lifting on the back. I started doing s / b / I was barely grabbing the ledge to easily do a different handful of submersibles, about 39 inches vertically at my height.4 From those years I spent a lot of time playing basketball to lift it, But nevertheless I made some decent progress, as I started with the SS, I was doing homemade PPL training over the last two years.

Progress on March 5:


| Starting from 1RM | Terminate 1RM |
|: – |: – |: – |
| Obese 390 405 * |
| Seat 300 315
| Deadly leverage 435 | 475 |
| The Press 165×2 | 165


Sure, I was more squat than I was, but I was very upset the day I tested. I've hit 405 several times very easily. I think the real maximum is about 425. Deadlift got 495 off the ground, but I never imagined myself and didn't try to grind it a lot.

How you run the program:

I ran a nice stock issue of 5/3/1, but I was raising an average of 5x a week, so I was skipping a slightly faster course than suggested. BBB groups tried out the press on press days. The biggest thing I felt helped me was going to the balls on the wall on the AMRAP prepared for each elevator. You beat the PR rep pretty much every session. The squatting and the deadly delegation felt fun throughout the program, and I will definitely continue to do 5/3/1 for these to dry. I wasn't very happy with the way the bench was progressing, but I ended up reaching the high PR level in the end, so maybe I'll keep it for now. The press was very disappointing, and I will have to discover something different to do there. Now I added OHP as a main accessory on bench day either 5 × 10 or 5 × 5.


I'm going to publish an exercise form daily to get an idea of ​​what I was doing as well



3+ seat 270×5

OHP 95 5×10

Tricep press 5 sets

the classes

Bondstone braids with a £ 35 bar



3+ Squat 345 8

In front of the squat 225×5, 275 3.3

Quad Accessories

Father stuff


Deadly leverage:


1+ Deadlift 350×10

Smith's machine gives up a set of straight rows

The front squat holds 3 or 4 sets with 225-315

Raise the dark pork

Pork braids



1+ OHP 160×3

Press 175 press 3.3,3

+70 weighted pullups 5,5,5

If it raises 20 lbs 4×12

Tricep pressdowns


One of the big things that I had trouble getting was a higher back size. I was coming from PPL, and I used to spend a whole day blowing my back, but nevertheless, I was planning to do some upper back every day, but I am lazy with it. I would be very interested in the main muscle groups of the day to do a lot of rowing, so I definitely need to add that again. I'm thinking of moving to 4 times a week only with s / b / d / o and getting the fifth day for anything else I couldn't reach a week.

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